Trip with Japan Rail Pass (Day 5): Nikko, Tokyo (Asakusa Kannon Temple, Ueno, Ikebukuro)

In the morning, we took a side trip to Nikko.  To get there using our Japan Rail Pass, we took the shinkansen to Utsunomiya, and transferred to the JR Nikko Line.


We took a bus to visit the shrines.


The walk around the shrines was very interesting and I loved the place.  Unfortunately, it was raining pretty heavily when we were there, so we didn’t stay for long.


I hope I have the chance to visit Nikko again, preferably during autumn and when the weather is better!

We went back to Tokyo, and visited the Asakusa Kannon Temple.  This was the only time we could not use our rail pass and had to buy a ticket for the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line to Asakusa from Ueno station.

It was not our lucky day indeed, and the giant lantern at the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) was folded up!


Oh well.. At least we got to see what was UNDER the lantern.  (Don’t think many people squat down to see what it looks like under the lantern!)


There was a line of souvenir shops leading to the temple… Very touristy!


After passing through the shops, we reached the temple.


Other than the main shopping street leading to the temple, there was another shopping street perpendicular to it that was sheltered.  Lots of eateries and cheap souvenir shops could be found there.



Next, we took the Tokyo metro back to Ueno and explored the station area a bit.  There was a Hard Rock Cafe within the station.


We went for a walk at Ameyoko which was just outside Ueno station.


And our last stop for the day was Ikebukuro.


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