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JEM Playground – The Hidden JEM of Jurong East

JEM Playground 16

When looking for a playground for kids in the Jurong East area, everyone thinks of Westgate Wonderland.  Yes, Westgate Wonderland is great! But I don’t frequent it because It is very difficult for me to keep track of both kids there. It is freaking HOT!! So if I didn’t feel like paying for Fidgets Island […] Read more…

Fidgets Island JEM – Get your kids crafting while you sit back and relax!

Fidgets Island JEM 9

Fidgets Island JEM First Visit (28 Feb 2015) I met my friend at Jurong East recently.  It was a rainy day so we couldn’t go Westgate Wonderland.  We had 4 kids with us combined, so we weren’t able to make up enough spending to enter Westgate Kids Club. Hence, I suggested we visited Fidgets Island […] Read more…

JEM Nursing Room and Family Toilets :: Singapore Nursing Room Review ::

JEM nursing room overview

JEM Nursing Room Location:  JEM Nursing Room was located at Level 5.  It was pretty inconspicuously located, somwhere inside the food court. Look out for the diaper-changing sign for direction when you reach Level 5. Separation:  The breastfeeding rooms were separated from the diaper-changing area by sliding doors with lock.  There were three breastfeeding rooms […] Read more…