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Earlier this year, I was meeting my bff who works at Orchard area when I came across a poster in the lift at Orchard Central for a cafe called Tvoila.

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It caught my attention because the poster mentioned a ‘kids play area’.  Never mind that the kids weren’t with me that day.  I couldn’t resist the draw to check out a cafe with a play area.  Call it an occupational hazard if you must.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 03

After going around the maze that is Orchard Central, I found Tvoila on Basement 1.  I don’t even know how to describe to you how to get there because, well, Orchard Central is a maze.  How do you describe the way out of a maze to someone?

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 01

The cafe looked spacious and cozy with comfy sofas and chairs.  I could lounge here all day!  Especially since It was so quiet and such a great escape from the crowd that usually fills Orchard Road.

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Tvoila Play Area

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 05 - Play Area

The play area was a room filled with toys – mostly for young children.  Kitchen sets, keyboard, push-cart, rocking horse etc. with boxes of toys

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 06 - Play Area

There was also a television in the room which was screening Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Overall, I thought the play room was great for babies and toddlers.  The glass windows allowed parents to keep an eye of their kids from the cafe area.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 07

Tvoila Food & Menu

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 08

The main thing the cafe sold was organic teas.  They had a pretty wide range of Numi Organic Tea at the cafe.  You could order a pot to enjoy at the cafe, or buy them in boxes to drink at home.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 09

For dine-in, their tea was priced at about $7.50 – $8 per pot.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 10 - Menu

Food wise, it was mainly sandwiches and salad.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 11 - Menu

They also had deserts like tea infused ice-cream and waffles.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 12 - Menu

I ordered a Bacon and Egg Waffle ($12.80) and a Tropical Sunset tea ($7.50).

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 13

I am a sucker for presentation, and since their main business was in teas, I couldn’t help but compare their tea with Arteastiq‘s.


The tea at Tvoila was actually not bad – icey and refreshing, exactly what I needed on a hot day.  But in terms of presentation, I thought they could take a leaf out of Arteastiq’s book.  However, I realised later on that the plastic mug that the tea at Tvoila was served in could be brought home!

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 16

I was like, why didn’t I see this sign earlier?? If I had seen it, I would have ordered the hot drink because I thought the mug alone was worth the $7.50 they charged for the tea.  My husband has been wanting to get a mug like this for his office since.. ermm.. more than half a year ago.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 19

So I missed the chance to get a free hot drinks mug and I forgot to take my cold drinks mug home at the end of the day.  Let’s move on to the waffle.

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 14

It was served in a customised Tvoila wooden pan, but the waffle itself didn’t look that appetizing.  Especially with the hard-boiled egg and I’m not that big a fan of hard-boiled eggs.  Well, the menu didn’t say what kind of egg it was served with.  But when I ordered it, at the back of my mind I was thinking of the bacon and egg waffle I had at NOM with the egg benedict.

Waffle from NOM Cafe


I can’t really fault them for my personal preference for soft-boiled eggs.  But I was wondering what happened to my bacon? Did they forget about it?

Tvoila Cafe - Orchard Central - Blog Review 15

Eventually I found the bacon hidden INSIDE the waffle! Overall, the waffle tasted better then it looked.   Though for $12.80, I thought they could work on the presentation.  Call me shallow, but I’m willing to pay for average-tasting food as long as they looked Instagram-worthy.  Good looking food just makes me happy.

In Summary…

I thought Tvoila as a nice cafe to hang out with my mummy friends.  The play room was decent and great for young kids.  And the cafe was very centrally located at Orchard Central, directly connected to Somerset MRT.

Food wise, it was pretty average.  But average is good enough for me when it comes to eateries with play area.  I would be happy to just grab a tea and sit down here while letting my kids play whenever I’m at Orchard Road.  In the past, we have been going to Marche at 313 Somerset for our Orchard Road tea breaks. But I find Tvoila much more relaxing.  Less crowd, less noise.  I am glad to have found this alternative.

Information on Tvoila:

Address: Orchard Central #B1-15/16/17/18/19, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

Getting There: Orchard Central is connected to Somerset MRT (NS23)

Map: Show location on Google Maps

Tel: 6966 6626

Official Website: Facebook Page

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