VivItalia @ Courts Megastore

UDPATE (1/11/2012): VivItalia @ Courts Megastore is no longer in operation.

I was told there is an eatery at Courts Megastore (the big one at Tampines, alongside the big Ikea and giant Giant) which has a playground, so one day, I decided to check it out!

The moment we entered Courts, we were greeted by a huge banner:

Yup, we were in the right place! Excitedly, we hopped into the lift and went up to the second floor. ย The restaurant was not hard to find at all:

The playground was pretty big and impressive.. It looked like so much fun! So I grabbed the menu and ordered my lunch, and told hubby to bring MF to play while I had my lunch in peace.

So off hubby and MF went… But before my food arrived, they were back! Hubby said MF was too small to play there.. They had a height limit: Only for kids 90 – 130 cm tall! WTF?!! I was so tempted to cancel my order and get out there and then!

Instead, we spoke to the staff and asked if they could make and exception, we travelled all the way here from Yishun just to let MF play here, he looked so sad and pitiful yada yada.. But no no, no exception. Adults were not allowed in the play area, strictly kids only, so no babies allowed… BUMMER!!

So poor MF kept walking around the perimeter of the playground, looking at the kids playing inside.. SO SAD!! After I finished my overpriced lasagne (okay, it’s not SUPER overpriced, but I was feeling really sore that I paid $12.90 + GST for a small lasagne and they didn’t let MF play.. I could have had lunch at half the price at Ikea or Giant.. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ), I brought MF to Courts to climb around the sofas instead..

All that said, I would not be back until MF is 90cm tall… If your kid is within their height limit, well, the food is decent, though I find the serving a tad small.. Oh, and it’s halal!

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