Visiting Singapore Changi Airport with Kids

I have blogged about things to do with kids at New Chitose Airport (Hokkaido, Japan) and Taoyuan Airport (Taipei, Taiwan).  Yet I have never done a similar post for our very own Singapore Changi Airport.  How can??? It’s SG50! I’m supposed to be exceptionally patriotic this year!

As I have been zealously helping to promote (not sure why since it actually lowers my own chances of winning), Cheekiemonkie is running a giveaway in conjunction with his new book, “Got Kids, Go Where?” BY THE WAY, if you are not from Singapore and planning a Singapore trip with kids, I highly recommend this guide book.  It can be purchased from Amazon.

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I decided to cheat be efficient in bumping up my chances of winning the giveaway.  By visiting Changi Airport and ticking off 10 activities at one go!! (Okay, I missed out one eventually – GST Shopping.)

Since I have all the pictures now, I can finally do a travel post for Singapore Changi Airport. Here are 10 Activities for Kids at Singapore Changi Airport.  (9 from the book, 1 inserted by me.  Just to make sure Cheekiemonkie doesn’t sue me for copyright infringement.)

10 Activities for Kids at Singapore Changi Airport

#1 Slide @ T3

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 17

At Terminal 3, you will find 2 spiraling slides that are absolutely FREE for kids.  The taller one sends kids whizzing 4 storeys down – making it Singapore’s tallest slide and the world’s tallest slide in an airport! The slide operates from 12noon to 10.30pm daily.

Height requirement: Minimum height 1.1m, maximum height 2m.

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 18

#2 Kinetic Rain

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 01

At Terminal 1, you will find this display of golden beads that move up and down, creating a rain-like effect.  Kids LOVE this.  My two crazy active boys will actually stop and stare at the display.  That’s evidence of how hypnotic this thing can be.

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 02

#3 Seasonal Events For Kids

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 03

From time to time, usually during our local school holidays, Changi Airport hosts special events with activities around the airport for kids to participate in.  Such as this Angry Birds event during the year-end holidays back in 2012. Look out for them, particularly if you are visiting Singapore in June or December!

#4 Eat, Eat and Eat

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 04

There is no lack of food at Singapore Changi Airport.  You will be surprised, we Singaporeans sometimes go to the airport just to dine.  My favourite restaurant there (no surprises, considering how much I love Japan and Japanese food) is Itacho Sushi at Terminal 3.

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 05

#5 Children’s Playground

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 06

At Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, you can find FREE public playgrounds.  These playgrounds are suitable for toddlers and young children.   The playground at Terminal 1 is located at the viewing gallery, so kids can not only play, but watch planes at the same time!

The playground at Terminal 3 is located next to Slide @ T3, so the younger ones can occupy themselves at the playground while the older ones go slide away.  And important info: There is a STARBUCKS right next to the playground at Terminal 3.  So adults can sit back and sip their coffee while the kids have their fun! How awesome is that?

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 07

#6 Mr Bean Themed Indoor Playground

At Terminal 3, you will find the world’s first Mr Bean themed playground, ran by Singkids Playsystem!  Unlike the earlier playgrounds, this one is not free.  Admission fee is currently $18 per child for 1 hour of play time during peak period / 2 hours during non-peak period.


#7 Skytrain

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 08

The Skytrain provides travellers a quick and comfortable way of getting between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.  Not sure about yours, but my kids LOVE riding on the Skytrain, just for the fun of it.  They can just take it to and fro, to and fro.  What a way to pass time. (If you think passing time at airports is a painful process, especially with kids, Changi Airport proves you wrong.)

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 09

#8 Changi Aviation Gallery

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 10

Changi Aviation Gallery, located at the viewing gallery of Terminal 3, showcases exhibits to allow travellers to understand the operation of Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 11

#9 Woodblock Rubbing Stations

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 13

Get your kids working to create unique and absolutely free souvenirs to bring home.  By placing a blank sheet of paper over the woodblock and rubbing the crayons over it, you get a beautiful picture featuring a Singapore icon. Each block has a different design, so go around and try them out! These stations can be found in Terminal 1 (viewing gallery) and Terminal 3 (Basement 2 beside the fountain).

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 14

#10 Viewing Galleries

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 15

Viewing galleries are a sure-win with the kids at airports around the world.  You can find viewing galleries at all 3 terminals of Singapore Changi Airport.  I particularly like the one at Terminal 1.  It has large glass panels offering unobstructed view of planes taking off, landing and taxing.  Plus Fear Factor style see-through flooring.

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 16


Nursing Rooms

Looking for nursing rooms / baby care rooms / parents room / family room / diaper-changing room (whatever you call it in your part of the world)? No to fret.  There are many nursing rooms (that’s what we call them here in Singapore) within Singapore Changi Airport.  Click here to read more!

Singapore changi airport nursing rooms


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  • MummyTravels says:

    This is so useful – I wish we had quite such good facilities in UK airports. Soft play is about the limit 🙂 #MondayEscapes

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haha.. Because of these facilities, we Singaporeans go to the airport just for fun, not only when we need to catch a flight. It is as good as a shopping mall / entertainment complex to us.

  • I would never think to take my son to Heathrow airport – because it can’t even compare to Changi and I’ve been there so know! Although I didn’t realise quite how much there was to do at Changi with kids. You both must have had a ball… did if feel strange going there and then not getting on a plane? Good luck with the competition. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Most people from other countries cannot imagine why another would just to go the airport if not to take a plane. But that is actually a very common thing to do for us Singaporeans. So nope, it didn’t feel strange at all. It’s more disappointing for the kids to realize that they were not there to catch a plane. Haha!

  • Ruf says:

    Miss The Canopy at T1 ???

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