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Vacation Rentals on HomeAway - Bumble Bee Mum

During our trip to Japan last December, we were invited to stay at some of the vacation rentals from HomeAway.  I have earlier blogged about the 3 homes we stayed in, and in this post I am going to share with your more about what you can find on HomeAway and how to use their website.


Vacation Rentals


HomeAway specialises in vacation rentals that offer you, as their name suggests, a home away from home.  They are particularly great for families who need more space and amenities such as kitchenette and washers.


Their selection of vacation rentals range from simple apartments with all the basic amenities you can find in a home, to exotic bucket-list-worthy stays like this Treehouse in Thailand.


They have vacation rentals that can accommodate anywhere from 1 to more than 10 people. Imagine going to Bali with your extended family and booking an entire villa!


You can also choose to experience local history and culture by staying in historic and traditional homes.


Whether you are on a city break or resort getaway, there is an amazing range of vacation rentals to choose from on HomeAway!


Features of Homeaway Website

In the video below, I will show you some of the features of the super user-friendly Homeaway website:

Note on Booking for children

In the above video, I showed you that I entered 4 guests for our family of 2 adults and 2 children.  When you contact hosts, do check with them if they are able to give you discounted rates for children.  Out of the 3 apartments I booked, one of them charged for 4 guests, one of them charged the kids half-price and one of them did not charge for kids.

On the hosts’ end, they are able to adjust the pricing before you confirm your booking, so do remember to negotiate for discounts when travelling with children.

Read about our Homeaway stays in Japan


Visit HomeAway

Find your perfect vacation home from HomeAway!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Homeaway.


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Vacation Rentals on HomeAway - Bumble Bee Mum


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  • Lydia C. Lee says:

    We’re 5 so the rental thing is becoming more and more cost effective…

  • Rachael says:

    I always use AirBNB but hadn’t heard of Homeaway until I read some of your posts. Is there much difference? I’ve actually had two cancellations on accommodation in Tokyo through AirBNB for an upcoming family trip, so for the first time i’m actually thinking of not using airBNB again!


    • bumblebeemum says:

      Is it common to get cancelled? Thank goodness I didn’t get cancelled by any of my 3 hosts! But that also means I can’t tell how HomeAway would deal with situations like cancellations by hosts.

      I think Airbnb and Homeaway are pretty much the same. Ultimately I think stuff like cancellations and how good a stay is depends a lot on the host since Airbnb and Homeaway are kind of just platforms. But I find that while HomeAway has a much smaller selection of apartments compared to AirBnb, their apartments seem to be more family-oriented. So hopefully the hosts will be more family oriented too?? :p So far my experiences with the 3 Japanese hosts have been great – they all bought gifts for my kids!

  • Diana L. says:

    I’d heard of homeaway but never used it, I didn’t know about them being able to discount the kids, will take that into consideration next time! 🙂

  • The first apartment rental I ever did was through HomeAway, but after a while I switched over to Airbnb. One big thing was that it was much easier on Airbnb since everything was prepaid on a credit card ahead of time, rather than having to bring a check or cash at the time of rental. Has that changed? #TravelTuesday

  • I looked into both HomeAway and AirBnB when I first started going with rentals. And for some reason, I felt like that the airbnb site is easier to use and has a lot more options… and that maybe the prices are even cheaper?! I really love the looks of the rentals you found on homeaway though! Definitely unique. 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I didn’t compare prices closely but when I tried using AirBnb website, I found the two websites very similar. It is true that AirBnb has a lot more listings, especially in less popular cities. E.g. For Tokyo and Kyoto, there had a many listings but for Hokkaido, they didn’t have many. Some of the apartments are listed on both AirBnb and HomeAway, so it would be a good idea to compare and see which is cheaper. I think having competition is never a bad thing for us consumers! 😀

  • Our favorite is the tree house in Thailand. We didn’t know about HomeAway yet. Will check it out.

  • Mums Space says:

    Thats so good that some can do discounts or even free for children! Definitely worth it #MyFavouriteTrip

  • These places look incredible! I’m a true “AirBnB fan,” but it looks like I need to venture out. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Wanderlust Wednesday!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I have a soft spot for underdogs and it seems AirBnb is really dominating the market. But a monopoly is not exactly a good thing for consumers so I am more than happy to try alternatives!

  • These apartments look amazing, would love to stay in one with a swimming pool! Thanks very much for linking up #MyFavouriteTrip Polly 🙂

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