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Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review - Bumble Bee Mum

Nusajaya region in Johor Bahru is a dream getaway for families with young children.  With Legoland Malaysia, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town packed into the region, there is no lack of FUN for the kids here! And in the heart of these lies an unassuming 4-star hotel, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour.

About Hotel Jen

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 44

If Hotel Jen sounds unfamiliar, perhaps the name ‘Traders Hotel’ may sound more familiar to you? No? Then surely you have heard of Shangri-La group? On 1 April 2015, Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour was rebranded as Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, under the new Hotel Jen brand by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd.  The new hotel brand promises to cater to the needs of the new “Jeneration” of travellers – whether for business or leisure.  And where Shangri-La group is concerned, you know they will deliver what they promise.

About Puteri Harbour

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 37

Puteri Harbour is home to a Marina, several restaurants and two theme parks.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 46

Besides Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town, there are also Toys R Us and DC Super Heroes Shop & Cafe that kids LOVE.  (If you read about my visit to DC Super Heroes Cafe Singapore, you would know just how much my kids love it.  The cafe here is smaller, but offers a similar food selection – and cheaper than in Singapore)

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 45

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 01

The moment we arrived at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, the kids went ‘WAHHH’ when they saw the lobby.  Check-in was swift and professional, and we were shown to our room (thank goodness otherwise we wouldn’t have found our way around).

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 02

The hotel had 3 blocks that ran parallel to the shopping street below. We were given a quick orientation of the hotel and location of amenities such as the swimming pool and cafe were highlighted to us.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 41

Our Room (Club Harbour View Room)

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 03

Our room came with a double bed and a sofa bed.  There was a pull-out bed below the sofa bed, so the room could easily accommodate our family of 4.  If you require a baby cot, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour can provide one – complimentary! 🙂

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 03 (4)

We had a harbour view room, which I felt was very rejuvenating compared to the rooms facing the other direction (where I believe you would be looking at other rooms).

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 04

We could see yachts, sea and greenery from the large window.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 05

There was quite a lot of cupboard and wardrobe space.  And 2 year old made a super LOL remark when he saw the space for putting luggage.  He said it was his diaper-chaging table! Well, kid had a point.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 07

There was a mini bar with a complimentary cup of fresh fruits and bottles of mineral water.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 06

The toilet was unfortunately lacking a bath tub.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 08

But we were pleased to find a bench that we could use to boost the kids up to the sink.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 09

And the 2 year old amused himself by checking out his monstrous reflection in the shaving mirror.  This boy seriously cracks me up.  When he’s not otherwise driving me insane with his terrible 2 tantrums that is.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 03 (2)

There were also kids room slippers provided – so cute!

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 03 (3)

Overall, we were very happy with our room.  Neat, clean and spacious with ample sleeping space for a family of 4.  My only gripes were with the lack of bath tub and carpeting.

Swimming Pool

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 16

The pool at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour was an infinity pool, no less. It was located at the rooftop of Block 3.  Our room was in Block 2 and we had to go through a long corridor to get to the pool.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 10

So here’s a tip: Try requesting for a room in Block 3.  Not only do you get quick access to the swimming pool, if you take the lift down to the Ground floor (Level G) using the lift at Block 3, you will immediately find yourself face to face with the entrance of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town!

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 11

Alright, back to the pool. The boys had a great time checking out the scenery from the infinity pool.  There was also a jacuzzi pool to get that much-needed massage.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 13

The kids wading pool was surrounded by tables where you could dine while enjoying unobstructed views of the surrounding and keeping an eye on the kids plashing around at the same time.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 14

The Sky Bar was located right next to the pool.  So sit back, relax, enjoy the views and a drink. 🙂

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 15

Cafe Harbour

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 17

During our stay, we had buffet breakfast and dinner at Cafe Harbour within the hotel.


Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 36

The buffet spread was HUGE.  Much better than any other hotel breakfast we have had in Johor.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 30

The smile of the prata chef at the live cooking station was such a sight to wake up to!  Besides prata, there was also the (imo mandatory) omelette station.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 32

Noodles were also cooked on the spot.  There was a variety of noodles, so take your pick and pass it to the chef.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 18

Choose between non-spicy chicken soup or spicy laksa soup. I only took a weeee bit of noodles (because you know, it’s a buffet and I’m saving my stomach space for other food) and the chef drowned my noodles with a generous amount of soup! Lol.. (PS: Prawns are not included during breakfast okay? I took the photo below during dinner).

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 28

Bread lovers would be thrilled by the selection of bread and jams available.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 34

While the kids were super happy to find waffles and pancakes.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 33

There was a whole row of cooked food at the end of the buffet line which was largely ignored.  Figured by the time people walked there, they were already too full.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 31

For drinks, there were many juices to choose from.  And they even served smoothie! Of course, tea and coffee (including cappuccino and latte) were also provided.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 35


Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 25

At dinner time, Cafe Harbour served up an International buffet spread.  If you know me, I always head straight for sashimi at international buffets.  Other than the usual salmon, tuna and octopus sashimi, they also had  white tuna sashimi which I seldom see at buffets.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 27

I was pretty amused by their sushi which had sausages inside?

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 26

The kids loved the spaghetti here.  And I loved how they served the spaghetti was divided into small heaps so that you can scoop one serving up from the pan easily.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 24

And since it was an international buffet, there was also Hong Kong dim sum (although you don’t expect the dim sum here to taste anything like the ones in Hong Kong because, uhmmm, Cafe Harbour is halal so no pork?).

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 22

And Indian food.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 23

Some of the stuff like the noodle section and cooked food section were the same as breakfast, and there was simply just too much food for me to go through it all, so let me just skip skip skip to my favourite – DESSERTS!

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 29

There was SO MUCH desserts! The above picture was just a fraction of what they offered and more than what I could eat already.  There was a mix of Western desserts and Asian desserts like nonya kueh.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 20

There was a live cooking section serving up freshly made crepes.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 21

And OMG, the fondue.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 19

Other Dining Options

Some may feel that having buffet for both breakfast and dinner is a bit of an overkill.  But well, I do that in Japan all the time during my ryokan stays.  When traveling with kids, I usually opt  for buffet meals when they are available. I mean.. Kids can’t appreciate expensive kaiseki meals?

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 42

However if you don’t wish to eat so much (though I really recommend having their buffet breakfast), there are other dining options within the hotel such as a Grab & Go deli counter and the Sky Bar next to the pool.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 48

And like I mentioned earlier, there are more restaurants right downstairs along the shopping arcade. You will NOT go hungry at Puteri Harbour.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 47

If you are driving and prefer to venture out, there is a pretty famous and awesome seafood restaurant at nearby Gelang Patah.  The one we frequent is called Tian Lai.  Click here for Google Map location or read more about it on Johor Kaki.

Other Amenities & Services

If you want to work out to burn off those calories, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour has a Fitness Centre (gym).

At the ground floor, you can also find vending machines, in case you need a quick midnight snack.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 40

Free (working!) WIFI is available throughout the hotel.  And in line with their promise to cater to needs of the new ‘Jeneration’ (aww man, get over the pun), you can even find mobile charging stations at various facilities (the pool, at the cafe, at the lobby etc.).  A PressReader app with free access to 2,500 online publications, replacing traditional morning newspaper, is also on offer at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour.

There is no kids club or play room within Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, but if you go down to the marina, walk all the way to the end and you will find a small playground on the grass lawn.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 38

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 39

If you would like to visit Legoland Malaysia, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour provides free shuttle service to and fro for hotel guests.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review 43

And if you are flying in from abroad via Singapore Changi Airport or Senai International Airport, the hotel can arrange for limousine transfers (fees apply and reservations required.)  Click here for details.

Information on Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

Address: Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour, 79000 Nusajaya, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Telephone Number: +60 7 560 8888

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram @hoteljenph

Secure a room at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour now!


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Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Review - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • Lydia C. Lee says:

    We went there for Hello Kitty Town, Little Big Town and LEGOLAND, but it was before all the hotels were built (even LEGOLAND hotel wasn’t open) – we stayed on the beach an hour away. Fun place…

    • bumblebeemum says:

      That was pretty long time back then! We used to stay at pretty nondescript hotels in Johor Bahru before Legoland hotel and Hotel Jen (back then called Traders Hotel) came along. They have brought such convenience and luxury for us families!

  • You always know with Shangri-La you are going to get a great hotel – love the cleaver design of the sofa bed. I personally prefer non carpeted rooms – they feel cleaner.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I need carpet floorings to cushion my boys’ falls from wrestling on the beds.. LOL!! But yeah, the sofa bed was so space-saving and allowed 2 more people to sleep comfortably!

  • Glasses Shop says:

    Looks so interesting, reading your post is very happy 🙂

  • Phoebe says:

    Despite being in JB so many times, we have never been to HOtel Jen Puteri Habour. Hopefully we will drop by some day to stay. Looks like a very nice hotel!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It is quite different from the rest of the hotels in JB that I have stayed in. I didn’t feel like I was in JB when I stayed there. I guess it’s because of the international level of hospitality they provided as being part of the Shangri La Group and a very diverse nationality of guests. I definitely enjoyed it better than KSL that is supposedly 5-star.

  • Adeline says:

    Oohh the pool looks good! I like that there’s a playground there too. So fun!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      The playground doesn’t belong to the hotel and frankly looked quite abandoned at the marina.. haha.. I was thinking twice about letting MY play there coz it didn’t look too clean. But once MY caught sight of it, there was no way I could leave without having to endure a terrible two fit if I didn’t let him go for a few rounds on the slide. Amazingly the interior of the slide was quite clean and he didn’t even get any mosquito bites.

  • Lady J says:

    You had my eyes fixated when I saw Hello Kitty!! Bookmarking this for a short weekend getaway! Looks like a fun place to head to! 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Oooo…. Hello Kitty… Did I just find a fellow Hello Kitty fan? LOL!! Yeah, we were there for Hello Kitty! Okay, I was there for Hello Kitty, the boys ad husband would rather have spent the whole day in the hotel. Next week I shall blog about Hello Kitty Town! 😉

  • Susan says:

    We stayed at Hotel Jen the last time we went to Legoland too and like that it’s so convenient. If you don’t want to eat at the hotel, there are some cafes and restaurants along Sanrio Town too.

  • What a beautiful hotel – and that buffet – wow!! Thanks for linking up to #wednesdaywanderlust – please enjoy the break but feel free to join in each week on social media

  • Ruth says:

    Wow! What a nice hotel. That lobby is so cool. I will go crazy on the buffet. The variety is great.

  • Thanks for linking up to Wanderlust Wednesday! I’ll be sharing your post as my featured post at 8PM tonight! Thanks again and I hope to see you next week. 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Thank you for sharing! Gonna miss your link-ups for a while because we’re going for vacation tonight. Maybe you can try spotting us on the Jigokudani snow monkey live cam! LOL.. kidding. I don’t even know what time we’ll be there. But will link up again when we’re back. 🙂

  • Rasidah says:

    There are 4 of us me, my hubby and 2 sons, my 2 sons are 18 and 20 yrs old is it ok if I book just 1 room. Ur deluxe room very roomy and should fit the 4 of us. If I book 1 room will there be any issue during my checkin

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