Okinawa Fruits Land

Last week, we visited Nago Pineapple Park in Okinawa.  This week, let me bring you on a tour around Okinawa Fruits Land which is right next door to Nago Pineapple Park.  Which means you can easily visit these two parks in one day!

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 01

Okinawa Fruits Land Mission

At Okinawa Fruits Land, your mission is to walk through a forest in search of fruits, read the information boards about each fruit and admire them.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 02


That would be too boring.  The visit to Okinawa Fruits Land revolved around a mission to save the King of the Fruits Land who has been captured by an evil wizard.  I kid you not.

Upon entry, you will be presented with a large A3 mission sheet, where you need to go around collecting stamps from stations around the park.   But that alone would be too conventional. We need something more challenging and innovative!

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 03

So around Okinawa Fruits Land, you will find stations like the one above.  Each station has a multiple choice question that you would have to answer.  If you do not know the answer, you can guess until you get the correct answer read the information board near the station.  Both the question at the station and the information boards have English translations.. Woohoo!

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 08

Okay, I forgot to take photo of the information board for the banana so I’m inserting the picture of a different information board here, in case you are confused.


While you are at it, also look out for the actual fruit being grown there.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 07

Next, you slot the A3 mission sheet into the slot at the station.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 04

Then you press the button of the correct answer.  If you got it right, it will make a magical ringing sound.  If not, you can try again until you get it. No penalties for wrong answers.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 05

Wait until the magical ringing sound ends, and take your paper out from the slot.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 06

Tada!! You have received the stamp for that station! So cool right? This was WAY more cool than the typical stamp rally at attractions in Japan where you go around in search for stamps and chopping them manually.

There were I think 19 stations (I cannot remember the exact number but I’m basing this on the picture of the mission sheet.. Hah.) altogether – so much to learn!  Let me just show you some of the things we learned from the visit.


Okinawa Fruits Land Review 09Okinawa Fruits Land Review 15


Okinawa Fruits Land Review 12 Okinawa Fruits Land Review 13


Okinawa Fruits Land Review 14Okinawa Fruits Land Review 10

Around the park, it was not just fruits that you would find.  You can also find some birds.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 16 Okinawa Fruits Land Review 17

You can also feed some fishes.  I love how in Japan, things just operated based on integrity.  Visitors were supposed to drop 100 yen into the tin for the fish feed.   There was no staff around to monitor.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 19

Moving on.. We also spotted some snails.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 18

And butterflies.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 20

And spiders.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 21

There was this interesting exhibit in the middle of the park.  It looked like random pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 22

But if you look through the hole where MF was standing, you would see a complete picture of a colourful bird!

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 23

Alright, so we went around the park, collecting our stamps and checking out bird and insects.  Finally, we completed all the stations!

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 24

We thought that was all.  But no no… We were not quite done yet.  We haven’t saved the Fruit King, remember? We passed by a little ‘game’ where we had to follow the instructions to find a secret symbol.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 25

Instructions were, once again, thankfully available in English.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 26

And once we figured out what the secret symbol was, we headed into a *AIR-CONDITIONED, THANK GOODNESS* room to rescue the Fruit King!

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 27

There were a number of computer terminals inside the room.  We keyed in the symbols as instructed and when we were done, we fought the evil wizard and rescued the Fruit King.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 28

End of mission! Now that was more fun than expected.

Okinawa Fruits Land Cafe

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 29

No visit to a Japanese tourist attraction is complete without indulging in some yummy snacks.  Since this is Okinawa FRUITS Land, you would expect the cafe here to serve fruit-infused items.  We went for one of their giant fruits parfait.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 33

Within the cafe, there was a small kids area.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 30

Younger children could play on the little slide available.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 32

While older children busied themselves with the ‘Okinawa Fruits Land’ colouring activity.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 31

I also spotted one of those photo machines that I saw earlier at Nago Pineapple Park, the one that put our faces inside a pineapple.  The one here put our faces inside a fruits parfait!

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 34

Okinawa Fruits Land Souvenir Shop

The souvenir shop at Okinawa Fruits Land was HUGE.  If you have travelled with young children before, you would know that it is not easy to do souvenir shopping with kids in tow.  But to give you absolutely no excuse not to buy anything, there was a play area in the middle of the souvenir shop to keep the kids entertained.

Okinawa Fruits Land Review 36

In Summary…

Initially, I was worried that Okinawa Fruits Land would not cater well to non-Japanese speaking visitors because they do not have an English website.  However, they turned out to be pretty foreigners-friendly with English information boards and instructions for the games in English.

I found Okinawa Fruits Land to be an extemely kids-friendly attraction.   The mission was educational and engaging, and I loved that the cafe and shopping areas had play areas set up for kids.  Do pop by Okinawa Fruits Land if you are on an Okinawa trip with kids!

Pin it up for later!

Okinawa Fruits Land Pinterest

Information on Okinawa Fruits Land

Address: 〒905-0005 沖縄県名護市字為又1220-71

Map: Show location on google map

Telephone number: +81 980-52-1568 (key in 0980521568 for GPS)

Map Code (what is this?): 206 716 615

Opening Hours:  9am – 6pm daily

Admission Fees:

  • Adults: 1000 Yen
  • Children (4 years and above): 500 Yen

Official Website: Homepage

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  • What a fun interactive park for families, with the added bonus of learning something as well.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah.. I didn’t expect much from this place. I wanted to visit the more famous Nago Pineapple Park and thought, since Okinawa Fruits Land was just next doors, let’s just pop in. Turned out this place was much more fun and interactive and Nago Pineapple Park. Pity they don’t have an English website.

  • That was awesome! My first question was, “Can you eat the fruit?” Glad to see you got some at the end. With all the tempting fruit along the way, I would be starving by the end. My next question is, “What are the answers?” You teased us by showing some of the questions…I’m going to have to Google the answers! 😉 Thanks for sharing – that looked SO fun!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I know right.. How can you walk through a Fruits Land and not want to eat fruits at the end of it! Hence, the cafe. I would love to provide the answers… Problem is, I cannot remember them!! So much for an educational trip.. :p

  • Soon Koon says:

    An interesting “fruity” place for the children to learn through playing. I am puzzled by how that jigsaw puzzle works. Take a peek and you can see the fully constructed colourful bird? Must be some trick eye effect. 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, it’s kind of a parallax error thingy I guess? If you see it from the side you can’t see anything, but looking through the hole, the pieces just align perfectly to form the bird.

  • MissusTay says:

    I’m somewhat disappointed that I didn’t see a Durian inside the room waiting to be rescued (and eaten! :p

    I need to bookmark this post – love that there are English translations available everywhere and it is educational, even for me!

    And that photo machine is so neoprint-kawaii!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      LOL!! Durian?? Eh… This is Japan, not Singapore or Malaysia. Hahaha… And as far as I know, Japanese are not fans of durians. My Japanese friend who visited Singapore took one bite of a durian and never wanted to be near one ever again.

      Neoprint.. Gosh, what era… hahah… Now high tech, if you have a smart phone and internet access, you can just scan the QR code and save the photo online. But I don’t travel with internet access, so use old-school way of taking photo of the machine.. Lol!

  • This is hilarious, who’d of thought such a thing exists! Though after one of our guest bloggers explained that there is a festival for the humble sweet potato on Okinawa (http://www.babyglobetrotters.net/2015/07/13/festivals-in-okinawa/) I find it very easy to believe!! – to be fair I think my ones would love it, especially my middle boy he’s mad about fruit!!!

  • Angie.S says:

    What a fun and educational place to visit! Your Okinawa posts are really very family-friendly, would it be advisable to go there in Winter?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I actually think going in Winter is perfect, considering how HOT it was when we were there in June!! Winter would be a great time to visit if you are planning to hit the attractions. Maybe less so for swimming or sea sports (though I don’t think there would be a problem for stuff like glass bottom boats, submarines and yacht sailings – at most just bring a windbreaker along). And chances are accommodation will be cheaper in winter.

  • Looks like a really fun park to visit and learn about fruits too!

  • Phoebe says:

    Wow. The Okinawa Fruit Land looks really cool. I can imagine the children determine to get every stamp as they explore. The giant fruits parfait looks delicious too. I think Japanese are so creative. ^_^

  • Debs G says:

    I really like that ‘collect the stamps’ sheet which gets you to explore the whole park! Although I worry that my kids would be more interested in finding the next stamp than actually enjoying the park.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Actually they are. But since the real fruit was just next to the stamp machines, you can easily point them out to the kids and help them to relate the actual fruit to the questions and stamp to make the visit more fulfilling.

  • So educational! Definitely a place I would bring my kids if we go to okinawa!

  • May says:

    just last week? I was wondering where you’ve been! So quiet in the groups. Wah I like the stamping part. So high tech! And yum yum yum to that large bowl of fruit galore at the end of it all. Japan is so friendly.

    • May says:

      Family-friendly! Haha 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Last week? I was super busy lah. Going for rallies, kids sleeping late as a result (which means I can’t do my usual blogging the kids sleep) and messing up my whole routine.

      And yeah, I love the high tech stamp machines! Because my kids, as much as they love collecting the stamps, they are very bad at chopping them manually because they don’t know how to apply equal pressure around the whole stamp area, resulting in half a chop most of the time.. know what I mean?

  • Okinawa is a very family-friendly place I realize now. There’s just so many parks to visit which are good for children. I bet your kids enjoyed the trip.

    I love how interactive and very educational this park is and thank goodness it now has English signs, unlike the pineapple park. :p

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Before I went there, I expected the pineapple park to be more foreigners friendly, because they at least had an English website. Turned out this park was the friendly one that had English signs around the park, despite not having an English website.

  • It looks like a fun place to visit and for children to learn lots (without them realising). I loved the giant fruit parfait, it looks amazing! A cafe in England generally has a couple of bananas or apples for their fruit offering. #Mondayescapes

  • Edmund Tay says:

    What a fun fruity place! 🙂 Can imagine my kids running around in excitement if they get to go there! Thanks for sharing, and we will definitely mark this place, as “a place to visit” when we go to Okinawa.

  • Ruth says:

    Thank goodness all these questions are not a real test because I would fail. I only know the questions related to the banana. The fruit parfait looks delicious!

  • FunFlyingFour says:

    I live in Okinawa and have been to the Fruit Lands, my oldest loved it but she liked the idea of the fairies etc however when we got to the part where you can pay to feed birds, she freaked out!!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      My elder boy didn’t want to go near the birds either! But the younger one had no fear and just went to them. The younger one loves going up to animals in general, despite once getting nipped by a lemur. :p

  • Interactive places like this are always so great for the kids. Thanks for joining in #wednesdaywanderlust, I’m a bit late commenting but I was travelling so I figured that was a good excuse 🙂

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