Flying with Baby using KrisFlyer redemption
October 11, 2011

Recently I finally accumulated enough KrisFlyer miles to redeem two air tickets to Seoul! Hubby and I decided to go on a family trip in December.. Our first trip since MF was born! Filled with excitement, I logged in to Singapore Airline’s website to redeem tickets for 2 adults and an infant.. But to my dismay, I found that if I chose ‘redemption’, I was not allowed to include an infant in my trip!

I tried to google some information about how to fly with an infant while redeeming my miles, but could not find much information.. So I paid a visit to Singapore Airlines Service Centre at ION Orchard to find out how it can be done and decided to blog about the process to share with anyone else who may be interested.

Okay.. Firstly, you need to go to Singapore Airline’s website to book the air tickets for the adults / kids above 2 years old.. Select ‘redemption’ to use your miles.

AFTER you have booked, bring your receipt and booking down to Singapore Airlines Service Centre at ION Orchard, to purchase a separate ticket for the infant and ask them to link the infant’s booking to your original booking. ย If the flight you made has no more bassinet seat, you will have to choose to carry the infant with you the whole flight, or change another flight. (Thankfully the flights I booked were still available). ย When you are booking, they will only tell you whether or not bassinet seat is still available, but you don’t get to see which seats are still available nor choose your seats there.

Once your infant’s booking is settled and linked to your booking, you can go back to Singapore Airline’s website to choose your seat. ย You will find that you are now able to choose the bassinet seats.

For me, although there are still bassinet seats available, by the time I went back online to choose my seat, there is only a single seat available with the bassinet, which means my hubby will have to sit elsewhere.. So that is a downside to the system.

As for the cost, MF’s ticket to Seoul cost $200+ (Economy class). ย I think it is a percentage of the full fare (from what I read in google, I think it’s 10%), so if you are redeeming for Business / First class, your infant’s ticket will cost more.


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