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At last, the day Pororo fans in Singapore have been waiting for… Pororo Park Singapore opens today at Marina Square! I remember when I was planning our Korea trip when MF was still a little baby, Pororo Park in Seoul was one of the places I KIVed because it looked like such a great place for little kids.  But as Murphy’s Law states – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong – especially on a poorly planned trip by first-time parents travelling with a baby.  In short, we never made it.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 01

Although 4 years late, MF finally got the opportunity to step into a Pororo Park, right here in Singapore!

Overview of Pororo Park Singapore

Once you step into Pororo Park Singapore, you will find yourself in a spacious entrance foyer.  Kind of reminds me of Cool de SacSOCKS ARE COMPULSORY for everyone entering Pororo Park Singapore.  So leave your shoes at the shoe rack by the side and change into those socks first.  I love the Pororo wallpaper at the shoe rack area btw.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 02

If you are lucky, Pororo and friends will be waiting to welcome you there!

Pororo Park Singapore Review 29

If they are not there, you will come to a TV screening Pororo cartoon – which attracted the kids over like magnet.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 25

Next, you will come to the cafe area.  This is where you will find me bumming while my kids go havoc in the play area.  I spotted some cakes in the cooler, and I was hoping to find some Pororo themed food.  But nope.  Boring.  Didn’t even bother taking photos.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 03

And the area that we are all most interested in: The play area! You would think it would be pretty spacious too, considering how generous they were with space at the entrance and cafe.  But the play area, in contrast, was very compact.  Running along a single corridor, you will find the attractions packed on both sides.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 04

All around Pororo Park Singapore, you would find little figurines of Pororo characters to take photos with.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 34

And nobody said Pororo was just for kids.


Listen out for announcements of Pororo mascots walkabouts and get ready to drag your kids out from the play area a few minutes beforehand! Or if they refuse to be dragged out (like my kids), nothing stopping parents from going alone.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 27

Pororo Park Singapore Attractions

Pororo Express

Pororo Park Singapore Review 07

One of the highlights of Pororo Park was the Pororo Express. Don’t worry, it moves.  I know how some people felt conned that the Sanrio Express at Hello Kitty Go Around Singapore was just a photo spot and didn’t move.  This is an automated train ride and you can sit as many times as you want – included in the admission!

Pororo Park Singapore Review 08

As the train moves along, you will find all your favourite Pororo characters in the middle greeting you along the way.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 10

The boys went on the Pororo Express so many times that when the staff saw them, she went, “Oh you’re here again!”

Pororo Park Singapore Review 09

The one thing that perturbed me was that the train had to be sent for charging once in a while.  Like it was battery operated and had to be charged from time to time? I was told this was because the train was overworked that day during the preview as there were many kids going on it at full load non-stop.  But oh well, it’s okay.  There were other stuff to play while waiting for the train to charge.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 10 (2)

Poby’s Jungle Gym

Pororo Park Singapore Review 20

Poby’s Jungle Gym is a fancy name for indoor playground. It was not very big, if you were to compare it to, say, Polliwogs.  But like I just mentioned last week when I blogged about Aquarius Cove, small is not always a bad thing.  Small means you can still keep track of your kids easily while standing outside.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 21

The play structure here was extremely short – which means if an adult were to attempt to go inside, you would have to be crawling all the time.  I’m so glad I am OVER the days where I had to follow my kids around these play structures and my kids can go play on their own!

Pororo Park Singapore Review 22

Shark Ball Pool

Pororo Park Singapore Review 05

Shark Ball Pool, as the name suggested, was a ball pool with a shark in the middle. It was pretty huge and deep!  MF could totally bury himself inside the ball pit.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 06 (2)

The shark in the middle had a hole in its mouth for kids to throw the balls into.  At first I thought it was one of those air blasters that would suck up the ball and spit them out from the mouth.  But nope, it was a non-electronic thing – just gravity.  You put the ball into the mouth and it rolls out from the bottom.  I thought it was kind of lame but the boys LOVED it.  When they failed to throw the ball in, they tried to climb up and put the ball into the hole.  Negative demonstration.  You are NOT supposed to climb up the shark.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 06

This was the only ball pit in Pororo Park – shared by babies, toddlers and older children.  So please watch the younger ones – it can get quite rowdy and dangerous.

Pororo House

Pororo Park Singapore Review 11

For some interesting photo opportunities, head into Pororo House!  Watch your head though – the entrance was kind of low.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 12

The house was decorated by kids-sized furniture from benches to bed to fridge.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 13

There was even a toilet – which amused the kids and adults alike!

Pororo Park Singapore Review 15

Little MY totally made himself at home inside Pororo House!

Pororo Park Singapore Review 14 Pororo Park Singapore Review 16 Pororo Park Singapore Review 17

Outside the house, there was a little bench where Pororo and Crong were waiting for you to take photos with them.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 11 (2)

And on the snow-covered roof, you can catch snippets of Pororo animation.  Not that I saw anyone stopping to watch it.  It’s just for the atmosphere I guess.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 11 (3)

Toddler’s Play Area

Pororo Park Singapore Review 18

Just next to Pororo House was a small play area for babies and toddlers.  4 year old MF didn’t bother with this at all, but the 2 year old spent quite a bit of time here just playing wit the cooking sets.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 19

The toddler play area was really nothing to rave about.  But considering babies below 1 year old do not need to pay for admission, I have no complaints.  If you have a toddler who is above 1 but yet too young to play independently at the Jungle Play Gym, you may want to note that the toddler area here is pretty limited and may not justify the admission fee for them.

Tong Tong’s Little Theatre

Pororo Park Singapore Review 23

When at Pororo Park, don’t miss the song and dance show at Tong Tong’s Little Theatre.  Especially if your kids are fans of the cartoon.  Pororo and his friends will be dancing along to the familiar tunes from the cartoon.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 24

Here’s a short teaser with the Pororo theme song.  This song has been ringing in my head ever since we visited Pororo Park!

Show Timings

Pororo Park Singapore Show Timings

(Image Source: Pororo Park Singapore)

Party Rooms

Pororo Park Singapore Review 26

The party room was not very big – I would say for 20 kids max.  In the photo above, you can have a glimpse of the party room set up with about 20 kids inside.  You can see that it was pretty full already.  Their party package starts at $1,388 for 15 kids + $50 for each additional kid.

What I found most attractive about the party package was that you could request for a Mascot appearance for $50 per mascot.  LOL!! Now THAT would make it one awesome party, wouldn’t it? Click here for more information.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 28

Rody’s Toy Store

Pororo Park Singapore Review 30

The merchandise shop, Rody’s Toy Store, was located OUTSIDE the park.  Which meant you could go shopping for Pororo merchandise without entering the park.

Pororo Park Singapore Review 31

The shop sold ALL THINGS Pororo! And btw, the exit of Pororo Park was through the merchandise shop.  So good luck trying to get your kids out empty-handed!

Pororo Park Singapore Review 32


Pororo Park Singapore Review 33

When we were there during the media preview, the toilets and nursing room within the park were not ready yet.  I found it a real hassle as far as toilet-going was concerned.  You know how kids are with their bladders.  Not sure whether the toilets are ready by now, but if it concerns you, I would advise you to call up to check if the toilets are ready before heading down.

Update:  The toilets and nursing room at Pororo Park are ready for use! Here are some photos my friend took for me.  The toilet has kids sink and toilet bowl.  However it was somewhat disappointing to note that there was no Pororo theme in the toilet and nursing room. :p

Pororo Park Singapore Review 35 Pororo Park Singapore Review 36 - Nursing Room

Pororo Park Singapore Play Rate / Admission Fee

Single Admission

Below are the play rates for 2 hours playtime:

Age Group Non-Member Annual Member Partners
Children aged 2 to 12 years $33.50 $23.50 $28.50
Children below 2 years $24.50 $16.50 $20.80
Accompanying adults $6.00 $2.50* $3.50*
Babies below 1 year Free Entry
Additional playtime $5 per block of 30 minutes (or part thereof)

*Up to 2 adults. Additional accompanying adults will be charged normal admission rates.

Note:  Partner pricing is for Credit and Debit card holders / card members of DBS, OCBC, Popular, SAFRA and Starhub.

Saver Pass

If you are planning to visit more than once, or visiting in groups, considering getting the Saver Passes:

Age Group Savers Pass Super Savers Pass
No. of visits 4 8
Children aged 2 to 12 years $110 $198
Children below 2 years $76 $160
Accompanying adults $2.50* $2.50*
Benefits 5% discount at
Loopy’s Café and Rody’s Toy Store
7.5% discount at Loopy’s Café and Rody’s Toy Store
Validity 6 months from date of purchase 12 months from date of purchase


There are two types of memberships available.

  1. Annual membership gives you discounts on admissions, at the cafe and toy store.
  2. Gold membership gives you unlimited entries into Pororo Park Singapore.

> Click here for membership details.

In Summary…

Pororo Park Singapore is not exactly a themed park – it is way too small to be considered one.  According to their website, they are an ‘educational indoor playground’.  Yet at the same time, it is more than an indoor playground – because indoor playgrounds don’t have automated train rides, sing-along shows and mascot greetings.  To be positive, I would call it a hybrid.  To be negative, I would call it a Jack of all trades (master of none).

I found the single admission fee a bit steep, but the partner rates reasonable.  With a DBS / OCBC / SAFRA / Starhub card, $28.50 is not that expensive considering this is a licensed themed playground in one of the world’s most expensive cities.   I don’t really fancy having to pay admission for accompanying adults, since the adults are not really playing and there mostly to look (or chase) after the kids. But to put things in perspective, many other licensed themed playgrounds charge full admission for adults.  Even eXplorer kid charges $2 for adults. So I can still swallow that $3.50 partner price for accompanying adults to Pororo Park Singapore.  But I don’t think I would pay the normal pricing at $33.50 per kid and $6 per adult.

I would gladly pay to bring my kids to Pororo Park Singapore – once. Maybe twice, like if I want to give them a treat on their birthday.  I am not sure about going over and over again, because there is only so many times the kids can ride the same train and watch the same show – which imo are the highlights of Pororo Park Singapore.  And you only need to take photos in Pororo House once, not more.  Unless they change their shows from time to time or have seasonal events (you know, like Gardens by the Bay?), then maybe there would be incentive to visit more frequently or invest in their memberships.

I recommend grabbing a friend or two to share the Saver Pass if you are planning to visit Pororo Park Singapore. If you can find 4 kids, the 4 visits Saver Pass works out to $27.50 per kid.  And if you can find 8 kids, it is just $24.75 per kid!

Pororo Park Singapore Visitor Information

Address: Marine Square #02-29,  6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

Getting there:  You can get to Marina Square via City Hall MRT (NS25 / EW13), Esplanade MRT (CC3) or Promenade MRT (CC4 / DT15).

Pororo Park Singapore is located at the NEW RETAIL WING of Marina Square.  At the main foyer in the centre of Marina Square, look for Gold Heart and Tag Heuer.  Walk down the corridor between Gold Heart and Tag Heuer and you will see Pororo Park Singapore.

Contact Telephone Number: +65 6250 9700

Opening Hours:

  • Sun – Thu: 10.30am to 8.00pm
  • Fri & Sat: 10.30am to 9.00pm

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram | #pororoparksg

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Pororo Park Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

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  • I have never heard of Pororo but this looks like a fun place for small children.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Lol.. It never occurred to me that Pororo is probably only known to Asian kids. It’s a Korean animation, but our local TV station showed it before. That’s why my kids know about it and they were so excited over the whole idea of a Pororo playground.

  • I don’t where or when but i have totally seen Pororo before! This looks like a great place and I love how there is a toddler area and the indoor playground, while it may be small, would be perfect for my kids…I would be able to keep an eye on them both at the same time!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes.. I think people tend to equate big with better. But I guess as mothers who are always out alone with the kids, we can appreciate the advantages of small and compact playgrounds. But of course, I think small playgrounds should not charge as much as big playgrounds since they pay less for rental (which is terribly expensive in Singapore).

  • Hopefully, one day after we have kids we’ll make it back to the area. I think Asia does such a great job with their kid-friendly entertainment! They definitely don’t skimp on anything.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It is true. I think my kids are pretty fortunate growing up in Singapore because there are so many kids-friendly playgrounds and attractions here. Not sure I can say the same after they start formal education though, coz education in Singapore is pretty stressful. :p

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, i like your honest review given that its a media invite. It is very hard to find bloggers who give truthful feedback when it’s complimentary for them nowadays.
    Good review!

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