Short Tokyo Getaway (Day 1): Asakusa, Akasaka Mitsuke (Hie Shrine), Shibuya, Harajuku

We arrived in Tokyo in the morning and left our luggage at our hotel before starting our day of sightseeing.  As our hotel was near Asakusa, we started off with a visit to Asakusa Kannon Temple and having lunch at my favourite sushi restaurant in the area – Maguro Bito.  Although this was my second visit to Asakusa Kannon Temple, I still enjoyed it a lot.  I love the whole atmosphere around the temple: the bustling souvenir shop street, the rickshaw operators touting for business, tourists and locals whiffing the incense smoke and drinking the spring water at the temple, the relatively cheaper restaurants and shops in the vicinity.


Next we visited was Hie Shrine (Hie Jinja) near Akasaka Mitsuke station (Tokyo Metro Ginza / Marunouchi Line).

akasaka 0akasaka 1akasaka 3akasaka 4akasaka 6akasaka 5akasaka 7

Akasaka is actually a commerical district, so it was pretty nice to see a traditional shrine being nestled among tall commercial buildings.  This is one thing I love about Tokyo – the existence of traditional shrines, palace and temple in the midst of urban development.

akasaka 2

After visiting the shrine, we hopped back onto the Tokyo Metro Ginza line and headed for Shibuya.

shibuya 1shibuya 2

Not forgetting to say Hello to Hachiko!

shibuya 3

And off we went shopping at Shibuya 109, one of my favourite shopping centre in Tokyo!

shibuya 6


After shopping, it was almost mandatory to hop across the super big multi-directional traffic intersection and visit the very busy and popular Starbucks next to Shibuya 109.

shibuya 5

From Shibuya, we slowly walked to Harajuku (about 20 minutes walk).

harajuku 1


We visited Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jinju) located near Harajuku station. (Hmm.. not sure where my photos went. :p)

Next, we visited Snoopy Town, a shop selling all things Snoopy, near Harajuku station.

harajuku 2harajuku 3

We visited Takeshita Dori where many interesting cosplay shops were housed.

harajuku 5harajuku 6


And that was our last stop for the day.  It was a very enjoyable day, with a mix of both tradition and modern and lots of interesting shopping!

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