Klook Summer Sale – Crazy savings for your holidays!
May 21, 2017

Last year, we were introduced to Klook Travel and since then, Klook has been our favourite travel booking platform.  You can read our review to find out why we love them so much.


Klook is currently having a huge Summer sale where you can get $70 off your bookings.  And I’m going to share with you how to make the best of this Summer sale to save lots of money in your upcoming holidays!

How the sale works

If you have a minimum purchase of SGD350, key in the promo code SUMMER70 during checkout.  Immediately, you will get SGD35 off that booking.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a voucher for SGD35 off your next purchase with a minimum spend of SGD200.

In other words, you are looking at SDG70 savings off for SGD550, which works out to more than 10%! Not forgetting the prices on Klook are already discounted and usually much cheaper than purchasing at the door – so you’re getting more than 10% discount on top of discounted tickets! It’s crazy!!

What can you use it for?

You can use the promo code for ANYTHING you can find on Klook website.  Which is a lot.

Holidays coming right? You need to keep the kids occupied right? Klook has plenty of discounted tickets to attractions in Singapore!  Including our favourite Kidzania Singapore.  This is the time to organise your playdates for breakfast with monkeys and lunch with parrots.  Or hit Universal Studios Singapore for a day.

Travelling overseas? If you are travelling within Asia, chances are that Klook has something right along your alley.

Going Tokyo?  Get your Tokyo Disneyland tickets. (They have Tokyo Disney 2-days pass too.)  Sanrio Puroland tickets.  Not difficult to hit your SGD350 + SGD200 minimum spend!

Going Osaka? Get your Universal Studios Japan tickets.  (They have express passes too.)  Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan tickets.  Grab that Yokoso! Osaka Sightseeing Pass too!

Going Hong Kong? Get Hong Kong Disneyland ticketsOcean Peak Hong Kong tickets. Ngong Ping 360 tickets.

Going Bangkok?  Get your tickets to Sea Life Ocean World BangkokSafari World BangkokSiam Park City.  Book your Chao Praya Princess Cruise.  Just to name a few.

Going Pattaya? Throw in those tickets to Cartoon Network AmazoneNong Nooch Tropical Garden. Art in Paradise Pattaya.

Crossing the causeway for a quick getaway in Johor Bahru? Get your tickets to Legoland Malaysia, Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town!

You do realise I could go on all day, but I think you’ve go the idea.  No matter whether you are staying in Singapore or going overseas, it’s really not that hard to find tickets that you would need on Klook!

How to maximise your savings

I mentioned many times on the blog that I’m a Mathematics major.  So I can’t help it but to allow the numbers to churn in my head.  We all know that SGD70 off SGD550 is the ‘ideal situation’.  You will definitely be spending a more than SGD550 in total, since SGD350 + SGD200 is the minimum purchase.

But if you plan and split up your purchases well, you may find yourself being able to save more.

What do I mean?

If you have many small purchases to make, you may want to add tickets to a few attractions to your cart until you hit the minimum spend of SGD350 and stop.  Check out with the promo code SUMMER70 and wait until your SGD35 voucher comes in.  Then continue adding your purchases until you hit SGD200 and check out using the SGD35 voucher.

If you have big purchases, get your spouse and family members who are travelling with you to set up Klook accounts as well.

Example 1: Purchasing Japan Rail Pass

I hope you haven’t bought your Rail Passes for your upcoming Japan trips yet?  Too bad if you already have and lucky you love-to-procrastinate folks!

Klook is selling the 7-Days Japan Rail Pass for SGD362.  JUST NICE MEET MINIMUM SPENDING CAN?? So that’s SGD35 off your Japan Rail Pass – remember to key in the promo code SUMMER70 during checkout!

And since the 7-Days Japan Rail Pass is enough to meet the SGD350 minimum spend, I suggest you get all the adults in your travel group to set up a Klook account to purchase their own rail pass.  And keep the SGD35 voucher for attraction tickets you may need.  For example, I can get:

Just nice about SGD200!

Example 2: Hong Kong Family Getaway

Let’s say you are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids heading to Hong Kong.  You can easily hit SGD350 if you’re headed to Hong Kong Disneyland by purchasing:

That would total up to SGD355 – just nice to use the SUMMER70 promo code!

After you receive the SGD35 voucher, go on to purchase:

Just nice SGD202 and you can apply the second SGD35 discount!

Example 3: Seoul Family Fun

Perhaps you have plans to visit Seoul instead of Hong Kong? If you’re headed to Lotte World or Everland, be sure to get your tickets at a discount from Klook instead of buying at the door! And with this Summer Sale, you can save even further.  For example if you’re a family of 2 adults and 2 kids, you can purchase:

That would total up to SGD370 which woud allow you to use the SUMMER70 promo code!

Start booking today!

There are SO many activities to choose from on Klook, keep searching and play around with the numbers and you’ll be enjoying great savings!

The summer sale ends on 30 June 2017!  (Note that this means you need to complete purchasing the tickets by 30 June.  It doesn’t mean that the tickets need to be used by 30 June.)

Start searching for what you need and don’t forget to key in the promo code SUMMER70 during check-out!



Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  (What does this mean?)

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