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Wingstop Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

Suntec City is one of my favourite malls to visit with the kids. I know I just said last week that Westgate is one of my favourite malls.  But I can have more than one favourite malls, can’t I?  Surely you don’t go to only one mall all the time?

So why do I love Suntec City?

There is Cool de Sac.  There is Polliwogs.  There is Alive Museum.  Heck, there is even an arcade that still dispenses paper tickets.  Look, I get it.  With technology, things have changed. So it makes perfect sense for arcades like Timezone to credit ‘tickets’ into your Timezone card rather than give you actual tickets.  But I miss the thrill of seeing a long string of tickets coming out from the arcade machine.  And the arcade at Suntec City still has that.  At least for now.

Okay, back to topic! Recently, Wingstop opened a new branch at Suntec City and we were invited to give it a try.   I love chicken wings. Period. So do my kids. The bones don’t bother us.  I wish they had opened earlier during those days when my kids used to hang out at Cool de Sac and Cool de Sac decided to shut down their bistro, leaving us limited options for lunch. I would have happily ‘da bao’ (packed) chicken wings for lunch, rather than be stuck eating Ding Tai Fung all the time.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 01

I have never been to Wingstop prior to this.  I have been to Korean chicken wing restaurants, and I thought Wingstop would be similar .  But I was wrong.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 02

Firstly, Wingstop is from America, not Korea.  So rather than kimchi fries, we had fries with jalapeno chili.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 06

Rather than choosing between soya chicken wings and yangnyum chicken wings (which is not much of a choice when you have kids and yangnyum chicken wings are too spicy for them), we had 12 flavours to choose from at Wingstop, out of which half are not spicy.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Menu 02

Rather than choosing between wings and half chicken (which includes breast meat that I’m not a fan of.  So pampered, I know.), we got to choose between wings and ‘boneless wings’ at Wingstop.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 05

I didn’t get the name ‘boneless wings’ actually because it was essentially thigh meat.  But I was happy with the choice of thigh meat because it was tender and juicy! And super convenient to eat for those who do not wish to get their hands dirty.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 09

What I really loved about Wingstop was not just their amazing variety of chicken in 12 flavours.  But also their dips.  They had 4 dips available: Ranch, honey mustard, spicy ranch and cheese.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 04

I especially loved their ranch dip! It went well with everything.  Chicken, vegetable sticks, fries, mushroom fritters…

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 07

And their cheese dip was excellent for sides like tortilla chips which was also available on their menu.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 03

And let’s not forget the drinks.  They had this fancy Coca Cola Freestyle machine there where, according to them,  you can concoct more than 80 flavours of soda.  Instinctively, my mathematical brain started doing some permutation and combination calculations in my head but I shan’t bore you with whether the number 80 was accurate mathematically.  Like who cares?

Video source: Wingstop Facebook Page

It’s been a long time since I had vanilla coke or cherry coke.  Heck, they even had vanilla cherry coke – which they didn’t need to have because we could have just mixed vanilla coke and cherry coke to get vanilla cherry coke.  So the idea was that you just go there and mix and match whatever flavours you fancy. And live with your choice, no matter how yummy or yucky it turns out.  Muahaha…

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 10

The boys had a lot of fun picking out their own drinks.  MY insisted his yellow-coloured thingy was yummy.  I was not convinced.

We enjoyed our visit to Wingstop and all of us left with a different favourite:  MY loved the garlic parmesan, my hubby loved the teriyaki while I loved the *spicy* kecap manis – which is a flavour unique to Wingstop in Singapore.

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 08

WingStop Menu & Opening Special

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Menu 01

Wingstop pricing starts at $8.45 for 6 pieces (ala-carte), but I recommend you get the combo at $10.95 which comes with fries, ranch dip and soda.

If you super love the dip (like I do), you can order additional dip at just 85 cents for their ranch / honey mustard dip, or $1.20 for their spicy ranch / cheese dip.

From now till 27 Nov 2016, there are having an opening special at their Suntec City branch where you get 50% off the second combo purchased!  If you’ve never tried Wingstop before, this is a great time to go try it out!

Wingstop Suntec City Singapore Blog Review 11

(Sorry about the crumply pamphlet.  That’s what happens when you have kids.)

Information on WingStop Suntec City:

Address: Suntec City #B1-108, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983

Map: Click here for Google map location

Getting There: Promenade MRT (CC4 / DT15)

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

Tel: 6265 2648

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter

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Wingstop Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

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