Budget DIRECT flight from Singapore to Okinawa – AT LAST!
August 2, 2017

2 years ago, I wrote about how expensive it was to take chartered direct flights from Singapore to Okinawa (Naha).  And the various transit options available for Singaporeans who would like to visit Okinawa.

Singapore to Okinawa:
What are your flight options

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I’m not someone who pays a lot for flights.  Especially if they are not long distance.  During our trip to Okinawa in June 2015, we ended taking a combination of two low cost carriers:  Scoot Airlines from Singapore to Taipei, and Peach Airlines from Taipei to Naha.

Itinerary for Okinawa with Kids

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So when my friend messaged me to tell me that Jetstar was launching DIRECT flights from Singapore to Naha starting from 17 Nov 2017, I was jumping for joy! Like FINALLY! We can fly direct to Okinawa without burning a big hole in our pockets!

Furthermore, I have taken Jetstar twice in the past year, to Phuket and Bangkok, and I really have no complaints about them.  But was it really cheap? I decided to snoop around Jetstar website to find out!


At the time of writing, Jetstar was having a promotion for one-way fare from SGD66.

I scrolled through many months of flights and couldn’t find any of their $66 flights.  The cheapest I could find was $125.  So I’m going to try with that.  I chose 4 pax (2 adults and 2 children) and this was what I got:

$1172.70 for 4 pax! That’s less than $300 per pax can??? For a DIRECT flight.  Of course, this doesn’t include check-in luggage and meals.  But if you know me,  I can travel without check-in luggage.  Especially if you are on your way to Renaissance Okinawa Resort where there was FREE self-service laundry.   You could just pack 3 sets of clothes and do your laundry every other day.

Renaissance Okinawa Resort

Facilities and Dining

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Renaissance Okinawa Resort


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If you want to keep your booking to the lowest possible price, just opt out of the bundles, check-in luggage and remember to UNCHECK seat selection and travel insurance (which will be checked and added to your booking by default).  I also usually make my payments for my Jetstar flights at Singpost, rather than using credit card, as the processing fee is cheaper.


As of now, Jetstar only flies between Singapore and Naha on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.   The flight timing was:

  • Singapore to Naha 0220 – 0830
  • Naha to Singapore 0930 – 1340

I fly low cost carriers quite a bit, so I think these flight timings are fine.  We’re used to taking flights at timings like 2am, which I really don’t mind because my kids are capable of knocking out on the stroller before boarding and just sleeping through the flight.  And with this timing, you can get the full day when you go there.

Coming back, you need to reach the airport really early to catch the return flight.  When we flew Peach Airlines from Naha to Taipei, we also had the same problem of having to reach the airport very early.  In fact, our Peach Airlines flight was even earlier at 0830.  So really, I think Jetstar’s 0930 flight is fine compared to our 0830 flight.

You can read more about how (badly) our 0830 flight worked out in our Peach Airlines post.  But we learned our lesson and have shared some tips on how you can get more sleep on our OTS rent-a-car post.


Taipei to Okinawa:
Review of Peach Airlines

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For less than SGD300 per pax for a DIRECT flight from Singapore to Naha? I don’t see any reason why not to book it if you had been planning to visit Okinawa!

Okinawa is mad fun.  It’s an awesome family vacation destination.  Pristine beaches, activities-packed resorts, breath-taking sunsets, fun-filled attractions.  Omgomgomg… I’m tempting myself.


Hop on over to our Okinawa Travel Page to read more about visiting Okinawa, particularly with kids!


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  • meowjoyce says:

    Hi Queen Bee, I will be travelling to Okinawa in November. No available JETSTAR depart flight from Singapore to Okinawa in October. (*Disappointed*)

    I have a few queries regards to car rental:

    1. Do you recommend to book online or walk-in to OTS?
    2. Do there provide / rent baby car seat?
    3. I notice the car booking time start from 8am. Jetstar departure from Okinawa is 9:30am. How do you return at 6am?

    • Queen Bee says:

      1. I recommend you book online beforehand. OTS website is pretty easy to use, you can easily reserve your car there.

      2. Yes, they have baby and child seats for rent. There is a fee for it though. You can reserve them during your booking – the price will be displayed in the booking form.

      3. When we took Peach Airlines flight back, they opened the office and had one special shuttle bus service specially for passengers on board that flight. This Jetstar flight is a bit new, the protocol may not be in place yet, so you would need to check with OTS whether you can return the car early and whether they are providing shuttle bus service to the airport for this flight. If they don’t, you may have to return the car the evening before and find your way to the airport the next morning by public transport.

      • meowjoyce says:

        Hi Queen Bee, is there any diaper changing facility on the Jetstar plane?

        • Queen Bee says:

          So far all the planes I took, there are diaper-changing tables in some of the toilet cubicles. It is just a flat table that you flip open when you need to use it. A little cramp and not the most glam diaper-changing facility, but it works.

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