8 ways for kids to make friends when travelling
December 6, 2016

8 Ways for Kids to Make Friends when Travelling - Bumble Bee Mum

Children are curious by nature.  Less cautious and more open-minded than us adults, they are able to transcend language barriers and make friends when presented with the opportunity to.  Over our travels with the kids, we have witnessed how they are able to socialise with other children and adults, regardless of nationality.   So what are some ways your children can make friends while on vacation?



#1 Stay in a family-ran accommodation


With platforms like AirBnb and HomeAway, travellers can now stay with hosts in a vacation rental rather than in hotels.  When we stayed at a family-ran hostel in Otaru and a traditional farmhouse in Kyoto, our kids got to make friends with the owners and their family.   Our boys helped ‘babysit’ the hostel owner’s 1 year old son, who bounced around behind our boys throughout the hostel.  He was so happy to have other kids coming to play with him! And the owner of the farmhouse in Kyoto bought little toys for the boys which he picked up from the local supermarket while doing his grocery shopping.


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#2 Find a hotel with Kids Club


If you are not comfortable with staying in vacation rentals, no worries.  Many hotels and resorts these days have Kids Club for children to gather and mingle during their stay.  If you stay long enough in the hotel or resort, pretty soon your children would be friends with the other children at the Kids Club, and also the staff!


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#3 Dine in a local home


If you like the idea of visiting a local home, but you’re not comfortable with staying under the same roof as the host, no worries.  What if I told you that you can still visit a local home where you will be treated to a home-cooked meal by your host?  BonAppetour links travelers to carefully curated hosts who will serve you a delicious meal and wonderful memories.  Send a message to hosts in the city you are visiting to find out if they are able to host your family with children, and where available, pick out hosts who have children of their own.  They will be more than happy to have your children over as playmates for their own children!  When we were in Phuket, the boys not only made friends with the host’s daughter – they ended up having their own kids-only ice-cream party in the room!


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#4 Go on a cruise


When you are moving from city to city on a single cruise ship for a few days, you can’t help but make friends with fellow passengers on the same ship.  Many cruise ships have organised activities for children on board, and your kids will get to interact with children from all over the world through playgroups (for babies and toddlers) and adventure clubs (for older children).  They would even make friends with the friendly waiter who serves you dinner every evening!


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#5 Join a class for children


Before visiting a city, google around for classes for children.  Enrol your child in a kids cooking class like a macaron-making class in France or pizza / pasta making class in Singapore.  If you’re visiting a ski resort in winter, send your kids to the ski school.  These are perfect opportunities for children to not only make friends, but to learn something new!


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#6 Visit a local festival


A local festival is where everyone lets loose and locals and travellers alike gather at a common place to mingle.  When we were visiting the Hokkaido Shrine Festival, we took a seat along a stream together with the locals to enjoy the food we bough, and our boys went to make friends with the Japanese boy sitting next to them.  Despite the language barrier, they traded some of their candy floss for the boy’s crackers!

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#7 Visit a playground


Many kids-friendly attractions around the world have dedicated playgrounds for children.  For example Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park in Singapore and Zoorasia in Yokohama have wonderful playgrounds! If the attraction you are visiting has a playground, allocate ample time for the visit to allow your children to play at the playgrounds.  They will have a great time mingling with other children and will be much happier than if they were rushed from point to point to check off the attractions you have on your list.  (Admit it, you have that list.)


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#8 Queue up


I know many people complain about the long queues at attractions like Tokyo Disneyland and Kidzania.  But being stuck in the queue – with other kids – is one of the best time for (bored) kids to make friends.  Ditch the smartphone and force your child to try to entertain himself or herself while in line.  Chances are, your child will start making friends with the people in front or behind you.  Try it!

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Over to you!

We hope that these tips will enhance your travels by creating opportunities for your children to interact with people from around the world and learn more about the country you are visiting.  However, always exercise due vigilance and keep your children under close supervision at all times.  While it is great to socialise, continue to be alert of possible dangers and teach your children to be cautious and never follow their new-found friends anywhere without you.

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8 Ways for Kids to Make Friends when Travelling - Bumble Bee Mum


  • Kirsty says:

    Great ideas here – my kids struggled with this as they were older when we travelled. Not quite teens so getting too old to play sometimes. We did meet people along the way which helped – finding other families around and forcing them to say hello and get to know them worked wonders!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It’s always great to meet fellow families and the kids have more companions! It keeps the kids well-occupied and there is less fighting between my two boys to break up when they have other kids to play with.. Lol!

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