Okinawa Free & Easy Self-Drive Trip With Kids Itinerary

Day 1: Naha Airport – Sun Marina Hotel Okinawa

We took a morning flight from Taipei and arrived at Naha airport at 12.30pm.  By the time we collected our car from OTS Rent-A-Car and drove to Sun Marina Hotel Okinawa, it was almost 4pm.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 01

Time was NOT to be wasted.  The kids changed into their swimming costume immediately and couldn’t wait to hit the water!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 02

Hand-in-hand, they navigated their way around the resort.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 03Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 04

And we found our way to Sun Marina Beach! Our first taste of super clear and beautiful Okinawan sea.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 06

After playing in the sand and sea, we proceeded to the resort’s swimming pool.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 07

After we had enough of swimming and soaking in the water, we went back to the room to bath.  We had some time to burn before dinner and went for an extremely scenic walk to the small lighthouse at the resort.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 08

For dinner, we decided to dine at the Senses Dining Room within Sun Marina Hotel.   The restaurant was one of the reason I chose to stay here.  Because it had a play area for kids! If you are from Singapore and have been reading my blog, you would know I have an obsession with restaurants with play areas for kids.  If you aren’t, you would know by the end of this post just how obsessed I am about them.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 11Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 10

Day 2: Nago Pineapple Park, Okinawa Fruits Land, Renaissance Hotel Okinawa

We checked out of Sun Marina Hotel and drove to Cape Manzamo.  Did I just get photobombed by a dragon fly???

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 13

Here’s a classic photo of Cape Manzamo, without being photobombed by insects.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 14

You can also find Okinawa’s version of Meoto Iwa (夫婦岩 i.e. married couple rocks), where two rocks are joined by a heavy rope.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 17

The walk around Cape Manza was pretty relaxing and easy even for the kids.  It provided a good break for the restless kids enroute the 1 hour drive from Sun Marina Hotel to Nago Pineapple Park.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 16

After we completed the scenic walk around Cape Manza and spent some time shopping at the souvenir shops around the parking lot, we drove on to Nago Pineapple Park.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 18

We went on the electric cart ride around the pineapple park.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 19(1)Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 19(2)

And not forgetting to indulge in some super YUMMY pineapple snacks.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 19(3)

Our next destination was Okinawa Fruits Land, which was right next door.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 20

Okinawa Fruits Land was a super kids-friendly attraction that allowed children to learn about various fruits through an interactive mission.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 21(2) Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 21(4)Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 21(3)

After the kids completed the mission, it was time to snack again.  The cafe at Okinawa Fruits Land was super kids-friendly! There was *ahem* a small play area and colouring activities to keep the kids occupied and happy.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 21(7)Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 21(5)

After cooling off with the giant fruits parfait, we went for a quick lunch at the A&W nearby.  (Those ice-creams we had prior to these were just snacks.  We haven’t had a proper meal yet.)

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 22

After downing a coney dog and root beer float (how we Singaporeans miss those after A&W pulled out of Singapore), we drove to our next hotel: Renaissance Okinawa Resort.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 23

Once we checked in, we spent some time orientating ourselves and planning our activities for the next 3 days. The resort was packed with LOADS of activities and we wanted to optimize our time there.  We first went to find out what marine activities were available for our whole family (with children aged 2 and 4).  The staff recommended the Coral Adventure Cruise and we were just in time for the next cruise!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 24

After we completed the cruise, we went for a swim at the resort’s indoor pool.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 28

For dinner, we went for buffet at Sailfish Cafe within the resort.  This buffet-style restaurant was our favourite haunt for the next few days.  Breakfast and lunch at Sailfish Cafe was included in our stay package.  There was a kids buffet bar there.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 29

And, *drum roll*, a kids playground right next to the kids buffet bar!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 30

Day 3: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Mihama American Village

We started the morning with breakfast at Sailfish Cafe.  After that, we went for the morning yacht sailing at the resort.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 31Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 32 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 33

After the yacht sailing, we went around the resort to look at the reef garden, sting rays, dolphins and turtles.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 26Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 33 (4) Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 27 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 33 (2) Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 33 (3)

We had lunch at Sailfish Cafe and the little one went back to the room to nap.  I brought the elder boy for an occupational experience as an Animal Keeper.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 34 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 35

After that, we drove out to Maihama American Village for some shopping.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 36

We watched the sunset at Sunset Beach and had dinner at the American Village before returning to the resort for the night.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 37 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 38

Day 4: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom

In the morning, we had breakfast at Sailfish Cafe before driving out to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 39

The kids had a lot of fun checking out the marine life and watching the dolphin show at the aquarium.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 41 (2)Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 40 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 41

We went back to Renaissance Okinawa Resort for lunch.  After lunch, hubby brought the kids for a swim at the outdoor pool while I went for the Seabed Walk.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 42

Next, MF went for another occupational experience as a Haryu Boat Cruise crew.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 43 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 44

In the evening, we drove to the nearby capes to watch sunset.  First, we visited Cape Maeda which was the nearest cape to Renaissance Resort Okinawa.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 45 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 47 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 48

From there, we drove on to Cape Zanpa, a popular spot for watching sunset.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 49 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 51

We then drove to the newly opened AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom for some shopping, playing and eating!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 52

Day 5: Renaissance Okinawa Resort, Kokusai Dori

In the morning, we had breakfast at Sailfish Cafe and hubby brought the elder boy for a dolphin experience.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 53 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 54 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 55

The little one and I were watching them from the dock when the little one saw the Haryu boats and said he wanted to ride it again.  So off we went on the Haryu boat cruise again!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 55 (2)

We returned from the Haryu boat cruise at the same time the dolphin experience ended.  We went back to the room to bath, check out and drove on to our next hotel, Hotel New Okinawa, at Kokusai Dori.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 56

After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we spent the rest of the day exploring Kokusai Dori and its vicinity.  We first visited Makishi Public Market nearby. We so love Japanese fish markets!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 57

We enjoyed some gargantuan seafood! Like this shell the size of MY’s head.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 58 Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 60

And prawns the length of MY’s shoulder width!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 60 (2)

And not forgetting a big tray of sashimi.

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 59

Kokusai Dori was a shopper’s paradise, with numerous souvenir shops and duty free shops.  Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.  We went to a restaurant called Burger Kids, which I highly recommend if you are at Kokusai Dori with kids.  It operates semi-buffet style (you get a main dish and a buffet salad bar with free flow salad, fruits, drinks and dessert).  And the best part: It has a play area for kids.  HAHA!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 61

Day 6: Home Sweet Home

We took a morning flight back to Taipei from Naha airport.  And with that, we came to the end of our short but action-packed trip to Okinawa.  Till next time, I am going to miss this beautiful island getaway!

Okinawa Self-Drive Free & Easy Trip with Kids Itinerary 62

Trip Reflections

This was our first trip to Okinawa and there were things I would have done differently if I were to plan this trip all over again.

Firstly, we should have spent 2 nights at Nago area, from which we could visit Nago Pineapple Park, Okinawa Fruits Land, Churaumi Aquarium and Ryugujo Butterfly Garden with minimum driving to and fro.  Visiting Churaumi Aquarium from Renaissance Resort, which was a 1.5 hours drive away, was a BAD idea.  A reader advised us to reach Churaumi very early to beat the crowd, which meant we had to wake up super early to have breakfast at the hotel before making the 1.5 hours drive to the aquarium.  We also rushed back to the resort for lunch because it was provided in our stay package and we didn’t want to waste it.  We should have spent 2 whole days at Nago area before moving to Renaissance Resort. I spotted a Super Hotel at Nago which would have been a good budget option for exploring the area.

Secondly, because we had an early flight to catch and had to return our rental car at 6am, we should have stayed at a hotel near the car rental outlet for our final night.  This would have allowed us an hour’s more sleep.

There was a lot more to explore in Okinawa that we did not have time for.  But like Hokkaido, it would probably take a few trips to be able to cover the various areas.  This trip was a typical first timer touch-and-go trip to explore the most touristy attractions. Okinawa is definitely a place I would love to visit again to explore in depth.

Pin it for later:

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Official Websites of Attractions / Hotels:

> Sun Marina Hotel Okinawa
> Renaissance Okinawa Resort
> Hotel New Okinawa
> Nago Pineapple Park
> Okinawa Fruits Land
> Churaumi Aquarium Okinawa
> Mihama American Village
> AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom

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  • What a great adventure! Looks like a lot of fun! So many places to discover!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It was a lot of fun indeed! When I visited travel websites and looked up classic travel itineraries on Okinawa, the focus was always on the scenic capes and the castle ruins, which didn’t look all that fun for a family trip. But it turned out to be a great family destination eventually. I am so glad I made this trip!

  • Lydia C. Lee says:

    The rope between the married rocks, do you climb it or is it decorative? What a lovely holiday you’ve had!

  • Ling says:

    The island looks quite lovely indeed! And certainly, we share the same love for Japanese fish markets – that sashimi tray babe!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah.. And that tray of sashimi cost only like 1000 yen? The same thing would easily cost 3 time that price in Singapore!

      And you remembered Travel Tuesday before I SMSed you! haha! Thank you for linking up. 🙂

  • Jac says:

    Wow, l never knew Okinawa is so interesting and kid friendly. I guess when people talk about japan its always Tokyo and Hokkaido. Thanks for sharing. Now I have one more place to add to my “to go” lIst with the kids.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, Okinawa is a pretty under-rated destination for Singaporeans. A pity considering it is actually quite near to Singapore. I guess it’s due to the lack of direct flights. The thought of having to make a big detour via Tokyo was a huge turn-off. That was until I discovered a better way to flying there via Taipei!

      And I think the travel agencies in Singapore do Okinawa little justice. I looked at the tour packages offered by our local agencies and it was always visiting castle and going shopping – not the kind of tour you would bring kids to. But actually Okinawa is full of family-friendly resorts, attractions and restaurants. It is a fantastic family vacation destination, so do bring your kids one day! 🙂

  • This looks like my perfect holiday!! We’ll be in Japan later in the year but unfortunately don’t have enough time to go to Okinawa- it looks like a dream!!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I’ve been to Japan so many times and have never had the time to go to Okinawa because it is SO way off! Hence we ended up going as part of our Taiwan trip. :p

  • Shu Hui says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post on Okinawa. I’m addicted to self-driving in Japan after my recent trip to Mount Fuji area. In fact, I have asked for your advice on mapcode to Shiraito Falls. That was an amazing place! The attractions you have stated in this post for Okinawa creates new excitement for me to plan my next destination!

  • Natalie says:

    It was interesting reading through your itinerary- I’m also a fan of kids play areas in restaurants, makes eating out with the family much more enjoyable and relaxing for the parents! Okinawa looks lovely- I’ve never been to Japan but my kids have talked about going there someday.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, those restaurants with play areas are a life-saver when I am out for meals alone with my 2 feisty boys!

      Japan is a really lovely country to visit, though Okinawa is a bit far off from the rest of Japan. A bit like how Hawaii is totally detached from the rest of US. Maybe that’s part of the reason why Okinawa is known as the Hawaii of Asia?

  • Wow – that looks like a great itinerary with lots of fun activities for the kids.

  • Got to love a place that ha giant fruit, buggy rides, water slides, playgrounds and petting zoos.

  • Now, you got me hooked with Okinawa. I think you guys where able to do a lot of things on that first trip. Thanks for the many great ideas you give in this post.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It helped to have a car to drive as and when we felt like it. We didn’t really plan to do so many things actually. We looked through the road map and brochures while we were there and just decided on the spot. It was like, ‘The brochure says there’s a new mall, let’s go check out!’ and ‘Look, there’s a sign for a cape just a few km from the hotel, let’s go check it out!’ when we were there. But after this, I hope to provide more information through my blog to help other travelers plan their trips, especially for families with children. 🙂


    We so wanted to get to Okinawa on our recent trip to Japan but didn’t have time. After seeing your pics have decided we’re just going to have to head back. Looks perfect for the family 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I went to Japan more than 10 times and never found the time to go to Okinawa.. Lol. I ended up going there from Taiwan because it is nearer to fly there from Taipei than from mainland Japan. It is indeed a perfect desination for a family vacation!

  • What a fabulous trip this was, so much fun jam packed into just a few days. And that crystal clear water looks just divine.
    Thanks for joining in my #wednesdaywanderlust

  • Wow that is incredible! First, those two little ones look so happy! I’ve never been to a resort but I always wanted to experience it – I’ve also never been at a place that has such beautiful clear and blue water! And I have to say that that photo from the aquarium is truly impressive! Just wow!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      My husband and I were never fans of resorts. We liked to drive around to see new scenery or explore new cities, rather than to just stay at a resort. But when we saw the range of activities available for kids at Renaissance Okinawa, we were sold! And I’m glad we got to do a bit of the scenic drives that we liked during the evenings.

      Churaumi Aquarium is indeed one of the most amazing and popular aquariums in Asia.

  • omg look at that pretty water! Looks like so much fun! Glad to be linking up with you on Travel Tuesday

  • You went to so many amazing water-based places! I’m impressed at how much you packed in. Looks like a fantastic trip, and great learnings for next time.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Okinawa was indeed full of beautiful seaside resorts with exciting marine activities offered at each resort. We may look like we have done a lot, but there was still a lot more we did not get to explore!

  • Wow, I feel exhausted just reading about your Okinawa road trip. How amazing are all the activities you got up to – it’s certainly a kid-friendly holiday – my son would adore everything you got up, as so many are water-based from the swimming, walking and pineapple treats. I would love to visit Japan… it’s on my list! Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes

  • gummymummy says:

    hi, i am travelling to okinawa this weekend with my hub and 6 year old gal! so excited about it, especially upon reading your lovely post. Its very last minute and I haven’t planned anything yet!

    can i check with you on several things:
    – how much do we need to pay for the mentioned activities in renaissance hotel? read somewhere that a dolphin visit for a family was $800?
    – would you recommend having a rented car in downtown Naha too?

    thanks in advance!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Ahaha.. I hardly planned anything for the Okinawa trip actually. We only decided what we wanted to do while we were there, because need to see weather etc. (We were thinking, if it rains, then we will go aquarium / go shopping. Not raining then we go do all the marine activities. So keep it open.)

      Do you have Club Savvy for Renaissance? And which activity are you looking at? We had Club Savvy privileges so stuff like coral adventure, yacht sailing, dragon boat were free. For dolphin experience, they have many types of experience ranging from just standing on the platform to interact with the dolphin (4000+ Yen) to going into the water to swim with the dolphin (20000+ Yen). We did the in-between one, which was just standing in the water (no swimming) and playing with the dolphins (7000+ Yen while we were there, 10000+ Yen for July & Aug). All these prices are for PER PAX.

      For downtown Naha, I wouldn’t recommend driving. The bus lanes and alternating lanes can be quite confusing. I didn’t really spend much time in downtime Naha, only visited Kokusai dori which is easily accessible by monorail. Driving is more for the scenic areas.

      • gummymummy says:

        thanks for your reply! we don’t have club savvy so I guess we got to pay for all the extra activities then. pretty steep for the dolphin experience but i guess will be worth it.

        okay, will return the car before our last stop at naha! 🙂

        • bumblebeemum says:

          We initially wanted to forego the dolphin experience because it seemed so expensive. But we ran into a Hong Kong tourists at the resort who told us Resorts World Sentosa charges 3 times the price. So we decided to go for it. But they charged kids the same price, and we figured not very worth it to pay for the little one. Ended up hubby and the 4 year old went for the dolphin experience while I looked after the little one. Saved some money. Haha..

          Yup, sounds like a good idea to return the car and go car-less at Naha.

      • Arielle Lim says:

        So basicaly we no need to drive in Naha?

        How and where to apply “Club Savvy”?

        • bumblebeemum says:

          I don’t think a car is necessary in Naha.

          As for Club Savvy, if you book the minimum number of nights or more from their website, you will be eligible for Club Savvy. After checking in, you need to go to the desk that says ‘Club Savvy’ (it is next to the check-in desk) to get the Club Savvy card.

  • J says:

    Hi bumblebeemum, recently followed ur tips for Hokkaido summer; had a blast of time with your awesome recommendations! Thinking of going to Kyushu next year; any tips?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Unfortunately I haven’t been to Kyushu before. Somehow I never made it to exterme West of Japan.. The furthest I went was Hiroshima. Air tickets to the West are so limited compared to Tokyo!

  • Evelyn says:

    Hi, How far Sun Marine resort to aquarium?

  • Karen says:

    I liked the idea of Okinawa holiday as I have 2 young kids. Other parts of Japan will be tough to travel with them..
    We cannot speak or read Japanese.. Is it still safe to drive in Okinawa?
    What is your take?

  • Evelyn says:

    Hi do you think beach activities are still possible in end Dec? I will be there on Xmas week.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Depends on your tolerance of cold? I would think it’s possible since I have done similar stuff in countries like New Zealand where their summer is probably the same as Okinawa’s winter. I probably wouldn’t go swimming, but activities like jetskiing or banana boat where you won’t actually get totally wet should be tolerable. And I would think the weather would be perfect to go boating – it was frankly a bit too hot when we were there in June for stuff like the dragon boat and yacht where we were out in the sun.

      • Evelyn says:

        If swimming is too cold for my kids, I am worried not having enough activities for them ? We’ll be spending 6N there.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          There are lots of sightseeing to be done! Okinawa is HUGE! You can spend half the time in the resort and half the time out at the attractions. I would think the weather would be perfect for sightseeing in Dec.

  • Anonymous says:

    So lovely photos. What a happy trip ^__^

  • Karine says:

    hi bee mum, im planning a trip to okinawa, can i check if there is any requirements for singaporean to rent a car in okinawa? Do i need to get any special pass in advance? many thanks

  • Ian ng says:

    Hi , I will be travelling to okinawa this early april and found that your blog is very interesting. Is there any recommendation to drive along in Okinawa or chartered a tour van. I have a group of 8person travelling together. Will I be able to rent a car with 8 person ? How much do they charge the car rental per day . Anyway i’m from malaysia and will be staying 4D3N in Naha (Daiwa Roynett Hotel Naha Omoromachi) opposite DFS T Galeria. Looking forward for your reply

    • bumblebeemum says:

      With a regular Class 3 driving licence, I don’t think you can rent a car that is able to fit 8 people PLUS luggage. Unless you have no luggage (i.e. you take public transport to your hotel and leave the luggage there, then rent a car from around your hotel to go around), then it is possible to rent a 8-seater.

      Since your hotel is in Naha, I suggest you use public transport to go to your hotel and leave the luggage there, then rent an 8-seater from a car rental kiosk in Naha to move around.

      Car rental fees fluctuate quite a bit by companies. I rented mine from OTS and I was very happy with them. You can read more about our experience iwth OTS here:

      They have a branch at DFS which should be convenient for you. You can search for the pricing on their website:

  • henry says:


    June is rainy season in Okinawa.
    How’s the weather?


  • Julia says:

    Hi, If we stay at Renaissance Okinawa Resort for more than 3 days we can get free lunch? Do we need to booked with them directly?
    If we booked using any of the travel agency ex: hotel.com etc will they still provide us with free lunch?

    Do you go to Onna Station? Is it between walking distance from hotel? Roughly how long?
    Is there any shopping mall and money changer near by?
    I’m not driving there, hope can find good place to shop and eat around the area or do you have any recommendation? TIA 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yup, you have to enrol in the Club Savvy to get the free lunch. During lunch, just hop down to the restaurant and show your Club Savvy card. And yes, I believe you need to book with them directly to qualify for Club Savvy.

      If you book through hotel booking sites, you need to read what is included in the hotel booking to see if there is any mention of inclusion of Club Savvy. If there isn’t, I wouldn’t take the chance and book direct from the hotel.

      There wasn’t any shopping mall or money changer nearby. We had to drive out. There are restaurants within the resort so I don’t think you need to worry about food. But shopping probably not much. Which was why we rented a car so that we could go places like American Village in the evenings after we were done with the resort activities.

  • Bess says:

    Hi your post is great and helped me nail my choice for the upcoming holiday. Like to ask if you had considered other similar resorts as the Renaissance in Okinawa and why you chose the R.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      We did consider others, you can see the resorts we shortlisting on this post:

      We decided on Renaissance firstly because we felt their activities were suitable for young children like mine. For e.g. my kids were too young for the ‘ocean park’ at ANA intercon. And I thought their Club Savvy with activities and breakfast + lunch included was extremely value for money.

      We did spend 1 night at Sun Marina just to try it out and although Sun Marina was cheaper in terms of nightly room rate, we felt it was not as value for money because we had to pay separately for meals and activities. And for some reason, their inflatable playground wasn’t open when we were there. Zzz…

  • BESS says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    May I trouble you a bit more since the trip is really just round the corner.
    It seems Okinawa main island isn’t that small.
    Do you recommend staying at one resort for 6 days or to switch to a more “centralised” location after all the marine activities for about 3 days at the resorts?

    Staying at the Renaissance would mean it takes a long time to visit the attractions? If you don’t dine at the resort, how far do you have to travel to get decent food?

    Really appreciate your kind assistance

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I would switch. I would stay the minimum number of nights required to qualify for Club Savvy at Renaissance. After that, depending on whether you want to explore Nago area (where the aquarium, pineapple park, fruit land, butterfly park etc) are, you can find a hotel in Nago. If you want to explore Naha city centre, then find a hotel in Naha.

      For dinner, I recommend driving to the Chatan area which is about 30min drive away. You can find Mihama American Village and the huge AEON Mall there.

  • Cynthia says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum, thank you so much for all your travel tips; very useful! I have recommended you to my friends too.
    About Renaissance Okinawa; I asked about flipper room for my family (2 adults, 2 boys;8 and 5) for 3 nights and they gave us total cost of JPY190k (SGD 2576). Did you find it that expensive too?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Thank you for the recommendation. 🙂

      190K JPY for 3 nights does sound very expensive to me. But I think it depends on season? When are you going?

      • Cynthia says:

        Checkin 24 and out 27 November this year. Alternatively which room did u stay that’s enough for you and your 2 boys? I also have 2 boys; 8 and 5 years.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          Hmm… We stayed in a Superior Twin room the last time, but my boys were still quite small so they could squeeze with us in a twin room.

          I checked for your dates, the cheapest plan for 2 adults + 2 children in one Superior Twin Room is ¥100,800 – which is about what we paid. (Exchange rate is not so great now compared to when we were there, so if converted to SGD it’ll definitely be more than what we paid.) When I change it to two Superior Twin Rooms with 1 adult + 1 child in each room, the total is ¥133,200. So yeah, it looks like the Flipper Connecting Room is indeed quite expensive.

  • Cynthia says:

    Thank you for checking out for me! The website is a bit confusing. Even JPY10800 = SGD1358 for 4 of us for 3 nights (Club Savvy); it is quite hefty. Was it really worth it? I guess last time you went during low season?

    • WL says:

      Just adding on, when I stayed at rennasiance during August summer last year, it was about s$800 per night for a regular room. V ex indeed. I guess it’s Japan, it’s summer, and they have a lot of activities (must pay). Kids have additional $x change per night also I think. But includes meals.

      • Cynthia says:

        Yeah Japan is ex! I’m talking with them via email, so let’s see the rate they can offer. Their response is quite slow though. 😅

      • bumblebeemum says:

        August is definitely peak! July and August are the most expensive months to visit Japan.. And also Golden Week and year-end Christmas season. We did most of the activities that were free with Club Savvy when we were there.. But we did pay for activities like dolphin and kids occupation experience. Our room was only around SGD1000 for 3 nights, which now I think was a real steal. :p I guess the trick to getting the best room rates is to go off-peak and weekdays. Nothing we can do about exchange rate unfortunately. >_<

    • bumblebeemum says:

      ¥100800 is low season price. The last time we were there, we also paid about ¥100000 iirc. Just that exchange rate back then was something like ¥100000 = SGD1100. If you can avoid the weekends, going on weekdays should be cheaper. For e.g. I tried searching check-in 28 Nov 2016 for 3 nights, 2 adults + 2 children in a superior twin room is ¥86,400.

      I do think the stay was very worth it. Because of the activities they include like the coral cruise and glass bottom boats. Till this day my elder boy still remembers the resort vividly and tells me how fun the coral cruise was. Since your children are older, it should be even more worth it because they can also go for banana boat and speed boat – which my boys missed out because they didn’t reach the height requirement of 110cm.

  • Kelly says:

    If i do not want to self drive, are there any japan family friendly itineraries where i can book internal tours there for hokkaido and tokyo?

  • Samantha says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum,

    After reading your post about Renaissance Resort Okinawa, I plan to bring my kids to the said resort next year (early May 2018). Can I know early did you make your booking with the resort for your trip? (Note: I have tried a few times to place booking at the resort website but keep receiving the message saying that “there are no rooms available…”.

    Thank you in advance for your kind advise.

  • Cynthia says:

    Oh ya, this is based on my own experience. I tried booking the dolphin room but it wasn’t available on English website. So I loaded with them via email. They do reply with quite good English.
    The experience at the hotel is good especially if you can stay 3 nights (qualified to be a club member). I recommended this hotel to my colleague, her baby and parents and they enjoyed it immensely! Thanks Bumblebee mom!

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