Outing to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari with baby and toddler!

This morning, I woke up to awesome weather and made an impromptu decision to bring the kids to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari!

Since the visit was not planned, hubby had taken the car to work, so I tried to hail a cab. It is extremely difficult to get a cab to bring you to the zoo in the morning, because (as I learnt from a cab driver last time) after dropping us off, the cab will have to come out from the zoo with no passengers. After failing to find a driver to take us to the zoo, I decided to boycott Singapore cab services and take the bus.  Yes, alone with 2 kids and a stroller onto the bus – I CAN DO IT! And I WILL DO IT just to prove my displeasure towards cabbies in Singapore!  This is also MY’s first bus ride!


And that is us having fun on the bus.  I felt like a tourist! See all the tourists behind us trying to get to the zoo? We were like part of them.

We finally arrived at headed to the zoo first since the weather was absolutely superb – no sun and no rain! River Safari was my contingency plan in case it started raining (although it never did).


Usually, the first animals to greet us are the cotton top tamarinds near the entrance.  But today, they weren’t at their usual home, but chilling out at the photo spot! So we hopped onto the photo spot to take a photo with the cute tamarinds.  Only 1 remained (see the little monkey-like thingy on the branch on the top right corner?) by the time MF was willing to get up there and pose cooperatively for the camera.

We took our favourite route: Across the boardwalk to the otters, then take the left route towards the tapir, white tiger and pygmy hippo and through the Australian Outback before hopping onto the tram at the stop near Australian Outback.

Monkeying around the boardwalk

The real otters were hiding, so took photo with fake otters

Australian outback is not all about the kangaroos

Onto the tram we go!

We got off the tram at the stop nearest to the Kidz Rainforest.  It was time to nurse MY and we headed straight for the nursing room. After MY was fed and both kids had their diapers changed, we went to KFC for lunch.  MF loves dining at the kids dining area with little animal chairs.


After we had filled our tummies, we watched the goats at the Kidz Rainforest and the chimpanzees outside the Kidz Rainforest.  Then we headed down, past the proboscis monkeys and into the Fragile Forest.  MF enjoyed watching the lemurs at the Fragile Forest and even tried to reach out to touch them, but I stopped him.  The lemurs were totally not afraid of human and would come to us.  I was actually pretty freaked out by them.

IMG_3456 copy

Then we entered Cat Country.  We were lucky to catch one of the lions awake and roaring in our faces.

IMG_3460 copy

We continued our walk through Wild Africa, watching the giraffes, zebras and rhinos, and MF fell asleep along the way.


I decided to exit the zoo since we had covered most of MF’s favourite animals already and went for an ice-cold lemon tea break while both kids took their naps.


At 3+pm, it was time to nurse MY again, so I went to the nursing rooms near River Safari to nurse him.  Halfway through, MF woke up from his nap and wanted to see elephants.  However, I didn’t get a re-entry stamp for the zoo, so I told him we would go and see pandas instead. It was exactly 4pm when we entered River Safari and the animal presentation had just started, so I rushed all the way to the end of the park to catch the show. Thankfully the park is pretty small.


Since the weather was pretty good today, not scorching hot like the last time we were here, I wheeled MF out to get front row seats for the show.  He was super happy to see the animals up close.


After the show ended, we crossed the bridge to the Giant Panda Forest.  They have done away with having to get a time slot to view the pandas (HOORAY!) and we took our time to explore the forest. Both giant pandas were wide awake and munching on their bamboo. After 3 attempts, we FINALLY got to see both pandas awake!

IMG_3483 copyIMG_3502

And since we did not have to get chased out after 15 min, we could slowly go around and take photos.  MF ran all over, stopping and posing everywhere and asking me to take photos of him.

IMG_3500 copyIMG_3498

We also spent a lot of time watching the red pandas, which we previously had to rush past.

IMG_3515IMG_3525 copy

I am really glad they have done away with the time slot / time limit for viewing the pandas. We had such an awesome time and didn’t want to leave.  But hubby was coming to pick us up soon, so we moved on.

We headed to the squirrel monkey forest next.  Before reaching the forest, we saw the jaguarundi out in the open and stopped to say a quick hello to it.


At the squirrel monkey forest, there were so many monkeys running around and they seemed hungry and kept coming to us.  They were seriously EVERYWHERE!

IMG_4489 copy

MF was terrified and tried hiding behind the stroller, but they still kept coming very close to us.  One even went right up to MF’s feet, which sent MF into a crying fit.  Frankly, I was pretty terrified myself, and we made a quick exit.  I felt like I was in some horror film, trying to get out while the monkeys around still kept swarming us. You can be sure the next time I’m here, I will be bypassing the squirrel monkey forest!


And the day ended with a visit to the amazing Amazon Flooded Forest, viewing the beautiful dancing otters and manatees.

IMG_4505IMG_4503 copyIMG_4514

With that, we ended yet another great day out! I’m so glad I decided to come to the zoo and River Safari today.  MF and I had SO much fun! (Not so sure about MY though.)

For more information on Singapore Zoo and River Safari, visit the Singapore Zoo website,  River Safari website or Wildlife Reserves Singapore facebook page.

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  • Maggie says:

    I’m headed to the river safari with my 10 month old. You have given so much needed info, really grateful to your blog. I always visit here when my baby is bored and i need to entertain him with an outing.
    Thanks Again 🙂

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