Playground @ Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

Yesterday, I took a bus to the airport to meet some mummy friends for a playdate at SingKids.  As I was walking from the bus drop-off point to SingKids, I passed by a small playground at Basement 2.  So after the playdate, I brought MF there for Round 2 playtime.. free of charge!  The playground is located at Basement 2, just outside the arcade.

The first thing MF went to grab was this driving bar thingy.. There are two sets of handles.. While MF was playing with one set, an elder toddler came along to grap the other side and turned it so hard that MF lost his grip and the metal handle hit his face.. *ouch*.  So nope, this is not very suitable for babies.

I moved MF to the ‘harp’ next to it.. Which I thought was pretty cool.  The metal bars can be shaken to make a tingling sound.. MF loves things that can make sounds, so the harp kept him entertained for quite long.

Next, I moved him to the other side to try to teach him about shapes, but he was more interested in learning how to climb up and down the stairs.

After I got tired of watching him go up and down the small stairs, I moved him to the row of activity boards.  The only thing he was interested in was the steering wheel:

Overall, this playground is great for young toddlers, not so for big kids (which is great for us with babies / toddlers).  The whole play area is very low and safe.  In fact, I think this place is even more suitable for MF than SingKids.. Just look how happy MF is in the photos!

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