Trip with Japan Rail Pass (Day 3): Osaka Castle, Miyajima

In the morning, we visited Osaka Castle.  It was a long walk-cum-climb up to Osaka castle from the station!

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And we arrived! It was my first visit to a Japan Castle!


After visiting the castle, we continued hopped back on the train and headed for Miyajima. We took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima, transferred to JR Sanyo Line for Miyajimaguchi and took the ferry to Miyajima.  (The ferry ride was also covered by the Japan Rail Pass.)

Miyajima is famous for its ‘floating’ tori gate.  The tori was was not so ‘floating’ while we were there.  So people seized the chance to walk down the beach to the foot of the tori gate.


Miyajima is one of the Japan 3 sights (日本三景).


I thought it was very well-deserving of the title, I love Miyajima – it was so beautiful!!


There were plenty of souvenir shops on the island.


We left Miyajima before it turned dark, and began the long ride back to Tokyo.

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  • Marie says:


    About how long or how many hours did you stay at osaka castle? Thanks!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmm.. Not very long, because we were rushing to fit in Miyajima as well.. So I don’t think we really explored the castle in detail? Kind of just went there, took some photos of the castle, climbed to the top and back down and left. It was many years back, but I think we stayed 1 hour at the castle max. Then another at least half an hour for the walks between the station and the castle (which is about 1km per way).

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