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Phuket Trip with Kids – Our One-Week Itinerary

Phuket With Kids Blog Itinerary 15 - Marriotts Phuket Beach Club

I always tell myself to take it easy when on vacations.  Slow down. Try not to rush from place to place.  Don’t end up spending hours on the road.  Heck, I even tell my readers that.  BUT I STILL END UP DOING IT!!! It’s like, I CANNOT HELP IT.  I must try to squeeze in as […] Read more…

BonAppetour – Changing the way you dine & travel!

BonAppetour Singapore Review & Recommendation Blog 11

If you have never heard of BonAppetour, you have NO idea what you’re missing out. Video Source: BonAppetour Named one of 8 start-ups that’ll make your travel experiences so much better by CNN, BonAppetour is set to change the way you dine while travelling.  And get this: BonAppetour is a Singapore-based startup! Woohoo! Yay Singapore! If […] Read more…