Westgate Wonderland Playground Review

Wow, it took me more than a year to finally get down to blogging about Westgate Wonderland! Oh well.. Better late than never?

Westgate Wonderland opened with much hype more than a year ago.  It was splashed all over the local newspaper as this amazing new playground that was unbelievably FREE. Everyone heard the news and swarmed there when it first opened, and there was a looooong queue just to get the kids in to play.

But this is Westgate Wonderland today.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 1

Welcome to Westgate Wonderland


No queue!

Okay, to be fair, I was there on a weekday.  I have since avoided this place like a plague on weekends, I’m sure it’s still pretty crowded on weekends.

Westgate Wonderland Toddler’s Area

When you first enter, you will see the toddler’s area.

There were some foam animal structures for babies and toddlers to climb around.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 2

There were some activity boards, which few kids seemed interested in, despite the attention given to build little shelters over them.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 3

The most interesting thing at the toddler’s area was this flower bell.  If you tap on the lady bugs, it will chime!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 4

MY played at the toddler’s area for just a while, but decided he wanted to go join his brother at the older kids’ area soon.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 5

Westgate Wonderland Older Kids Play Area

The older kids’ play area was what everyone was raving about.  There were two main structures: A treehouse and a flower pot.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 7

Westgate Wonderland Playground 11

You will notice that this is not like your usual shopping centre playground.  The play structures here were very similar to indoor playgrounds‘ active play structures.  But indoor playgrounds charge a premium for entry whereas this is absolutely FREE!!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 9

Just look at those slides!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 10

Needless to say, my boys who were indoor playground junkies, loved it here!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 12

The side of the Treehouse was a rock-climbing wall.  It was not very tall and 4 year-old MF easily reached the top.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 8

I also spotted these flowers with buttons on it, but I’m not sure if it was spoilt? Nothing happened when I tried pressing them.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 13

Since it was super hot when I was there, I didn’t let the kids play for too long and chased them to the water play area,

Westgate Wonderland Water Play Area

Westgate Wonderland Playground 14

The water play area at Westgate Wonderland was partially sheltered, thank goodness.  The kids were glad to run around the water to cool off.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 16

They had so much fun!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 17

Westgate Wonderland Playground 15

MF decided to venture out to the unsheltered area after a while.

Westgate Wonderland Playground 18

Westgate Wonderland Playground 19

There were those buckets of water that would pour down on the kids occasionally.   So WATCH OUT!!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 20

What I liked most about the water play area here was that there was a blower room!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 21

And it was FREE to use!!

Westgate Wonderland Playground 22


Westgate Wonderland Overall Review

Indeed, Westgate Wonderland is, without a doubt, currently the BEST free shopping centre playground in Singapore.

When I was there, I overheard parents saying, “Why would people still pay for indoor playgrounds when they can come here?”  Well, let me answer them.

  1. This playground is quite big.  Kids may run out on their own and you wouldn’t realize it.  If you have a toddler on one end and an elder child on the other end, you can only keep an eye on one of them.
  2. It is crazy HOT in the afternoon.
  3. When it is not hot, it is insanely CROWDED.  Which again, makes it difficult to keep track of your kids.
  4. It is not accessible when it is raining or hazy.

So yes, people will still pay for indoor playgrounds.  But as far as FREE shopping centre playgrounds are concerned, this is currently unmatchable.

And if the weather is playing you out, do not fret.  Check out Westgate Kids Club or Mind Games!

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Information on Westgate Wonderland

Address: Westgate Level 4, 3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Closed on the last Monday of every month from 10am to 12noon for maintenance.)   Please also check their website for maintenance dates.

Access by MRT:  Jurong East (Westgate is directly connected to Jurong East MRT)

Official Websites: Westgate Wonderland Homepage

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