Zoom Park Singapore Trampoline Park Review

Just before school closed for the semester, we visited MF’s school for a Choral Reading performance by the Primary One kids.  At the end of the session, the Level Head went onto the stage and told all parents very earnestly to keep the kids active and do more sports during the holidays.

OKAYYYY…. I’m not one to usually listen to teachers obediently (I tend to have a rebellious streak), but two days into the holidays, we found ourselves at Zoom Park Singapore.  I think MF’s level head would be proud of us!

The boys have always been very interested in sports.  It wasn’t their first visit to a trampoline park.  We have been to Katapult Trampoline Park a couple of times – coz it’s so near our place and well, there aren’t a lot of exciting things to do in Yishun.  We have also been to trampoline parks in Johor Bahru and Pattaya.   But that didn’t stop MF from squealing “THIS IS GOING TO BE SO FUN!!!” when we arrived at Zoom Park Singapore.

We were given wristbands to indicate the time our jump ended.  The sessions at Zoom Park Singapore started every half hourly – so it was not like you could go in anytime you arrived.  If you arrive at 1.35pm (like us – NOOB!), you would need to wait for the 2pm session.

Just like at Katapult Trampoline Park, we had to watch a mandatory safety video before we could jump.


This was the first section the kids headed to.  They always loved the dodgeball sections at trampoline parks.  I was impressed by how fast MY managed to gather all the balls and start throwing them at everyone else!

Slam Dunk

Next to the Dodgeball court was the Slam Dunk court.  MY tried it once and figured he was too short to get the basketball through the hoop and moved on.  But MF was freaking good at it.  Watch him bounce and fly right up to the hoop!! Almost.

Extreme Dodgeball

As if one dodgeball court was not enough.  They had an EXTREME dodgeball court here!  Which I thought was a good thing.  Because when we visited other trampoline parks during peak hours or when there was a party going on, and they only had one dodgeball court, the dodgeball court was simply chaotic.   Having two dodgeball courts would definitely help spread out the crowd – especially if one was used by a party group.

Tumble Tracks

This was the kids favourite part of Zoom Park Singapore.  As the name suggested, these were tracks for you to run and TUMBLE!! MF was somersaulting all over it!

MY didn’t know how to somersault.  But he discovered that the trampoline at the Tumbling Track was especially bouncy.  And decided to bounce off his butt.

And because there were 3 tracks side by side, the boys decided to use the tracks like a racing track and kept competing to see who could run to the end and back faster!

It was mad fun.  They would RUN to the end, hop onto the inclined wall, bounce right off and RUN all the way back again.

Main Court

You would think the main court would be the main attraction here.  But the main court was more of a ‘by the way’ thing for the boys.  Because it was right next to the Tumbling Track, they would run off the end of the tumbling track and continue running to the main court.

They did have fun climbing up to the little elevated platforms around the main court.  It was a bit high for MY and he needed some help to get up.  I’m glad I didn’t have to be there to help him and someone else did.  I’m convinced that sports is one of the best ways to teacher kids about cooperation and teamwork.  NOTHING I say at home would get them to help each other like that.  (All they do at home is fight btw.)

And of course, after all the effort to climb up, savour the jump off onto the trampolines below.

Rock Wall & Foam Pit

And finally, the boys went one big round to come back to the rock wall that was right next to the entrance.  MF loves rock-climbing, as you would have seen from the amazing times he had at Clip ‘n Climb.  Climbing up the rock wall here was only half the fun.  The other half of the fun was leaping off into the foam pit!


At Zoom Park Singapore, lockers were available for you to lock up your valuables.  They had medium and large lockers.   The lockers were electronic and could be opened and locked back as many times as required during the rental duration.

Medium lockers cost:

  • $4 (for 2 hours)
  • $6 (for 4 hours)
  • $8 (for 1 day)

Large lockers cost:

  • $6 (for 2 hours)
  • $8 (for 4 hours)
  • $10 (for 1 day)

Drinking water was provided within the trampoline park for free.

There was also a cafe at the entrance of the park which served both jumpers and non-jumpers. It served mostly drinks and very simply snacks – don’t expect a full bistro.

In Summary…

The boys definitely had fun at Zoom Park Singapore.   It had attractions that Katapult Trampoline Park didn’t have – like the rock wall and extreme dodgeball.

As for the cons, the location for Zoom Park Singapore didn’t really work for us as it was not within walking distance of any MRT station.  Also, there was no toilet within the park, and we had to walk out (into the rain) and down the corridor to get to the toilets.  This toilet problem was not unique to Zoom Park Singapore though – we had the same problem when we visited Katapult.  What’s up with trampoline parks and toilets??

If you’re looking to get active with the kids, drop by Zoom Park Singapore for a jumping good time! However, please exercise vigilance over young children as trampoline is a rather high risk sport (at least imo) and injury is not uncommon.  Like MF at one point decided to bury himself inside the foam pit and we were like “Get out before someone jumps onto you!!”  So stay close to your kids and supervise them at all times.


Zoom Park Singapore has party rooms where you can hold your kids’ birthday parties!  Party packages start at $38 per pax with the use of a private party room.  Check out Zoom Park Singapore website for more information!


If you would like to visit Zoom Park Singapore, don’t forget to check out the following promotions:

1) Unlimited jumps on Tuesdays extended to June

In the month of June, jumpers get UNLIMITED jump time for the whole day at $24!

2)  Multi-visit Pass

Zoom Park Singapore is introducing a multi pass and you can get 12 sessions for just $150.

The pass can be used in the presence of the card owner for up to 5 pax per visit, so bring your friends and family along to share it! Also, the pass has no expiry and can be used any day of the week.

Giveaway Time!

To get you active and jumping this holidays, we are giving away a pair of vouchers to visit Zoom Park Singapore to 5 lucky readers!

Zoom Park Singapore

Terms and Conditions:

  • Contest ends 4 June 2017 at 2359 hours
  • Passes will be mailed to the winners.  Neither Bumble Bee Mum nor Zoom Park Singapore will be responsible for lost mail.

Information on Zoom Park Singapore:

Address: 200 Pandan Gardens, #01-14 Singapore 609336

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 3pm – 9pm (non-peak)
  • Tuesdays – Thursdays 10am – 9pm (non-peak)
  • Fridays 10am – 10pm (peak)
  • Saturdays 9am – 10pm (peak)
  • Sundays and Public Holidays 9am – 9pm (peak)


  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10am to 3pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays 9am to 1pm


  • Fridays and Saturdays 7pm to 10pm

Admission (Play Rates):  Available on Zoom Park Singapore website

Tel: 6334 4615

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter

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