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In June, we did a Taiwan + Okinawa trip with the kids.  The main point of the trip was actually to visit Okinawa.  But since we were flying through Taipei, we should just tour Taiwan while at it.. right?

The main purpose of our trip was to visit Okinawa.


Our itinerary was somewhat odd, due to the fact that we had Okinawa in the middle of it all. We did 2 days Taiwan – flew to Okinawa and back – then another 5 days Taiwan. The logical thing to do would have been to fly from Singapore to Okinawa with a short transit in Taipei, then come back for a proper 7 days in Taiwan.  But oh well, we were trying to save money and booked the cheapest Taipei – Okinawa air tickets via Peach  which resulted in Okinawa being in the middle of our trip.

Let me first share our INITIAL plan – which was a pretty typical kids-friendly Taiwan itinerary.  Like 8 out of 10 friends I asked we has been to Taiwan with kids have an itinerary along these lines, so you can’t go wrong with it, can you?

Classic Itinerary for Taiwan with Kids

We had planned to spend the first 2 days in Taipei.  Then for the 5 days after coming back from Okinawa, we would follow this route:

Day 1: Taoyuan airport to Leofoo Resort
Day 2: Leofoo Resort to Flying Cow Ranch
Day 3: Flying Cow Ranch to Cingjing
Day 4: Cingjing to Taichung
Day 5: Taichung to Taoyuan airport

Decision to travel by THSR

After discussion with the husband, we decided we weren’t that keen on a farm stay at Flying Cow Ranch after all.  We were more interested in visiting night markets and eating. Furthermore, the above itinerary required us to hire a private driver to get around, which would be quite expensive for our family of 4.  Hence, we made the decision to move around with Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR).

Taiwan Trip with kids itinerary 05

Our plan was simple: Use the THSR 3-day pass to city hop, visiting a different city each day.  Find something fun for the kids to do in the day, then visit a night market at night.

Taiwan Trip with kids itinerary 06

On hindsight, I think we have one of the worst itineraries for a Taiwan trip with kids.  I do not recommend our itinerary at all, unless you have a strange fetish for bullet train rides and changing hotels everyday like a refugee.  Eventually, this was how our trip ended up:

First Stopover in Taiwan

Day 1: Singapore – Taipei – Leofoo Resort

We arrived in Taipei Taoyuan airport super early in the morning by Scoot.

> Read about nursing rooms and playgrounds at Taoyuan Airport

Since the buses were not running at that hour, we ended up taking a cab to Leofoo Resort Guanshi.

> Read about our stay at Leofoo Resort Guanshi

It was too early to check in to our room, so after checking out the animals at the resort, we spent the rest of the day at the amusement park, Leofoo village.

After a day of fun at Leofoo Village, we went back to Leofoo Resort to spend the night.

Day 2: Leofoo Resort – Zhongli

We woke up and took our own sweet time having breakfast, checking out the animals and the resort and bummed until it was check-out time.  Hey, we got to make the $500 we paid for the room with a safari view absolutely worthwhile.

After checking out, we took a cab to Zhongli.  We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and headed off for lunch at Car Car Hotpot.

> Read about our visit to Car Car Hotpot

After lunch, we went to the playground Bon Bon City, which was in the same building as Car Car Hotpot.

> Read about out visit to Bon Bon City

The kids had a whale of time on this day playing non-stop.  We had to drag them out of Bon Bon City because we still wanted to visit the night market and didn’t want to sleep too late as we had a morning flight the next morning.

For dinner, we went to Jhongli Night Market.  Night markets at Taiwan are the best – and probably the only reason for us to visit Taiwan again.  We are such foodies!

Taiwan Trip with kids itinerary 02

We spent the night at Kuva Chateau hotel, which was walking distance from Jhongli Night Market.

Taiwan Trip with kids itinerary 01

The next morning, we woke up and set off bright and early to fly to Okinawa.

> Read more about our Okinawa trip here!

5 Days Taiwan Trip with THSR

Day 1: Okinawa – Taipei

We took a morning flight back from Okinawa to Taipei, so we had pretty much the whole day to bum in Taipei.  We couldn’t check in yet, and being a huge Hello Kitty fan, the first place we visited was Hello Kitty Cafe Kitchen & Dining in Taipei.

> Read more about our visit to Hello Kitty Cafe Kitchen & Dining!

After that, we went back to the hotel to check-in and bum.  We were up and about since 4.30am that day.  We could really use some bumming.

In the evening, it was off to the night market for dinner!  We visited what was probably the most famous night market in Taiwan – Shilin Night Market.

Taiwan Trip with kids itinerary 04

We ate so much that we absolutely could not eat anymore and went back to our hotel, Hotel Puri, for the night.

Taiwan Trip with kids itinerary 03

Day 2: Taipei – Kaohsiung

We left our large luggage case at Hotel Puri and packed a small bag with 2 nights of stuff for our side trip.  We activated our THSR 3-Day Pass and took a train all the way to Kaohsiung. After a 2 hour train ride, we arrived at Kaohsiun THSR and took a bus to E-Da World.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 07

E-Da World is an integrated resorts comprising of hotel, theme park, outlet mall, schools, exhibition centre and theatre.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 12

There were lockers located at E-Da World, so we dumped our bag into a locker.  We headed for lunch at the food court at the outlet mall.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 08

After lunch, it was FUN TIME at E-Da Theme Park.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 09

E-Da Theme park was awesome fun for the kids.  We thought that our kids, aged 2 and 4, would probably not able to take many rides at the theme park and only planned to spend half the day there.  But we were SO WRONG.  E-Da Theme Park was great for little kids! We did not have enough time to complete all the rides that the kids could ride.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 10

We were at E-Da Theme Park until closing time.  After that, we headed for a ride on the Ferris Wheel which was included in our admission to E-Da Theme Park.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 11

We took a cab back to our hotel in Kaohsiung city.  After checking in and resting for a bit, we headed out to Liuhe Night Market.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 14

We spent the night at Legend Hotel, which was walking distance from Liuhe Night Market.

> Read more about Legend Hotel (Kaohsiung)

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 13

Day 3: Kaohsiung – Cingjing – Taichung

We took the THSR in the morning to Taichung.  We had booked a driver to bring us to Cingjing, so he picked us up from Taichung THSR station.

Cingjing day trip from Taichung 35

> Read about our day trip to Cingjing

At the end of the day trip, the driver dropped us off at our hotel in Taichung.  As usual, we checked in and rested for a bit before heading out to the night market – Fengjia Night Market.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 15

We spent the night at Le Parker Hotel which was near Fengjia Night Market.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 16

Day 4: Taichung – Taipei

We had initially planned to spend the day at Taichung.  But due to the unplanned trip to the Sunny Cakes shop that our driver brought out to the previous day, we now had our hands full with two big bags of confectionery.  (Remember our big luggage case was in Taipei? We only had a small bag so we had to hold the confectionery we bought in our hands)  So it was back to Taipei by THSR, where we went back to Hotel Puri to drop off our shopping bags.

We then took a cab to Addiction Aquatic Development because we love our sushi and sashimi and all other fresh seafood.  And so many websites online recommended Addiction Aquatic Development for that.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 18

On the cab ride there, the cab driver asked us what’s the fascination with Addiction Aquatic Development.  He had no idea why he kept ferrying tourists there and back (although it brings him good and easy business) when he felt the place was no big deal.  Listen to the locals dudes! Addiction Aquatic Development was a HUGE disappointment.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 17

Okay, let me say that it was a disappointment for us because he have visited WAY too many good seafood markets in Japan, particularly Hokkaido.  The markets at Hokkaido had better selection of seafood at a fraction of the price.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 19

Of course, I shouldn’t be comparing sushi and sashimi in Taiwan with Japan – that’s just DUH. If you compare to what we have in Singapore, then yes, Addiction Aquatic Development definitely had seafood that is hard to find in Singapore and cheaper than in Singapore. (Actually, I’m not quite sure if anything in Taiwan cost more than in Singapore.)

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 20

In other words, if you love sushi and sashimi and have never been to any markets in Japan, go ahead and satisfy your sushi and sashimi craving at Addiction Aquatic Development. It is definitely better than what you can get in Singapore. But if you have been to markets in Japan before, don’t bother.

We headed back to the hotel.  MY was asleep and my husband and I were pretty stoned. (We had flown to Okinawa and back and spent 3 days zipping from North to South to North on the rail WITH THE KIDS.  So yes, we were stoned.)  But energizer bunny MF was hopping around, wanting to go and play.  So hubby and MY went back to the hotel to sleep, while I brought MF to Mr Tree Station.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 21

And when you are totally stoned but the kids still want to play, what do you do? Find an indoor playground. With a cafe where I can get coffee. It has become such an occupational habit of mine to find indoor playgrounds or cafes with play areas, that I actually had a list of them for this Taiwan trip.  C’mon, they are my lifesavers!

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 23

Mr Tree Station is an indoor playground near Taipei 101.   So while MF went to have fun with sand, water and balls, I stoned at the cafe to replenish the caffeine in my blood.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 22

When our time at Mr Tree Station was up, we headed back to the hotel.  Together with the hubby and MY, we headed off to… you guessed it, a night market.  We decided to visit Raohe Night Market this time.

Taiwan Trips with Kids Itinerary 24

We went back to Hotel Puri once again for our last night in Taiwan.

Day 5: Taipei – Singapore

It was the last day of our trip! Our flight back was at 3.30pm, so we squeezed in a visit to Taipei Children’s Amusement Park in the morning.

> Read about our visit to Taipei Children’s Amusement Park

With perfect timing and some mad scrambling, we managed to get to the airport in time for our flight home.

Trip Reflections

We achieved what we set out to do: Fun for kids in the day, night markets at night. The kids had tons of fun, that’s for sure. Through reading a lot of Taiwanese blogs (remember what I said about listening to the locals?), we found places like Car Car Hotpot (which led us to Bon Bon City) and Mr Tree Station which were less touristy yet packed with fun for the kids. I wouldn’t advise following our itinerary strictly because it was really very tiring.  But I hope our itinerary gives you fresh ideas of places you can visit if you are going to Taiwan with kids! 🙂

Official Websites for places we visited


> Leofoo Village
> Car Car Hotpot
> Bon Bon City
> Hello Kitty Cafe Kitchen & Dining
> E-Da World
> Cingjing
> Addiction Aquatic Development
> Mr Tree Station
> Taipei Children’s Amusement Park


> Leofoo Resort Guanshi
> Kuva Chateau Hotel
> Hotel Puri (Taipei)
> Legend Hotel (Kaohsiung)
> Le Parker Hotel (Taichung)

Pin it up for later!

Itinerary for Taiwan Trip with Kids - Bumble Bee Mum


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  • Lydia C. Lee says:

    Wow! What a fun trip for your little guy!! That E-da world looks crazy – schools???

  • Adeline says:

    Wow, it’s really activity-packed! I think I wouldn’t be able to do so many things, because we’re too lazy. Heh. The Leofoo Resort is a place that I’ve been wanting to go for the longest time, but it’s so expensive! There’s really so many interesting things to do in Taiwan. Thanks for sharing!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yah.. Leofoo Resort is one of the most expensive hotels I have ever stayed in! We cut back for the rest of the hotels and booked the cheapest we could find in the cities that were within walking distance from the night markets. But still… Our Taiwan trip turned out to be more expensive than we expected. Thanks to Leofoo Resort… Heh.

  • unbusymenat says:

    Such a helpful post with lots of useful information. It looks like you had an adventure and that all of the family was able to do what it wanted- time for the kids and time for the parents too. It’s important to think of everyone’s needs when travelling, isn’t it? 🙂

  • Wah looks quite siao! The car hotpot looks good man!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yah… At the end of the trip, one of the cab drivers in Taipei were telling us we should have just stayed around Taipei and visited places like Keelung and Yilan. And we were like… Yah hor.. Why on earth did we torture ourselves taking the THSR around?? I think it’s just a habit we picked up from our Japan trips.. Before we had kids, my hubby and I loved zipping around Japan with our Japan Rail Pass and covering as many cities as we could. Old habits die hard.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      And oh! The Car Car Hotpot is really good! If you visit Taiwan again while the kids are still young, drop by to try it!

  • Such a great kid-centric trip! Thanks for linking up with #wednesdaywanderlust

  • May says:

    Would you recommend to travel by Scoot? Although it arrives in TPE early morning, but I’m worried about the kids not getting enough rest and become cranky whole day!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yup, we took Scoot and was very happy with it. Especially since we got a got a pretty good deal at about $1000 for 4 of us. Scoot is my favourite budget airline. But remember that it IS a budget airline. i.e. You would need to pay for food and there’s no in-flight entertainment. So you may have to pack some entertainment for the kids.

      If you are worried about the kids not getting enough rest, you may want to book an extra night of hotel. So for e.g. if you arrive on 10th early morning, I would book my hotel stay starting from 9th. But do inform the hotel you will only arrive on 10th morning so that they don’t cancel you for no-show. But of course, you got to factor in the price of the extra night of hotel stay into the total airfare to see if the price savings warrants the inconvenience of budget air.

  • May says:

    Good idea on the hotel part! But Scoot hardly has any offer to Taiwan like $1000 for 4 nowadays 🙁

  • Nicole says:

    The safari view is superb! I must try the room next time i visit taiwan. Is the $500 a promotional price?

  • Corrine says:

    Hihi, Any kids friendly hotel in Taipei you can recommend?

  • Lauren says:

    Such an action packed trip with many fun activities! Even though it tired you all out, it looks like you made the most of your time and really got as much in as possible. Your kids look to be having a great time as well. Also, seems like you balanced a lot of fun for your kids, with activities for you guys as well! Those night markets look delicious 😀

  • Miss Nicole says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a fun trip and you are so amazing to be able to plan in such detailed manner! Would you recommend staying 1 or 2 nights in Leofoo?

  • Wenny says:

    Hi,how is the weather like in june? Similar to sg?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, the weather was pretty similar to Singapore when we were there. Except for Cingjing which was slightly cooler. But we wore our usual Singapore clothes throughout the trip.

  • Liping says:

    Hi bumblebeemum! Love reading your travel blogs even though our family’s travel style is so different (read: we do a lot fewer sights each day compared to yours haha)! I would like your opinion if self-drive around Taichung/Qingjing area is do-able, like in Japan? How are the roads and traffic conditions like?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Uhmmm, no, the road conditions in Cingjing are very different from Japan. I personally wouldn’t drive in Cingjing. Even when sitting in a car of an experienced Taichung driver, my heart was in my throat as he navigated some super narrow turns where a slight misjudgement would send us off the cliff. Furthermore unlike in Japan, private drivers are not that expensive in Taiwan and easily available, so I found no real incentive to drive. (In comparison private drivers are hard to find or terribly expensive in Japan compared to car rental.. Know what I mean?)

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