Taipei Children’s Amusement Park 台北儿童新乐园

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park was a pretty new family travel destination in Taipei.  It was opened on 16 December 2014. I highly recommend this amusement park if you are visiting Taipei with kids because the admission fee was insanely CHEAP! (I’ll get to that in details later.)

Getting To Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

By Public Transport

The nearest metro station was Jiantan Station (Red Line).  From Jiantan Station, you need to catch a bus to Taipei Children’s Amusement Park.  Look for the bus stand with a sign that says “Taipei Children’s Amusement Park” located near Exit 1 of Jiantan Station.  The bus was NOT free and cost NT15 per pax.

By Cab / Taxi

Cab / taxi fare from Taipei Main Station to Taipei Children’s Amusement Park was about NT220 and took around 15 minutes in smooth traffic.


Admission Fee to Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

Adult = NT30
Child = NT15

*Children under 7 years old enter for FREE

No, I did not forget a 0 behind the above admission fee.  It only cost NT30 per adult for admission.  That’s less than SGD2!!!

But the catch was, that’s purely for admission.  The rides were charged separately.  All the rides were charged using the Easy Card (similar to Singapore’s EZ Link card). If you do not have an Easy Card, you can purchase one from the ticketing counter.  There was a NT100 deposit per card.  But no worries, you can get it back, together with any remaining balance, if you return the card to the ticketing counter after the visit. No hidden cost! You can also choose to keep the card as it can be used for public transport in Taipei.  And check out the special Taipei Children’s Amusement Park Easy Card we got, I think it made a good souvenir!

Fees for Rides

The rides within the park were also ridiculously cheap.  They either cost NT20 or NT30 per ride. That’s like, a fraction of the price of a ride by Uncle Ringo can?

For example this roller coaster below only cost NT30 per ride.  That’s less than SGD2!!

Below is the brochure where you can see the price of each ride and minimum height requirement for each ride.  Note that if an adult and child go on a ride together, you will need to pay for 2 pax.


Rides suitable for young children

My kids were 2 years old (90 cm) and 4 years old (110 cm).  The 2 year old was pretty left out of the fun as far as the park rides were concerned.  There were only 3 rides he could take: The carousel, Ferris wheel and the monorail.


The carousel here had an underwater theme and the kids loved riding the dolphins and sharks as compared to the usual horses. It cost NT20 per pax.  Children under 100cm required an adult companion (who also had to pay NT20).

Note that some of the animals did not go up and down automatically.  For e.g. the dolphin required the rider to shake it back and forth manually.  Here’s MF trying very hard to shake his dolphin.. LOL!!

Ferris Wheel

The kids loved the Ferris wheel ride! It had a fruit theme and each car was painted with a different fruit.  It cost NT30 per pax.

You can get a nice view of the amusement park and the surrounding mountains from the Ferris wheel.


The monorail didn’t go round the whole park.  It only made a very small round.  But since it only cost NT20 (less than SGD1), no harm hopping on for a ride!

And here’s the view from the monorail.  Nothing to rave about, but the deprived 2 year old had fun anyway.

Wave Swinger

The wave swinger cost NT20 per pax and my 4 year old went on his own.  Minimum height requirement was 100cm.

He was quite the daredevil! I was frankly quite terrified that he may get flung out because he looked so tiny! But he super LOVED the ride.


This is your typical aeroplane ride that goes round and you can control the plane to go higher or lower.  It cost NT20 per pax and minimum height requirement was 100cm.

Spinning Tea Cups

Which amusement park doesn’t have a spinning tea cup ride? Totally run of the mill.  But at only NT20 per pax, it’s a steal compared to other places. Minimum height requirement was 100cm.

Free Outdoor Playground

There was an outdoor playground that kids could play at at no additional fee! It had large slides and a sand pit.  However, we were there on a blazing hot afternoon so we passed. Maybe I would go there.. in winter.


Free Indoor Playground

This was SO much more my cup of tea.  I LOVE indoor playgrounds – they are great for rain or shine!

We spent half the time bumming inside here on this scorching hot day.  It was fully air-conditioned.

The playground was pretty tall and may pose some danger for toddlers.  But my kids were indoor playground commandos.

For younger kids, there was a giant ball pit and an activity board.  Please note that socks were required to enter the ball pit!


We were there on a weekday and the kids were free to play at the indoor playground without time limit! But if it gets crowded, there will be play sessions with 50 minutes play time per session.


There were quite a number of arcade machines around the indoor play area.  The games cost NT20 – NT30.

I felt it was not very worth it to pay NT20 for an arcade game when the huge amusement park rides outside also cost NT20.  But this was indoors so you can be assure that the kids will not be bored even if it rains!

There was a little train which the kids insisted on playing.  It cost NT20 and I was thinking, the monorail which cost the same was much better value.  But oh well, it was less than SGD1 so let’s not be so calculative.

The kids’ happy faces were worth much more than NT20!

What super annoyed me about the arcade was that they did not use Easy Card like the rest of the park.  You need to use cash to change for tokens. You can only insert NT100 notes or coins to change for tokens.

We quickly ran out of loose change and only had NT500 and NT1000 notes left.  And there was no machine nearby to break up the notes.  So the kids were super disappointed that they did not get to go on these automated rides (which only cost NT20 per ride). So remember: Bring lots of loose change!

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park Dining Options

Unlike most amusement parks where dining options are very limited, there were quite a number of eateries at Taipei Children’s Amusement Park!

We chose to dine at Olivia Family Brunch Cafe, and you will find out why in just a moment.

Olivia Family Brunch Cafe

You know how much I love eateries with play areas yah? Here you go. An awesome play area for kids at Olivia!

The play area could be easily monitored from the seating area, so you could sit back and relax while keeping an eye on the kiddos.

Here are the rules:


  1. Minimum spending of NT100 for each person above 1 years old.
  2. During peak hours, there is a time limit of 2 hours.
  3. There is no service charge, so please keep your own trays after eating.
  4. To use the scribbling board, you need to purchase an erasable marker at NT50 each.

Considering there was no additional fee for the play area at Olivia. the minimum spending of NT100 per pax was pretty reasonable.  Even if you are too full to eat, you can just buy a drink to meet the minimum spending while letting the kids play here!

There were even costumes for kids to dress up.

Needless to say, the kids had loads of fun here and were barely interested in coming out to eat.  This was the scribbling board that was mentioned in the rules, but we were too stingy to pay NT50 for markers.

There was a pretty cool magnetic board on the other side of the wall.

Some of those animals and plants you see were actually magnets that could be removed and replaced!  It reminded me a lot of the sticker scene activity that my kids do at home.

The decor of the restaurant was also very pretty.  I loved the train wallpaper and the kawaii tables.

Many of the tables also had a baby chair ready.

Food wise, you can refer to the menu below:


We tried the apple pork chop (NT280) and the meatball pasta kids meal (NT228).  They were both pretty good (other than the juice that came with the kids meal which was totally crappy).

The tray lining was a colouring sheet, but I did not see any colouring pencils around.

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park Nursing Room

There was a nursing room located at Olivia Family Brunch Cafe.


In Summary

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park is a GREAT place to visit with kids. With such cheap admission fee, you have to pop by if you have time.  The indoor play areas are great for wet weather plans.  Since it is located near Jiantan station, you can pop over to Shilin Night Market after that!


Traveller’s Tip

  • Bring SOCKS for the kids to enter the ball pit
  • Bring lots of loose change for the arcade
  • Avoid weekends and holidays so that you can have unlimited play time at the indoor playground and Olivia restaurant.


Visitor’s Information



Getting There:

Take Metro (Red Line) to Jiantan.  Look for bus stand that says “Taipei Children’s Amusement Park” near Exit 1 of Jiantan station to catch the bus.  Bus ride cost NT15 per pax.

A cab ride from Taipei Main Station to Taipei Children’s Amusement Park cost around NT220.

Opening Hours:

★ Tuesday to Friday and Sunday: 09:00-17:00
★ Saturday and during the summer/winter vacation: 09:00-20:00
★ Lunar New Year: 09:00-18:00

Admission Fee (Ticket Price):

★ Adult NT30
★ Child (age 7-11) NT15* FREE Admission for children under 7
* Rides charger separately

Official Website:

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park Official Website (English)

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