Fun at 313 @ Somerset

I had previously posted about the playground at 313@Somerset, but during that visit, MF was not with me.  One day when I was at Orchard alone with MF, I decided to bring him there to try it out.

The area nearest to the entrance to the playground is like a little house, with the table and bench at a perfect height for 19-month old MF.

MF also loved the row of activity boards at the side. 

There is an electronic interactive play area inside, but MF didn’t show any interest in it at all.  Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t really fancy these new interactive playgrounds that are sprouting out.  I prefer old-school slides and steps and ladders..  Kids need to climb and run, I’m sure hyperactive MF agrees with me.

Anyway, back to the playground.  They also have a rocking horse and a spinning thing where kids climb up and swing themselves round and round.

MF had tons of fun at this little playground, it is absolutely great for toddlers.  However, it is not air-conditioned and MF really worked up a sweat after a while.  But still, it beats the unsheltered playgrounds in our neighbourhood.. At least it is sheltered here.  If you are looking for somewhere air-conditioned, you can try Marche at level 1, or hop over to Paragon where there is a playground within the air-conditioned shopping centre.

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