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When I visit Japan, I love to take a little notebook to go around to collect chops from various attractions in the country.  My boys have taken after me in this aspect, and they absolutely LOVE collecting souvenir stamps.  So when I come across passports for collecting stamps, like when we visited Mother Farm in Chiba, I cannot resist getting them for my kids to go around to collect the stamps, as I find this always makes a visit to an attraction more engaging.

So it should come as no surprise that when I learned that Kidzania has something called the B.Kidzanian PaZZport (which I have briefly mentioned before in my beginner’s and intermediate’s guide Kidzania Singapore) where kids can earn chops for each activity they complete at Kidzania under the programme, I just had to sign my boys up for it.

Turns out I am not alone.  Since Kidzania Singapore opened in April 2016, more than 14000 PaZZports have been applied at Kidzania Singapore! That’s an astonishing number if you ask me.  But just because everyone else is applying, does it mean you should apply too?

In this post, I am going to consolidate all the information I know about the B.KidZanian PazzPort so that you can decide if you would like to get one for your child, and if you do, how best to reap the benefits of it.

How to Enrol

To apply for the PaZZport, you need to head to the PaZZport Office.  In Kidzania Singapore, it is located on Level 2.  (Sneaky if you ask me.  They should put it right next to the entrance.)  The PaZZports cannot be shared and each PaZZport is linked to one child.  In Kidzania Singapore, it cost SGD18 per PaZZport.

Cities on the programme

There are currently 10 Kidzanias that are on the B.Kidzania programme.  Which means that the PaZZport you apply at any of these cities can be used at the other cities under the programme as well!

1) Kidzania Cairo
2) Kidzania Cuicuilco
3) Kidzania Delhi NCR
4) Kizania Kuala Lumpur
5) Kidzania London
6) Kidzania Manila
7) Kidzania Monterrey
8) Kidzania Mumbai
9) Kidzania Santa Fe
10) Kidzania Singapore

Citizen Level

For each activity that your child completes at a Kidzania under the programme, he or she will receive one chop in the PaZZport.  When your child reaches 30 chops, you will need to go back to the PaZZport office to change the PaZZport to one of the next level.

Naturalised Citizen

When you enrol your child in the B.KidZanian programme, your child starts as a ‘Naturalised Citizen’ (red passport).

The benefits include:

1) Extra 2 Kidzos earned in each activity
(e.g. if the activity is +8 economy, your child earns 10 Kidzos instead of 8.  If the activity is -10 economy, your child pays 8 Kidzos instead of 10.  If you don’t know what is + / – economy, please read my beginners’ guide to Kidzania.)

2) Get 5% off items at KidZania Shops

3) Save 5 Kidzos at the KidZanian Department Store

Now, if you are wondering what’s the difference between (2) and (3), KidZanian Shops refer to the souvenir shop where you buy things using cash.  Like real cash, not KidZania money (KidZos).  Whereas KidZanian Department Store is where the kids go in with their KidZos to exchange for items.

Distinguished CitiZen

When your child reaches 30 chops in his or her Naturalised CitiZen PaZZport (red colour), head to the PaZZport office and they will make a new Distinguished CitiZen PaZZport (orange colour) for your child.

Kidzania Singapore B.Kidzanian Pazzport Loyalty Programme Review 02

With the orange PaZZport, your child will get:

1) Extra 4 Kidzos per activity

2) 10% off items at KidZania Shops

3) Save 10 Kidzos at the Department Store

Honourable CitiZen

When your child reaches 30 chops in his or her Distinguished CitiZen PaZZport (orange colour), he or she will be further upgraded to Honourable CitiZen PaZZport. (brown colour).  And the benefits become:

1) Extra 6 Kidzos per activity

2) 15% off items at KidZania Shops

3) Save 15 Kidzos at the Department Store

Other Benefits

Members-Exclusive Event

Sometimes, Kidzania may roll out events that are exclusive for members.  For e.g. At the end of last year, Kidzania Singapore had a members-only B.Kidzanian Night, where parents were allowed to enter the facilities to role-play together with their children!


Priority Boarding

Nope, members cannot skip the queue for activities – if that’s what you wish for.  (Keep wishing.)  But Distinguished and Honourable CitiZens have a separate ‘priority boarding’ queue to enter Kidzania Singapore.  You may wonder what’s the big deal about being able to skip the entrance queue when you still have to queue for all the activities after going in.  But well, I have queued half an hour just to get into Kidzania Singapore before.  That time could have been used to play one more activity.  So on crowded days, it is definitely a benefit.

Activities-Specific Benefits

Some of the activities have special benefits for members.  For e.g. at the Pilot activity, Distinguished and Honourable CitiZens get to choose their pilot seat (I THINK – I don’t go in with the kids so I have no idea what goes on inside. But that is what I understood from the sign).

Kidzania Singapore B.Kidzanian Pazzport Loyalty Programme Review 04

CitiZens Exclusive Promotions

Since signing my kids up for the B.KidZanian membership, I have been receiving newsletters from time to time with promotions for members.  These promotions include retail discounts or admission ticket discounts.


Tips for using the PaZZport

1) Get it from the start

If you want to get the PaZZport, you should get it at the start of your first visit.  This way you child can start earning the extra Kidzos and chops straight away.  If you only apply for the PaZZport after you have completed some activities, the activities you have done before that will NOT earn you any chops / extra Kidzos.

2) Change your PaZZport once you hit 30 chops

Once your child has 30 chops, head up to the Pazzport office to get the new PaZZport for the next level.  This way, your child can get the additional benefits of the next CitiZen level, and you won’t ‘waste’ your chops.  Because let’s say you go up with 31 chops, they will just issue you a new PaZZport and that extra chop can’t be carried over to the new PaZZport.

3)  You can only get 1 chop from each establishment during each visit

Note that if your kids goes to the same establishment twice in the same day (e.g. they went Pizza Hut in the morning, then they feel hungry later in the afternoon and want to go Pizza Hut again), they will not get a chop for the second visit.  Each chop has the establishment and date stamped, so you can only get one chop from each establishment once for the day.

Kidzania Singapore Discounted Tickets 01

4) Not all activities will earn you a chop

For e.g. at the optical shop, you can either be an optometrist, or a customer getting an eye check-up.  The optometrist job will earn a chop, but getting an eye check-up won’t.  Similarly, at the insurance office, you can either sell insurance or buy insurance.  Selling insurance will get you a chop, but buying insurance won’t.  So don’t be surprised when your child queues 30 minutes to get an eye check-up and comes out without a chop.  That’s the way it is.

Kidzania Singapore B.Kidzanian Pazzport Loyalty Programme Review 05

5) Buying something from the Department Store will earn you a chop

If your child goes to the Department Store and buys something, that will actually earn your child a chop in the PaZZport.   My boys have been saving their KidZos for like 3 or 4 visits before they accumulated enough money to buy something bigger from the Department Store.  And the first time they bought something, we were all surprised when they received a chop.  MF was like, “So easy to get the chop?? Next time I will just come in and buy a pencil to get a chop.” LOL… He has been working very hard for all his other chops.

Kidzania Singapore B.Kidzanian Pazzport Loyalty Programme Review 11

Should you sign up for the B.Kidzanian PaZZport?

As I mentioned from the start, this is meant to be a kind of loyalty programme.  So if you think you are going to visit Kidzania often, then yes, definitely you should get the PaZZport.

Kidzania Singapore B.Kidzanian Pazzport Loyalty Programme Review 03

You may think it’s lame to pay SGD18 cash so that your kids can earn more KidZos – which they will spend on useless stuff at the Department Store.  But I have found tangible benefits of earning more KidZos.  The way I see it, more KidZos translate to more food.  I don’t have to pay for any of my meals at Kidzania Singapore in cash.  When we’re hungry, the kids will go to the various food establishments to make food.  All these require the kids to pay KidZos.  With their PaZZport and extra earnings / savings, the kids always have LOTS of KidZos to spend.  So we never run out of KidZos for food.  My friend was joking about how our trip to Kidzania Singapore includes 3 meals.  There is actually some truth in that.  So I think the SGD18 I paid for each of the boys’ PaZZports have paid for itself in the form of burgers, pizzas and soups.

Kidzania Singapore B.Kidzanian Pazzport Loyalty Programme Review 01

I also found that having the PaZZport makes Kidzania visits more fun and the kids feel a sense of accomplishment when they count their chops at the end of each visit.  We were in Kidzania Bangkok recently, and Kidzania Bangkok was not under the B.Kidzanian PaZZport programme.  The boys did like 20 activities while we were there, but the thrill just wasn’t there.  They had a huge stack of KidZos at the end of the day, but it was not as ‘shiok’ (sorry I can’t think of a English translation for this) as when they had chops in their PaZZports to show for it.

Kidzania Singapore B.Kidzanian Pazzport Loyalty Programme Review 10

Also, like I mentioned earlier, Kidzania Singapore sometimes roll out promotions for members that can bring you savings.  For e.g. With their buy 4 tickets at the price of 3 promotion, the savings from there was enough to offset the price of the membership.

And just like how I lost count of the number of times I have been to Japan and had to count my passport (the real one) chops to recall, I had to count my the chops in my kids’ PaZZports to realise that… we have been to Kidzania Singapore 8 times.  (WHAT?!!)  So yeah, the PaZZport is great for keeping track of how much money you’ve been wasting spending on Kidzania.

Seriously mom? You've been paying for us to come here to clean windows??

Seriously mom? How much have you been paying for us to come here to clean windows??


But if you think your visit to Kidzania is going to be once-off, then really, I don’t think it makes any sense to pay for the PaZZport for your kids.   Yes, it is fun for the kids to go around to collect chops.  But if you want your kids to experience the fun of collecting chops, just go to the Job Information Office at the start of your visit to get the Skill Set Analysis Report which your kids can use to collect chops for the listed jobs.  (Read more about this in my Intermediate’s Guide to Kidzania Singapore.)

Disclosure: We were invited to B.Kidzanian Night at Kidzania Singapore.  However my boys’ PaZZports were not sponsored.  But it’s okay, we have had way more than $36 worth of pizzas, burgers, soups, ice-cream, candies, Yakult and mineral water in our 8 visits there.

Plan your visit to Kidzania Singapore!

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Information on Kidzania Singapore:

Address: 31 Beach View, Palawan Kidz City, Singapore 098008

Map: Click here for Google Map Location

Opening Hours:

  • 10am – 5pm daily
  • They have extended opening hours on certain (probably crowded) days.  Do check Kidzania Singapore website for actual opening hours by date.

Admission Fees: 

  • Infant (Under 2): Free
  • Toddler (2 – 3 Years Old): $25
  • Kid (4 – 17 Years Old): $58
  • Adult (18 – 59 Years Old): $35
  • Sennior (60 Year Old and above): $25

Tel: +65 6653 6888

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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