Can’t get enough of River Safari!

Since River Safari opened, we have been visiting at least once a week… So much so that I suspect the staff at the panda enclosure recognize MF and are thinking in their head, “Oh no! That noisy little boy is here again! *groan*” whenever they see us. I tell everyone, Kai Kai and Jia Jia are now MF’s pets, because he visits them so often!

Here is a collection of photos taken over a few visits to share.

MF and his cousin are aspiring to be River Safari’s poster boys:


MF pretending to be garang with the fake animals:


Beaver is the first animal to greet us when we enter the park.  MF knows that, and the moment he enters the park, he squeals, “Beaver beaver!”


MF posing with the alligator:


Hubby holds up an umbrella to show how big the fish is:


My favourite red pandas:


We were once lucky enough to catch Kai Kai climbing up the tree and scratching his back against the tree trunk:


Apparently it is pretty common for Jia Jia to hide in her den.. But I only saw her inside on one occasion:


MF loves taking photos with the fake pandas:


MF always insists on eating a panda pau after visiting the panda.. Here’s him trying to be funny after finishing the pau and using the container as a hat:


Hubby carrying MF up so that he could ‘catch’ the giant otter:


Baby manatee swimming with (I presume) its mummy:


Coward MF finally entered the dark space near the manatee enclosure accompanied by daddy:


Cute sting ray with bright yellow spots:


Speaking of sting rays.. At the exit of River Safari, the staff would give children a craft activity for them to construct 3D cardboard figurines of animals like sting rays and turtles.


After we completed the visit of River Safari, if time and weather permitted, we would pop over to the zoo (since we have annual pass for both parks) for a tram ride to see the giraffes, zebras, rhinos etc.


Just look how happy MF is.. He absolutely loves his zoo and safari trips!

For more information on Singapore Zoo and River Safari, visit the Singapore Zoo website River Safari website or Wildlife Reserves Singapore facebook page.

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