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Start Planning Your Outing with Kids in Singapore!

Quick Compilations

Dry of ideas where to go with your kids? Here are some compilations to get you started.


Singapore Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds are playgrounds that are fully-air conditioned and charge an admission fee.  They provide a safe environment for children to play, where flooring and play equipment are usually padded to minimize injury from falls.  Health checks are usually conducted at entry to prevent sick children from using the playground.  Entrances are also locked and monitored by staff to prevent children from running out of the playground on their own.  If you are interested to bring your children to one of these indoor playgrounds, visit my Singapore Indoor Playgrounds page for full listing and detailed reviews.


Shopping with Kids in Singapore

Shopping Centre with Playgrounds

Going shopping? Don’t wish to pay for an indoor playground? Try one of the playgrounds located at shopping centres – most of them are free! Visit my Singapore Playgrounds at Shopping Centres page for full listing and detailed reviews.

Other Fun Stuff

Other than playgrounds, many of Singapore’s shopping malls are filled with kids-friendly shops and facilities.  Check out other fun stuff for kids you can find at shopping malls:

Nursing Rooms

Are you a nursing mum? Need a power point for your electric pump? Need a water dispenser? Have a baby or toddler that is still on diapers? Find out where you can find nursing rooms and baby care rooms in Singapore on my Singapore Nursing Rooms Page.  You will get a quick glance of which nursing rooms have power points and water dispensers.

Stroller Rental

Bringing your kids out but find it too cumbersome to bring your own stroller? (After all, MRTs are perpetually packed and strollers are a chore to carry up and down buses.) Or need an extra stroller when you are out with more than 1 kid and they decide to nap at the same time? Find out where you can rent stroller in Singapore on my Singapore Stroller Rental Page.

Other Shopping Tips


Other Indoor Activities


Other Outdoor Activities


Places of Interest in Singapore

Want to be a local tourist for the day? Check out our Singapore Travel Page!


Special Events for Kids in Singapore

Check if there are any special events going on that your kids might be interested in!

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