Hitman: Agent 47 – Filming Locations in Singapore

Hitman Agent 47 - Filming Locations in Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

This week on Travel Tuesday link-up by A Compass Rose, the theme is going to be “Movies & Travel“.   Bloggers from some parts of the world are probably spoilt for choice on which movie to blog about.  I thought of blogging about the time I went on a Lord of the Rings film location chase in New Zealand, but that would be so cliche?

Since I’m from Singapore, I thought I should seize this opportunity to showcase our country.  Hence, I decided on last year’s movie Hitman: Agent 47, where about half the movie was filmed in Singapore.


A quick warning for those who have not watched the show: This post contains spoilers.


Summary first: Agent 47 is a programmed hitman who helps Katia find her father.  They are being chased by people from the Syndicate who wants Katia’s father for evil means.


The first time Singapore appeared in the movie was in the shot of the Syndicate Headquarters, which in the movie was located in Singapore. In case you are wondering, the Syndicate Headquarters is not real.  It is computer generated and superimposed into our Marina Bay area.


The next time we see Singapore in the movie was the scene with Diana talking on the phone with Agent 47.  The place where the car was rolling up at is Marina Barrage, our reservoir in the city.   That’s a dam you are looking at.


On the rooptop in the scene below, there is a large grass lawn where locals love to picnic and fly kites at.


The above were just short snippets of our country.  We soon got indications that the real action would be going to Singapore as this was where Katia’s father was hiding.  When Katia was probed by John on where her father could be, Singaporeans would have no difficulty guessing the answer. Below is the conversation from the movie (words in italics are my comments – not part of the movie).

Katia: Medical Conditions?
John: He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in his 40s
Katia: Somewhere warm, then. (That’s the first hint!) What else?
John: Lung cancer.  Our last confirmed sighting was a hospital in Seoul, South Korea in 2011… He was Stage 3 then.
Katia: So, travel would be difficult.  Does he have money? (I love this one.)
John: We think so.
Katia: Somewhere warm with advanced medical facilities.  (We’re getting warm here!)  A City. Hobbies?
John: Orchids. He was an expert on orchids. (C’mon, this was a giveaway!)


Yeah, Katia and those of us from Singapore definitely knew where he was.  But in the film, she did not explicitly say it.  Pictures of Gardens by the Bay flashed across the screen for a split-second to confirm our answer.


But before Katia could say “Singapore”, Agent 47 busted in, shot John and took Katia away.  We see another scene of Singapore as John reported to the Syndicate that he had lost Katia.  The flower-shaped structure you see in this scene is our ArtScience Museum.


We move on to Agent 47 telling Katia that she was programmed and her name actually meant ’90’.  Right after that, they were attacked in what looked like a hangar.  This was filmed at ITE College Central.


It is easy to miss that the film location of this scene was in Singapore because in the movie, there were supposed to still be in Germany.   But if you look closely, you can see the ITE logo in the scene below.  See that red rectangular logo with the letters ITE?


ITE is short for Institute for Technical Education.  So this is not a tourist attraction, it is a college.  But anyone is free to walk into the campus to see the planes and helicopter.  We brought the kids there before, since ITE College Central was pretty near our home.

We cut to the scene where Katia and Agent 47 arrived in Singapore.  And here they were, at Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3.


Katia does an avoid-the-camera sequence around the terminal before they drove off from Terminal 3.


And we see a shot of the Singapore’s skyline with the Singapore Flyer peeking out on the right.


The hotel they arrived at was Parkroyal on Pickering, a relatively new 5* hotel in Singapore near Chinatown.


Nothing to do with the movie, but I just had to add that the lunch buffet at Lime in the lobby of Parkroyal on Pickering is fab.


The next morning, they were seen driving out from the carpark of Parkroyal on Pickering.


And woohoo, they arrived at Gardens by the Bay!


Gardens by the bay has two dome-shaped cooled conservatories, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.  The dome in which Katia met her father was the Cloud Forest.


The metallic boardwalk that Katia and her father reunites on is a signature feature of the Cloud Forest and a tourist hot-spot.


After that, they continued on a walk around the OCBC Skyway which is also part of Gardens by the Bay.


If you are in Singapore, you can go up for a walk too! It only cost SGD5 to go up.


From the OCBC Skyway, they were pursued in a car chase at an underground carpark but I couldn’t recognise which carpark this was.  If you know exactly where this carpark is, feel free to leave a comment!


They are seen escaping along the road beside Gardens by the Bay with a beautiful aerial view of the gardens.  And that is Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its iconic rooftop shaped like a ship.  With a computer-generated Syndicate headquarters on the left.


The car scene cuts to Robinson Road in our Central Business District.  That green road sign says “Robinson Road”.  And just to point out, the car has a very typical Singapore car licence plate: SXX #### X (where X are letters and # are numbers).


You could tell exactly where this junction was, using Afro Asia Building and MPH bookstore as indicators.


And yep, those are our typical Singapore taxis and a Singapore public bus on the right.


Katia and Agent 47 then escaped on foot through Chinatown.


We are rewarded by another aerial shot of Singapore’s skyline at night – with the computer-generated Syndicate headquarters no less. This is the Marina Bay area where we gathered for our National Day Parade last year. In front of OUE building, that is Fullerton Bay Hotel and Clifford Pier next to it.


Just so you know, this is how the area really looks like, without the Syndicate headquarters:

The movie ends with the fight in the Syndicate headquarters with indications that there will be a sequel.


Will the sequel be filmed in Singapore again? I sure hope so!


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Hitman Agent 47 - Filming Locations in Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • MummyTravels says:

    This is such a fun post – I do love film tours of cities, and Singapore has some great futuristic part as well. I haven’t seen this film myself but will definitely be destination spotting if I do 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #citytripping
    MummyTravels recently posted…City Tripping #20My Profile

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Before you come to Singapore, be sure to pick up a DVD of the show and watch it first and you can do location-spotting when you’re here! I had a super fun time doing Lord of the Rings location-spotting in New Zealand, but the problem with LOTR was that there was so much computer generated effect in the movie that the actual places do not look anything like in the movie. Whereas for Hitman Agent 47, other than the Syndicate Headquarters, what you see in the movie is exactly what you get if you were here.

  • Jess @ RoomServiceRequired says:

    I always love seeing places from films, what a great theme for a post! So much fun.
    Jess @ RoomServiceRequired recently posted…Four Seasons, Chicago… with kids!My Profile

  • Lauren says:

    Loved what I saw of this movie and it definitely increased my Singapore wanderlust. I have to admit though, I didn’t see the whole thing, so I scrolled through your post pretty fast. After I finish it, I’ll definitely be back to read more :D!!

  • Wander Mum says:

    Thanks for taking us on a film tour of Singapore! I love this sort of thing and I am familiar with many of those locations. I’ve not seen the film but it’s good to see Singapore being used as a location for western films…I bet it looked stunning on the big screen. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, I bet it looks much better on the big screen. The angles at which they filmed many of the locations make the locations look really beautiful and futuristic. Haha! Indeed Singapore doesn’t get much screen time in western movies, I’m so glad at least one movie decided to film here. Hope it sets a precedence for more to come?

  • This is awesome! I have never heard of this movie, but now I definitely want to check it out! Great descriptions, and how fun to find places that you recognize inside the movie. I learned a lot about Singapore from this post, thank you!
    Christy Swagerty (whatupswags) recently posted…My 5 Favorite Travel MoviesMy Profile

  • Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad says:

    Congrats on tracking down all the locations mentioned, that’s comprehensive! And yes please to that lunch buffet. Looks scrummy!

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