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Mercure Hotel Sapporo Review - Bumble Bee Mum

We stayed at Hotel Mercure Sapporo throughout our trip to Hokkaido in October 2013 and for another 2 nights in December 2014.  It is currently my most recommended hotel in Sapporo.

Hokkaido Family Accommodation Recommendation - Mercure Hotel Sapporo

Getting to Hotel Mercure Sapporo

We took the airport limousine bus from New Chitose Airport to the hotel. The airport limousine bus’s Susukino stop was very near to the hotel (you need to cross a big traffic junction, but that’s about it).  But to be sure, I asked the bus driver for directions to Hotel Mercure after we alighted and he pointed us in the correct direction. (If you are planning to ask the driver for direction, note that Hotel Mercure is pronouced as ‘ho-te-ru me-ru-kyu-ru’ in Japanese.)  If you fail to spot the hotel, look for the restaurant with the giant crabs at the entrance instead.  Hotel Mercure Sapporo directly faces the giant crabs.


Driving and Parking

If driving, the hotel entrance is very small and easy to miss.  The nearest carpark is just next to the hotel entrance.  In the evenings and nights, many cabs line the streets and block your view of the carpark entrance, so you need to drive real slow as you approach the hotel and keep your eyes wide open for the entrance, otherwise you are bound to miss it. The automated carpark is an experience in itself, where you drive the car onto a turntable and into a lift.  At the time of writing, it costs 1200 yen per day to park there.


Hotel Mercure Sapporo was great, because it was right smack in the Susukino district where eateries open late.  We were always driving out in the day and returning to Sapporo in the evening, and there will still be plenty to eat and shop around the hotel.

The hotel was a short walk to Susukino station. To get there, come out of the hotel and walk to the left for about 5 min. Along the way, you would see the famous Ramen alley.   Further down that row, there was Yoshinoya and Matsuya (cheap and good places for Japanese rice bowls), and Sapporo Drug Store that opens till 3am (in case you *touch wood* need medication). Just beside Susukino station, there was a large department store called ‘La Filer’,  where there was a supermarket at B1M floor.  It was more of a a fresh food market – fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry kind of stuff.  It was a great place for getting your daily dose of fresh fruits. From Susukino station, you could go underground and start your shopping at the huge underground shopping arcade which stretches all the way to Sapporo TV Tower‘s basement and Sapporo Station.

Hotel Mercure Sapporo - Sapporo Underground Shopping Arcade

The underground shopping arcade (highlighted in red) links Sapporo, Odori and Susukino stations.  You see that ‘bed’ logo in between Susukino and Hosuisusukino stations? That is where Hotel Mercure Sapporo is.

If you walk to the right after coming out of the hotel, there is a Lawson convenience shop just beside the hotel entrance, where I bought bread every morning for the kids to munch on during the long road trips. From there, cross the traffic junction to the North and keep walking, you will reach Tanukikoji (a long shopping street with great food and cheap souvenirs).  Go further up and you will reach a gigantic Daiso (100-yen shop), Macdonalds and Mos Burger. Keep walking along that road and you will reach Sapporo TV Tower and Odori Park.

Other places of interest walkable from the hotel is Nijo Market (about halfway between the hotel and Sapporo TV Tower) and Nakajima Park (which is about 15-20 min walk South from the hotel).

Hotel Services

If you want to go to Sapporo station, the hotel provides free shuttle service.

There is also a travel concierge desk on the first floor of the hotel where you can book day trips and make transport arrangements.  We used them to book a FREE shuttle to Sapporo Central Wholesale Market a.k.a. Curb Market a.k.a. Jyogai Ichiba (read about it on this post).

Secure a room at Mercure Hotel Sapporo!


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  • Myong says:

    Hi Bumble bee mum, how did u get ur quad share Mercure booking at such a good rate?? I am searching for the few days before Xmas and there isn’t availability. Ana Hol Inn any better? Pls could u share any other recommendations. Many thx

    • bumblebeemum says:


      I did not get a quad share. Our family crashed into a double room since our kids are still quite young (we always do that to save cost).

      Mercure’s rate fluctuates quite a bit by season. I managed to get double room at S$80 for my Oct and Dec trips. But for my June trip which coincided with the Hokkaido Shrine Festival, it doubled.

      You can try ANA Holiday Inn Susukino. It was slightly cheaper than Mercure when I stayed there for my Dec trip, but I found Mercure more comfortable and would choose Mercure if the price difference is not significant.

  • Reina says:

    Thanks for your excellent info on the Hokkaido trips, kindly advise is there any coin laundry washing machine nearby Hotel Mecure Sapporo? Thanks you in advance, Reina

    • bumblebeemum says:

      There is one at the nearby capsule inn, where you need to cross the road and cut-through Toyoko Inn to get to. Ask the front desk staff at Mercure, they will let you know how to get there.

  • Lynn says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum,
    Thank u for your details on Mercure Hotel..Thanks a Million !! “))
    Looking forward to my June there!! Cheers !!!
    Wonderful days !!

  • Grace says:

    Hi BBM, I enjoyed reading your very informative blog. We are travelling with our elderly mum (82 years old) to Sapporo in early Sep 2016. We are staying at the Mercure Hotel and thinking of going to Mt Moiwa. Any advice on how best to get there from the hotel, especially with an elderly traveller? Thanks.

  • christopher says:

    Hello, does Hotel Mercure Sapporo has any onsen?

  • Lau says:

    Hi BBM

    The parking fare of JPY1,200 per day at Mitsui Repark, does it allow numerous in and out ?

    Thank you.

  • Mummy Ed says:

    Thank you for this very informative post! Let’s see if I have any other tips to add on when I come back 😉

  • Mummy Ed says:

    Thank you for this very informative post! Let’s see if I have any other tips to add on when I come back, can’t wait!!!

  • Agnes says:

    Hello BBM,
    Your posts on Hokkaido have been most helpful in my trip planning. On mercure Sapporo, I have recently come across a review that commented that Mercure is located within red light district and is surrounded by indecent bars, porn video shops and night clubs hence not suitable for family with children and teenagers. We are keen in this hotel given the reasonable pricing and many good reviews but are concerned that it is within red light district as we have 2 teenage boys traveling with us. In your many occasions of staying with this hotels, do you encounter what was described above on the surroundings and do you think this hotel is indeed undesirable for family with children and teenagers? Would greatly appreciate to hear from you.

    • Queen Bee says:

      Ermm… I have always stayed at Susukino district whenever I visited Sapporo and I have never felt that it was a red light district. It is very touristy with numerous reputable hotels (such as Mercure) and restaurants that I have had no problems bringing my children to.

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