Sapporo Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow Festival is the mother of all snow festivals in Hokkaido and the main reason tourists flock there in February.  It takes place from 5 – 11 February every year over 3 venues within Sapporo: Odori Park, Susukino and Sapporo Dome.  The Sapporo Snow Festival is huge, and you will probably need 2 days to thoroughly explore all the 3 sites of the festival.

Odori Park Site

The main venue is Odori Park where giant snow sculptures and many smaller ones are displayed.

If you are in Sapporo just before the festival, you can actually roam around Odori Park to watch the setting up of the festival.

Odori Park does get pretty crowded once the festival officially starts.  So this is actually a pretty good time to take your time to check out the amazing details of the snow sculptures.

While the huge snow sculptures were contributed by large organisations, individual members of the public could contribute smaller snow sculptures.

While I was roaming around watching the individuals carve them snow sculptures, one of them invited me up to his snow sculpture to pose for a photo!

The festival officially opens on 5 February.

Throughout the festival, you will still see people working on the sculptures to keep them in tip top condition.

I actually love it when there are people working on the sculptures, because it really gives you a sense of how huge they are.

The snow sculptures only formed half the fun of the festival imo.  Eating made up the other half of the fun!

There were many many food stalls around the park as well as tables and chairs set up for visitors to sit down and dine.

If you are travelling with kids, don’t forget to check out the mini SL (steam locomotive).

There was a temporary post office set up at Odori Park during the festival.  Want to know what’s so special about this post office?

If you mail anything from this post office, it will get a special Sapporo Snow Festival postmark! So make sure you go to the post office and mail a postcard home!

And of course, there was plenty of souvenir shopping to be done as well.  Check out the Sapporo Festival limited-edition goodies!

I highly recommend setting time aside to visit the festival both in the daytime and nighttime.   The snow sculptures look rather different when they are illuminated at night!

If you have time (or not freezing yet), hang around to catch some of the performances happening on the various stages around the park.

Okay, I have no mention it.  Considering Singapore lies on the equator and we don’t ever have snow, I really wasn’t expecting Singapore to be represented in a snow festival.  But we were! Do you recognise the icons on the snow sculpture?

Tsudome Site

From the Odori site, there are shuttle buses to take you to the Sapporo Dome (Tsudome). Make your way to the end of Odori Park where Sapporo TV Tower is and look for staff holding up signs that says “For Tsudome”.

Don’t rush your visit to Tsudome site.  Because over there, you can enjoy giant ice slides and snow tubing and it was free! So you can slide all you want without having to go all the way to a snow resort!

Susukino Site

The third site for the Sapporo Snow Festival is at Susukino, which is easily walkable from Odori Park.  This site is called ‘Susukino Ice World’ or ‘Susukino Ice Festival’ because instead of snow sculptures, you will find many ice sculptures here.

The best time to view these ice sculptures would be at night when they are lit up.

Visit Official Websites

For more information on Sapporo Snow Festival, check out the official website.

If you have any more questions about Sapporo Snow Festival, feel free to post them in the comments section and we’ll try out best to answer them!

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