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Our Travels with Kids

Want to travel?  Check out my blog posts about my travels with the kids to the countries below! Hope my posts will provide you with useful information and ideas for you next vacation with the kids.


Travel With Kids from Singapore to Australia

We visited Gold Coast and Brisbane in September 2012 with then 20-month old MF.  It was a short 5-days self-drive vacation where we visited theme parks and went strawberry picking.

> Read more about the trip



We went for a short 3 days 2 nights getaway to Bintan in November 2016.

> Read more about Bintan Lagoon Resorts’ Facilities and Activities
> Read more about Bintan Lagoon Resorts’ Dining Options
> Read more about EcoVillage Programme in Bintan
> Read more about Bintan Mangrove Discovery Tour


Travel With Kids from Singapore to Japan

Japan is my favourite country to travel to and we have been there countless times. Visit my  Japan travel blog, for our Japan travels!


Travel With Kids from Singapore to Korea

We visited Korea in December 2011 when MF was only 11 months old.  It was our first vacation with a baby and we weren’t the most prepared.  We visited Seoul and Jeju.

> Read more about Seoul
> Read more about Jeju
> Review of Jeju Lotte Hotel


Travel With Kids from Singapore to Malaysia

Being right across the causeway, Malaysia is probably the most-visited country by Singaporean families.  Here are some of our family adventures in Malaysia:

Johor Bahru:

> Angry Birds Activity Park
> DC Super Heroes Cafe
> Family Getaway to Taman Mount Austin
> Fanpekka (AEON Tebrau City)
> Hello Kitty Town Puteri Harbour
> Holiday Villa Johor Bahru City Centre
> Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour
> Midori Concept Hotel
> Somerset Medini Nusajaya
> Somerset Puteri Harbour Nusajaya
> The Ardens Hotel & The Stag Bistronomy


> Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson Resort Hotel
> Royal Caribbean Cruise Shore Excursion at Port Klang / Penang


travel taiwan with kids

In June 2015, we visited Taiwan for 7 days and went from Taipei to Kaohsiung via the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)!

General Travel Tips:

> Taiwan Visitor Association Singapore – Get freebies for your Taiwan trip!
> Taoyuan Airport Nursing Rooms & Playgrounds


> 2 + 5 Days in Taiwan with kids with THSR
> Cingjing Day Trip from Taichung

Accommodation Tips:

> Legend Hotel (Kaohsiung)
> Leofoo Resort Guanshi Review & Which Room to Choose for best view
> Taiwan With Kids Accomodation – Themed Hotels and Minsu Kids would LOVE!

Attractions / Amusement & Theme Parks / Playgrounds:

> Zhongli, Taoyuan: Bon Bon City
> Zhongli, Taoyuan: Car Car Hotpot
> Taipei: Hello Kitty Cafe Kitchen & Dining
> Taipei: Kids-Friendly Cafes with Play Areas
> Taipei:  Taipei Children’s Amusement Park
> Cingjing: Matina Mill


Travel With Kids from Singapore to Thailand

In June 2012, we visited Phuket as part of our Royal Caribbean cruise.

> Cruise topover in Phuket

In September 2016, we spent one whole week in Phuket.  Find out how we kept ourselves occupied!

> Phuket with Kids – Our One-Week Itinerary
> Marriott’s Mai Khao Beach (Phuket)
> Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club
> BonAppeThai – Dining with locals in Phuket
> Phang Nga Bay – Day Trip from Phuket

In December 2016, we went for an 11-days trip to Thailand, visiting Pattaya, Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Khao Yai.

> Thailand 11-Days with Kids – Our Itinerary
> Pattaya with Kids
Pattaya: Art in Paradise Pattaya
Pattaya: Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark – Tips for Visiting with Kids
Pattaya: Harbor Pattaya – Mega Fun Mall for Families
Pattaya: Harbor Land – Asia’s Largest Indoor Playground
Pattaya: Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
Pattaya: Sea Sand Sun Resort Pattaya
Pattaya: The Chocolate Factory Pattaya
> Bangkok with Kids
> Ayutthaya with Kids & Self-Drive Tips


Cruise With Kids from Singapore

We went on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas in June 2012.  It was a 6 days 5 nights cruise with stops at Port Klang, Penang and Phuket.

> Read about Voyager of the Seas
> Read about our shore excursions


Airline Tips & Reviews:

> Flying with Baby using Krisflyer Redemption

> Scoot Airlines Experience with 20-month old Toddler

> Peach Airlines Experience

General Travel Tips:

> BonAppetour – Dine with locals with you travel

> Finding a Vacation Home on HomeAway

> Guide to Buying Travel Insurance – Have a peace of mind when travelling with kids!

> Klook Travel – My new favourite travel app!

> Shopback Singapore – How to maximise your cashback for travel

> Tips for Mastering a Family Cruise in Europe

> Ways for kids to make friends when travelling


  1. Arielle Lim says:

    I really love your blog.
    Btw, r u recommend visit to Taiwan – Okinawa on end of Sep-Oct?

    I will travel to there next year with my 2yo toddler.

  2. FANG TING LOW says:

    Hi, my baby is one year old. Normally we feed her porridge at home, have not tried “outside food”. How should I settle her food when we go travelling? Thanks!

  3. FANG TING LOW says:

    ok got it. Thanks alot! =D

  4. LP says:

    where did you get those toddler jackets for your trip? im bringing my lit one (6 months) to europe this may, looking for coldwear as we are going up to alps.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I usually borrow from my friends. I only bought one for my elder boy when he was 4 years old because it can be used for longer then. We got it from Winter Times during a sale. Otherwise, I heard from readers that Qoo10 is a good place to get winter wear, you may want to try. 😉

      • LP says:

        Thanks 🙂 will try Qoo10. any good tips to take note for bring 6 months baby out to cold country for holiday ? :p

        • bumblebeemum says:

          6 months! Hmmm… Bring your cough, cold and fever medications. Make sure baby is well layered. Use a baby carrier to keep the baby close to your body for warmth rather putting the baby in a stroller. Get a blanket to wrap around the carrier with the baby inside to protect the baby from the cold.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          And ermm.. buy travel insurance that can cover PD visits after coming back to Singapore. (Touch wood, but I’m just being pragmatic.)

          • LP says:

            Thanks!! I think i will be damn kiasu and bring all stuffs there. Better to bring abit more than than don haf. Ya i read about the post on the insurance that cover PD visits after coming back, will check with my insurance agent about this! i didnt know about this before that, i tot they will all cover 😀

            • bumblebeemum says:

              Yeah, when my kids were younger, we brought truckloads of medication on our trips like their ventolin puffs. I know of people who bring nebuliser even – depending on whether your baby has pre-existing conditions that require such special medication. The change in temperature can easily trigger very bad cough and phlegm in young babies.

              • LP says:

                Yeah.. think 3/4 of my luggage will be full of her stuffs esp she is on FM. still thinking whether i should buy FM from there or bring my own. 😐

  5. Deon says:

    Hi, may I get your advise on when to renew passport for kid? My daughter has hers made when she was around 1.5 years old. Now, she is 3 years old. Is there a new for me to bring her to check with ICA?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      My children’s passports have a validity of 5 years. Check the expiry date on your daughter’s passport. If it is nowhere near expiring, you can continue using it. ICA will send a letter to ask you to renew it when it is due for renewal.

  6. Joe says:

    Hi love to Read your blog , do you bring your kid to jab before u bring them to travel ? I bring mine to Bali and Thailand and get a virus Attack like diarrhoea symptoms after we reach back home . Taiwan we have no issue any way to avoid ?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I don’t bring my kids for jabs but yeah, my kids fall sick quite often when we travel. Sometimes it’s the level of hygiene, sometimes it’s the flucuation in temperature. Our kids are just not used to it since they grow up in Singapore which is so clean and temperature doesn’t fluctuate much. So it’s a bit hard to avoid. Just have to pack probiotics and standard fever, cough and flu meds. And buy travel insurance just in case we need to see the doctor during / after the trip.

  7. I came across your blog about traveling with kids in singapore! Awesome write ups.
    Cool Travel Blog recently posted…Cool Things to do in BaganMy Profile

  8. jacqueline says:

    love your blog!
    I have brought my son to Brisbane, perth and recently Melbourne.
    I am thinking of Sapporo next year on his 3rd birthday. Do you think there are lots of entertainment for him there?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Which month will that be? Entertainment for kids in Hokkaido is kind of different from entertainment for kids in, say, Tokyo. In Hokkaido, there are no major theme parks for example. There’s a lot more nature and there are huge parks for kids to run around and sometimes the parks have playgrounds. The zoos in Hokkaido are also very nice with very reasonable admission fees. My boys also enjoy cable car rides in the scenic areas.

  9. sabna says:

    Thank you very much for your share idai

  10. Doreen Low says:

    Hi I am traveling with my hubby & 4 yr old boy to Khao Yai this Feb 17 & would like to check with you whether there are any good food places to recommend there?

    Thanks & Wishing you Happy New Year! 🙂

  11. Doris says:

    Hi !
    I love reading your blog and got the courage to try to travel with my 10 y/o girl during school holidays.We travel out of the country just to visit my native country regularly but never been to other countries as I don’t have much confidence myself to bring my little one in foreign country that I never been to and financial is parts of it.But your blog change my mind totally and now I would like to try to save money and give it a go as my girl also feel bored to keep going to the same location again and again.As for us we like to go see snow is the first thing came to our mind.I have in my mind is either Japan or Korea for our first self guided tour and would like to ask your advice of how shall we proceed for the plan for this year November holiday season regarding budgets,stay as well as the places to explore.Very much appreciated.

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