Korea Travel with 11-month old Baby: Lotte Hotel Jeju

If you are travelling to Jeju with a kid or baby, there is no better place to stay than at Lotte Hotel Jeju! While we were in Jeju in December last year, we stayed here for 3 nights.

Lotte Hotel Jeju

Hubby and I usually travel on a tight budget, this was one of the rare occasions we decided to splurge on a better hotel.  Turns out it was one of the best decisions we made for the trip.. The hotel far exceeded our expectations and MF thoroughly enjoyed the stay!

Getting to Lotte Hotel Jeju

Taking the Airport Limousine from the Jeju airport was a piece of pie.  It was not difficult figuring out the correct bus, we just told the staff at the bus stops that we wanted to go to Lotte Hotel and they directed us to the correct bus.  Once on the bus, we told the driver Lotte Hotel, and when we arrived, he alerted us to get off.  (The bus went round to various hotels around the Jungmun region, all huge and luxurious.. Hubby and I were too busy ooo-ing and ah-ing at all the hotels to realize we had arrived at the Lotte Hotel!)

Car Rental

While we were in Jeju, we rented a car to drive around the island for 2 days.  There are two car rental companies located at the hotel itself, which made it mega convenient! Instead of renting / returning a car at the airport, we took the airport limousine to and fro the hotel, and only rented the car on the 2 days we were touring, saving us one day of car rental.  It also saved us the hassle of driving out of the Jeju airport and through the city, where traffic was a lot messier and heavier as compared to the Jungmun region.

About The Hotel

The moment we reached our room, MF was thrilled, because it was so much bigger than the tiny room we were staying at for the past 6 night in Seoul! He immediately climbed up the comfy bed and lay there to bask in the sunshine.

Lotte Hotel Jeju

The hotel is most famous for its windmills, which is a film site for the Korean drama ‘All-In’.

Lotte Hotel Jeju Windmill

From the back of the hotel, there is a staircase you can take to access the Jungmun beach.  We went for a stroll during sunset and the view of the sunset from the beach was absolutely breathtaking!

Lotte Hotel Jeju BeachLotte Hotel Jeju BeachLotte Hotel Jeju

On our way back to the hotel after the stroll at Jungmun beach, we passed by the hotel’s Camping Zone.  It puzzles me why people would want to camp out here during Winter.. I very much prefer my nice cosy room.

Lotte Hotel Jeju Camping Zone

Another famous feature of this hotel is the Hello Kitty floor.  The Hello Kitty Character Rooms are extremely expensive, so we did not stay there.  Instead, we just went to the floor where the rooms are (on level 4) to check it out.  Tons of Hello Kitty decorations around to take pictures with!

Lotte Hotel Jeju Hello Kitty RoomsLotte Hotel Jeju Hello Kitty RoomsLotte Hotel Jeju Hello Kitty RoomsLotte Hotel Jeju Hello Kitty RoomsLotte Hotel Jeju Hello Kitty Rooms

MF got bored of taking photos with Hello Kitty after a while, and joined some Korean kids in playing with the crystal Christmas tree instead.

Lotte Hotel Jeju Hello Kitty Rooms

At the Hello Kitty floor, you will also find the Kids World, an indoor playground.  However, it closes really early (6pm on the days we were there), and MF hardly got to play there because it was closed by the time we came back after touring and having our dinner.  The only time he got to play was on our last day, after we checked out and was bumming around till it was time to go to the airport for our afternoon flight.

Lotte Hotel Jeju Kids WorldLotte Hotel Jeju Kids WorldLotte Hotel Jeju Kids World

If your kids are older and find the playground too kiddish, there is a Game Zone with Nintendo Wii and Playstation for older kids (and parents).

In line with the whole Hello Kitty craze, adults are provided Hello Kitty slippers to be worn inside Kids World.

Lotte Hotel Jeju Kids World

In addition, the hotel also has an outdoor kids world and the kids lab, but they are for older kids, nothing for 11-month old MF.

If you are travelling with a baby, Lotte Hotel Jeju provides free stroller rental service.  However, the stroller can only be used within the hotel.  Why would you need a stroller within the hotel, you might wonder? Well.. the hotel was HUGE!! We got a room at the far end of the building:

Lotte Hotel Jeju

To get from the lobby to our room was like, a 10 minutes walk.. No kidding!  This was MF leaving the lobby:

Lotte Hotel Jeju

And this was MF before we were even halfway to our room:

Lotte Hotel Jeju

After that we had to carry him all the way.  So having a stroller is not such a bad idea after all. Better still, you may want to request for a room near the lobby.

Volcano Show Buffet

While we were there, we tried the Volcano Show Buffet.  During winter, we were seated inside a heated tentage for dinner, and blankets were provided.

Lotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show BuffetLotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show Buffet

MF was provided cute kids’ utensils which included.. guess what? A Hello Kitty mug!

Lotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show Buffet

When it was time for the volcano show, we had to brave the cold to sit outdoors to watch the show.  Only diners at the buffet had access to the front row seats for the volcano show.

Lotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show BuffetLotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show BuffetLotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show BuffetLotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show BuffetLotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show BuffetLotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show BuffetLotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show Buffet

After the show ended, we hung around to take a few photos with the volcano before going back to the warmth of the tentage.  (Paid a lot of money to be here, gotta take more photos!)

Lotte Hotel Jeju Volcano Show Buffet

In Summary…


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Lotte Hotel Jeju.  If I ever return to Jeju, I would definitely stay at Lotte Hotel Jeju again. It was worth every penny!

Lotte Hotel Jeju


Address: 35, Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Map: Show location on Google Map

Tel: +82-64-731-1000

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page

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