Taiwan With Kids Accommodation – Themed Hotels and Minsu kids would LOVE!

As I plan for our first trip to Taiwan with the kids, I am in AWE by the array of kids-friendly accommodation available throughout Taiwan! I’m going to share the most AMAZING hotels and minsu I came across in my research that kids would LOVE. Are you ready? Let’s go!

[warning]Update July 2016: We have received clarification from Sato Castle that they engage professional security guards 24/7 and that the ‘information’ our reader told us of a crime in the hotel was erroneous.  We deeply apologise to Sato Castle sincerely for our oversight.  After discussion with Sato Castle’s management, we have agreed to remove Sato Castle from this list.[/warning]

Hsinchu Kids-Friendly Accommodation

Leofoo Resort Guanshi  關西六福

Wake up in the morning and see giraffes outside my window? Enough said. Take my money.

Read more: Our Experience with Leofoo Resort Guanshi & How to choose a good room

For booking, visit Leofoo Resort Guanshi Official Homepage


Taichung Kids-Friendly Accomodation

Red Dot Hotel Taichung 紅點文旅

Taiwan with kids accommodation - red dot hotel taichung 2

(Image Credit: Agoda)


THAT SLIDE in the lobby is my childhood dream come true.  It deserves one more photo.

Taiwan with kids accommodation - red dot hotel taichung 3

(Image Credit: Agoda)


Besides the slide, Red Dot Hotel also has family rooms that look so comfy!

Taiwan with kids accommodation - red dot hotel taichung 1

(Image Credit: Red Dot Hotel)


And better yet, it is located near a night market! The old Zhonghua Night Market 中華夜市, NOT the more famous Fengjia Night 逢甲夜市 market though.

For booking, visit Red Dot Hotel Official Homepage.


Tainan Kids-Friendly Acccommodation

Deely House 迪利小屋

Taiwan with kids accommodation - tainan Deely House 3

(Image Credit: Deely House)


Doesn’t the photo above make you want to book a room there RIGHT NOW?? Its’ crazy right? I don’t expect my boys to sleep in that room! They would be up playing ALL NIGHT LONG.  And this is not the only room, here are more.

Taiwan with kids accommodation - tainan Deely House 7

(Image Credit: Deely House)


Just one catch: Their rooms with slides get booked out waaayyyy in advance.  I tried booking 2 months before my trip and they were fully booked. *bummer*

For booking, visit Deely House Official Homepage.


Kaohsiung Kids-Friendly Accomodation

Legend Hotel 秝芯旅店

Taiwan with kids accommodation - legend hotel kaohsiung 1

(Image Credit: Agoda)


The entrance of this centrally located hotel in Kaohsiung pre-empts you for what to expect once you step in.

Cute and brightly-coloured wall murals and decorations EVERYWHERE!

Even the dining area!

Of course, the rooms are not spared either.  They have family rooms, colourfully decorated just like the rest of the hotel.

Taiwan with kids accomomdation - legend hotel kaohsiung 2

(Image Credit: Agoda)


Read more: Our experience with Legend Hotel Kaohsiung

For booking, visit Legend Hotel Official Homepage



Kenting Kids-Friendly Accomodation

Our Fairyland & Farm Guest House 二手童話 & 垦丁牧场旅栈

Taiwan with kids accomomdation - kenting our fairyland 2

(Image Credit: Zizaike)


Whether your kids are into fairytale or farms, they would love to stay at one of these themed homestays, operated by the same owner.  Cannot decide which one? Stay one night in each!

Taiwan with kids accommodation - kenting our fairyland

(Image Credit: Our Fairyland)


Taiwan with kids accommodation - kenting farm guest house 2

(Image Credit: Farm Guest House)


For booking, visit Our Fairyland & Farm Guest House Official Homepage


Huanlien Kids-Friendly Accommodation

Rainbow B&B 花蓮民宿七星彩虹

Taiwan with kids accommodation - hualien rainbow b&b 7

(Image Credit: Rainbow B&B)


Seeing a photo of Rainbow B&B’s exterior on one of the hotel review sites (can’t remember which one, I visited so many) made me click on it immediately.  It’s so Mediterranean, and I have a soft spot for Mediterranean!

Taiwan with kids accommodation - hualien rainbow b&b 8

Nope, this is NOT Santorini I assure you. (Image Credit: Rainbow B&B)


They have double rooms, as well as family rooms that can accommodate up to 5 people.  And clever move to paint it all pinkish and throw in Hello Kitty cushions to entice Hello Kitty fans like me!

Taiwan with kids accommodation - hualien rainbow b&b 1

Double Rooms (Image Credit: Rainbow B&B)

Taiwan with kids accommodation - hualien rainbow b&b 5 copy

Family Rooms (Image Credit: Rainbow B&B)


For booking, visit Rainbow B&B Official Hompage


Yilan Kids-Friendly Accommodation

Jack Beanstalk Hot Spring Bed and Breakfast 傑克魔豆溫泉民宿

taiwan with kids accommodation yilan jack beanstalk B&B 7

(Image Credit: Vivianna Pixnet)


Jack Beanstalk B&B has two concepts: The first, as the name suggests, is based on the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Imagine yourself climbing up up up a beanstalk to high up in the sky and leaving all your worries behind.


The other concept is based on Alice in the Wonderland.  Though frankly, when I saw my friend’s photos of her stay there, I thought it was Alibaba themed.  Either ways, the rooms are spacious and luxurious – hard to imagine that it is actually a Minsu!


Kids will also be intrigued by the towel art folded by the owner!


For booking, visit Jack Beanstalk Bed & Breakfast Official Homepage


[disclaim]I have only stayed at Leofoo Resort and Legend Hotel personally, but not the rest mentioned in this post.  These are what I came across on the internet while doing research for my Taiwan trip with kids. I am not sure if the hotels will match what is shown in the photos.[/disclaim]


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