Tips for Mastering a Family Cruise in Europe
March 14, 2017

Tips for Mastering Family Cruise in Europe - Bumble Bee Mum

This coming June, our family is going on our biggest trip since we had kids! I’m not revealing the details because I love keeping people in suspense (and also because I don’t want to be stalked). But if you have followed our blog and Instagram closely enough, we have dropped hints here and there.

In our most obvious hint which I’m revealing today, our big trip is going to involve a certain part of Europe and a cruise.  It’s been WAY too long since our last Royal Caribbean cruise and I’m absolutely itching to go cruising again.  But cruising in a continent we’re familiar with versus in a continent we’re not so familiar with, is probably going to be very different.  (I haven’t even figured out what currencies I’m required to bring for our country-hopping cruise.)

So today, we have Marie, a lifestyle blogger & editor on High Style Life whom I met through travel blog hopping, here to share with us tips for mastering a family cruise in Europe!

Tips for Mastering a Family Cruise in Europe

by Marie Nieves

Image Source: Andy Hay

Image Source: Andy Hay


Have you ever thought about how to organize a trip with your kids? You probably have, but it’s not an easy task. You need to think about so many things like where to go, which places to visit and how to even approach the whole situation. In that respect, perhaps a family cruise in Europe is the perfect way to do that, and the least painful one, as well. This option saves you the trouble of planning the trip and Europe is a perfect option as it is the cradle of culture and history!

Choose Your Cruise

First of all, you need to choose what kind of arrangement you want for your family trip. You could go on a short or long cruise depending of what suits you better. Short cruises are a good choice in case your children are not yet used to traveling. You will have a lot of fun so this way there will be no time for being bored. However, this way you might miss out on some visits, sightseeing and other travel experiences. That’s where a long cruise jumps in! Long cruises are great for more detailed visits of many places; you will have more time and be able to see so much more than on a short cruise. If you decide to go on a long cruise, make sure your kids are well prepared for what awaits them. After this, there are more choices, whether you’d like to have an ocean adventure, a peaceful river tour or one of those exciting canal cruises. You cannot go wrong no matter what you choose!

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Image Source: Dennis Jarvis


Fun on Shore

These trips are usually filled with exciting moments. They are well organized and, since you won’t have that much time outside the boat, your stops will never be monotonous. On the contrary, they will contain all the best features of each place you visit. This is very convenient, especially for families. You and your family might have different interests; some like history, some prefer shopping or tasting different cuisines. Cruises offer a bit of everything; they are basically made to please everyone’s taste. Your kids might not have a wide attention span, but no need to worry. Cruise excursions are not long and boring, but fun and exciting, so just relax!

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Image Source: Rog01


Fun on Board

You are probably a bit worried about having to spend a huge part of your trip on a boat. These are not just any boats. People who invented cruises had everything covered. Your children can go on a playground or in a game room while you and your significant other sip coffee or wine and enjoy a soothing view and the sound of water. There are usually pools on these boats and there is a tiny pool for even the youngest members of the tour group! Not to mention all sorts of entertainment such as music, movies and various performances.

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Image Source: Benson Kua


Regardless of what kind of trip you and your family decide to have, it will go great if you do your research well. It is a hassle worrying about everyone’s needs and wishes, trying to make compromises in order for your whole family to be able to actually enjoy the whole trip. Cruises are a good solution, since they release you from a lot of these responsibilities. They allow you to lay back and relax since many important parts of the trip are already organized for you, so all you are left to do is hop on board and have a wonderful vacation with your family!

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Tips for Mastering Family Cruise in Europe - Bumble Bee Mum

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