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Thomas Land at Fuji Q Highland (Japan) - Bumble Bee Mum

When travelling to Tokyo with kids, most people will think of Disneyland and Sanrio Puroland. But a 1.5 hours drive from central Tokyo lies on of the region’s best kept secret: Thomas Land.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 1

Come on.. How many of your kids (at least the boys) don’t love Thomas? I have two boys and they are CRAZY over Thomas! Hence I find it strange that this Thomas Land has kept such a low profile! Part of the reason I’m guessing is because it is just one attraction in the much larger Fuji Q Highland.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 2

Fuji Q Highland, as the name suggests, is located right smack next to Mount Fuji. Which means you will get an AWESOME view of Mount Fuji from here on a clear day! And the best place to view Mount Fuji, is from the top of the ferris wheel.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 30

Let’s go to Thomas Land Japan!

Thomas Land is located at the end of the Fuji Q Highland amusement park.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 3

I think Japanese build the BEST theme parks EVER. Once you pass the entrance to Thomas Land, you will feel like you have entered the Island of Sodor!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 29

Everywhere you look, you will see models or decorations featuring the the engines!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 4

There are numerous Thomas-themed rides at Thomas Land that even babies and young toddlers can enjoy.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 26

Ride tickets are not required for children aged 0 to 2 years old. Which mean if an adult and a child below 3 years old ride together, only one ticket (for the adult) is required. However, if the child is above 3 years old, then the adult and child need a ticket each.

Party Parade Ride (300 Yen per pax per ride)

The Party Parade ride brings you on a rail journey to join Thomas and his friends for a birthday party! There is a photo-taking at the end with the row of engines and you can purchase the photo from the souvenir shop.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 5Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 6Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 7Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 8

Exciting Cruise Ride (200 Yen per pax per ride)

Exciting cruise ride is a mini boat ride with some very gentle ups and downs.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 9

Everybody Twist Ride (200 Yen per pax per ride)

This is a roundabout ride with the various Thomas characters. Be at the front of the queue if you want to choose your character!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 11

Lively music will be played and trampolines were provided for the kids to play along.

Happy Harold Ride (200 Yen per pax per ride)

This a typical plane / helicopter automated ride where you can control the helicopter to go up or down. Except that it is not so typical because we are riding in Harold!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 12

Go! Go! Bulstrode Ride (200 Yen per pax per ride)

Go! Go! Bulstrode is something like a mini viking. And check out the view of Mount Fuji behind!

Thomas, Percy and James Fun Ride

Thomas, Percy and James Fun Ride is a train ride. You don’t get to choose whether you are riding on Thomas, Percy or James though. You will just ride whichever one is in operation.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 27

It was the Percy train in operation when we were there.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 28

We spotted the Thomas train parked at the side while riding on the Percy train.


Thomas Self-Drive Vehicles

There was an area with many self-drive vehicles for the kids to drive around. Each ride only cost 100 yen! So cheap! MF rode 3 times it cost less than SGD5!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 15Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 13 (2)

And for each ride, you will receive a souvenir card dispensed from the vehicle!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 16

Thomas Themed Restaurant and Snack Kiosk

A theme park is not complete without themed restaurants! At Thomas Land, you will find K’s Thomas Cafe and Lady Hyatt’s Afternoon Tea.

K’s Thomas Cafe is a dine-in restaurant. The seats at K’s Thomas Cafe resemble train cabins. And you can enjoy Thomas themed food and in Thomas cups and plates. Lady Hyatt’s Afternoon Tea is a snack kiosk where you can buy Thomas-shaped mini pancakes.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 21

Giant Models of Thomas and Percy

At Thomas Land, you will find giant models of Thomas and Percy!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 17Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 19

The kids can go inside and pretend to be train conductors!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 20Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 18

Thomas Land Souvenir Shopping

There are souvenir shops that ensure you do not leave the theme park empty-handed. Check out the Thomas Station Shop. They sold everything Thomas: Confectionary, toys, stationary, bags… Whatever you can think of!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 24

And even those that you would not think of, like Thomas toilet paper.

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 23

And to keep the kids entertained while the parents shop, they set up Thomas train tables inside the shop for the kids to play at!

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 22

I could stay here forever. Let me just drink my Thomas mineral water while waiting for the kids to be done playing with the trains. Not that they will ever be done…

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland 25

Thomas Themed Rooms at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa Japan

What better way to end the day at Thomas Land than with a stay in one of the Thomas themed rooms at the neighbouring Highland Resort right? Highland Resort Hotel & Spa, located right next to Fuji Q Highland, has a wide range of Thomas-themed rooms!

Thomas Room (Room 608)

Highland Resort Thomas Room 1

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Percy Room (Room 610)

Highland Resort Thomas Percy Room 1

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Thomas Station Room (Room 902)

Highland Resort Thomas Station Room 1

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Thomas Harbour Room (Room 952)

Highland Resort Thomas Harbour Room 3

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Thomas and Hiro Express Cabin Room (Room 652)

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland Resort Thomas Hiro Room

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Topham Hatt Room (Room 552)

Highland Resort Thomas Topham Hatt Room 1

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Gordon Room (Room 452)

Japan Tokyo Thomasland Fuji Q Highland Resort Thomas Gordon Room

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Kids Meals at Highland Resort

Thomas-themed kids meals and children’s utensils are available at Highland Resort.

Highland Resort Restaurant Kids Menu 3

(Image Source: Highland Resort)


Booking of Thomas Themed Rooms at Highland Resort

To book the Thomas themed rooms at Highland Resort, you need to call in. Bookings are only accepted via phone at the following number:

0555 – 22 – 1000

For us in Singapore, the easiest way to do it is to get your credit card travel concierge service to do it.

For pricing and availability, you need to refer to Highland Resort’s Website. (Click on the room you are interested in and you will see a pricing table and calendar indicating when the room is available.)

The character rooms get booked out MONTHS in advance. So do call in early and good luck!


Admission Fee for Thomas Land Japan

Since Thomas Land is part of Fuji Q Highland, you would need to pay the admission fee for Fuji Q Highland.  There are entry tickets and free passes.

fuji Q highland admission

Entrance Ticket is for admission only and does not include rides.  So you will need to purchase tickets separately for each ride you wish to take.  Free Pass entitles you to unlimited rides in the amusement park, including those at Thomas Land.

If you are not a thrill seeker and your main aim is just to visit Thomas Land, you should purchase the Entrance Ticket and pay for the Thomas Land rides separately.


Information on Thomas Land Japan

Address: 5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan

Getting there by train from Tokyo (Shinjuku station):
Take JR Chuo Main Line (app 60 min by limited express ) to Otsuki Station.
Transfer to Fujikyu Line to Fuji-Q Highland (app 50 min).

Getting There via Self-Drive:
Use the telephone number search (0555-23-2111) on your car’s GPS.

Official Websites: Fuji Q Highland Homepage | Highland Resort Homepage


Secure a room at Highland Resort!

Note: Thomas themed rooms can only be booked directly from the hotel by calling 0555 – 22 – 1000 (+81 555-22-1000 if calling from overseas). The following reservation is for non-themed rooms at Highland Resort.


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  • Joelle says:

    Did u managed to stay in the character room. How many can the room fit? What was charged per room during ur stay. I am thinking of my elderly parents if they can fit in with extra beds or the connecting room better options

  • maggie says:

    Hi bumblebeemum,

    Wanna know if my little one was 2 years 2 months old, can he play the game or rides inside Thomas land?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Jenn Koh says:

    hi mom,

    I plan to go in Dec 2016. What was the weather there during your trip ? i noticed your trip was Dec also.

  • PL Ch says:

    Hi bumblebeemum
    How much time did you take to cover Thomas Land ~ rides, meals & shopping? I’m wondering if there’s enough time if we reach at noon and leave before 4pm. Thanks.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Thomas Land itself can be covered in 4 hours inclusive of meal time & souvenir shopping. But Thomas Land is located within Fuji Q Highland and the whole amusement park warrants more than 4 hours. Really depends on how great an adrenaline junkie you are and how many rides you want to try out there.

      • PL Chan says:

        Thank you for your reply. That helps me in planning my itinerary for Kawaguchiko. We’ll only be going to Thomas Land for my 4 & 6 yr old Thomas fans as the adults are not into FujiQ type of rides.

  • jessie says:


    the JR chou line or the train is there any time schedule to thomas land? Cos i m staying at narita village , thinking of going to thomasland

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Thomas Land is at Fuji Q highland and the nearest station is FUJIKYU HIGHLAND along the Fujikyu Railway line. So if you use JR, you need to take JR train till Otsuki station to transfer to the Fujikyu Railway line for Fujikyu Highliand.

      You can use Hyperdia to search for train route, using ‘FUJIKYU HIGHLAND’ as your destination. It is quite a painful train ride with multiple transfers from what I see.

      I would use the highway bus from Shinjuku or Tokyo station instead:

  • jessie says:


    how does this hyerdia website works, i dont seem to able to find the route to the thomasland

  • Kuki says:

    Hi, what is the best way to get to Thomas Land if I stay around Roppongi? Thanks 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Hi. I plan to visit Fuji Q highland at noon. Will it be sufficient for me to cover the 4 main rides (i.e. TAKABISHA, eejanaika, DODONPA and Fujiyama) as well as the haunted hospital? I’ve checked from their site that the opening hour during Feb17 will be until 6pm. However, I do have a concern if they will close the line earlier once they reached the max headcount. Also, how long will each ride take approx. if not inclusive of queuing up? Will it be 10mins or less?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I didn’t take the big thrill rides when I was there because I was with the kids. My husband went on the Fujiyama and I didn’t remember him queueing for very long. The ride itself was definitely less than 10 minutes. Unless you are visiting during some super peak period or holiday, I don’t think the queues at Fuji Q highland would be very long.

  • Dyana says:

    Hi there. I’m asking this on behalf of my friend.

    If we buy the day pass for Fuji Q Highland, does that includes Thomasland? Because in the ticket section i can see another ticket type named as ‘Thomasland ticket’. Do we have to buy both? I went there last november and with day pass Fuji Q we can walk freely even in the Thomasland.

    But I went there without any kids so I cant really answer my friend. So I hope I can get some info from you.

    Thank you soooo much!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      If you buy the Fuji Q FREE PASS, it includes unlimited rides on all the rides in Fuji Q, including those in Thomasland.

      If you buy Fuji Q ENTRANCE TICKET, it doesn’t include rides. You just get to walk around Fuji Q and also walk around Thomasland. But if you want to take any of the rides, you need to buy the ride tickets individually.

      If you buy Thomasland Ticket, I never tried this but I believe it includes admission to Fuji Q + unlimited rides within Thomasland. But it doesn’t include other rides in Fuji Q.

      So no, you don’t buy both tickets. If your friend wants to take ALL the rides in Fuji Q, including those very big ones, then they should buy the FREE PASS – that’s all. But if they only want to take the Thomas Land rides, they can either:
      1) Buy ENTRANCE TICKET and pay for the rides in Thomas Land individually (if they intend to take the rides in Thomas Land sparingly)
      2) Buy the THOMAS LAND TICKET (if they intend to take the rides in Thomas Land a lot of times)

      • Dyana says:

        Yes. Thank you sooooo much for your answers! That’s what I told my friend too but I need to ask others for confirmation hehe. Thank you again!!

        Anyway, Fuji Q truly one of the best theme parks I ever went. Extreme rides with awesome views!!

        • bumblebeemum says:

          I’m quite terrified of extreme rides, but my husband loves them. My elder son is starting to enjoy them too. When he’s older, we should go back again so that the two of them can go take the big rides while I just chill on the ferris wheel and hamtaro rides with my younger boy (who so far shows no signs of loving thrill rides – I think he got my genes)… Lol.

  • Karen A. says:

    Hello there.

    I absolutely Love this post. Thank you so much. Will be taking my two 4yr olds here as they are a bit obsessed.

    I am having a hard time reaching the hotel to book the themed rooms but I will keep trying.

    If not, do you think we can just take the train from Tokyo to FujiQ and back to Tokyo in the same day? Will the trains be expensive?


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