Kids-friendly mall: Suntec City

[Update: Suntec City underwent major renovation in 2014.  Most of what is written in this post is no longer around.]

Every since Hokey Pokey opened, I have been spending a lot of time at Suntec City, a place I seldom visit in the past.  I have since discovered that Suntec City is a pretty nice mall to bring your kids to!  Here are some of the kid-friendly features of Suntec City mall:

1) Kids Zone / Toys R Us

Most of the kids-related stuff are concentrated in the kids zone on Level 3, where Toys R Us is. There are numerous stores selling kids stuff there, but I spend most of the time in Toys R Us.

2) Sky Garden

There is a nice children’s playground at the Sky Garden on Level 3.  The entrance to Sky Garden is just beside Toys R Us.




3) Hokey Pokey

If it is raining or you don’t feel like going out in the hot sun to let your kids play at the outdoor playground, you can fork out some money to let them play at Hokey Pokey, an indoor playground located at the MPG section, beside the Kids Zone.  Hokey Pokey is more appropriate for babies and young toddlers, not so much for older children. (See my post on getting to Hokey Pokey.)

4) Baby Care Room

There is a nice baby care room with two private nursing cubicles and two diaper-changing mats, located also at the Kids Zone.  (See my post on nursing room at Suntec City.)  However, the water dispenser at the baby care room seems to the perpetually spoilt.  I usually get my water from Hokey Pokey. :p

5) Pho House

This is not exactly child-related.. But I just gotta write about it.  I love dining at Pho House, located among the row of eateries just outside Toys R Us.  Note, it’s Pho House, NOT Pho Hoa (another Vietnamese restaurant located just beside Hokey Pokey).

Pho House is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves pretty yummy Vietnamese food, but that’s not all.  This restaurant hires people with some disability as their service staff.  It was mind-boggling, trying to place order with someone who couldn’t really hear or speak, but I admire the restaurant for going ahead to hire them despite the difficulty patrons may face. Regardless of their ability, the staff generally loved kids and while I was there with my other mummy friend, they kept playing with our kids.

On one occasion, MF decided to do his reflux thingy and empty his entire stomach content at the restaurant.. A man, whom I assume is the boss, was very nice about it and kept telling me it was okay and not to apologise.  Having a kid with reflux problem, I can’t tell you how many times I have been given dirty looks by service staff when MF does this merlion stunt.  I am glad Pho House is not one of those, and I will definitely recommend my friends to this place.

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