Hi there! Queen Bee speaking here. I’m the mum behind this blog that you’re reading now.  In the past, everyone called me Bumble Bee Mum (or more affectionately BBM).  But to avoid confusion, I’m going to start calling myself Queen Bee.  And ‘Bumble Bee Mum’ now refers to the blog.

This page contains a (not so) quick introduction to Bumble Bee Mum.  If you’re not interested and would like to start navigating our content straightaway, we recommend you head over to our ‘Start Here’ page!


Bumble Bee Mum is a family travel blog based in Singapore, where we discuss anything to do with family travel.  Or travel in general.  Or family in general.  The line is kind of grey. But mostly travel.

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My husband and I love to travel, even before we had kids.  After we did our first trip with MF when he was a baby, we realised how different travelling with and without kids was!

I started documenting details of our travel with kids.  Partly for my own memories (because pregnancy fried my brain and I can’t remember anything if I don’t write them down).  Partly to provide information that I hope would help other families in their travels and make their life a bit less painful than ours was when we first tried to bring a baby to South Korea.  In winter.

Our favourite country to travel to is Japan.   But because of language barrier and a unique culture, planning a trip to Japan has its challenges.   So we have tried our best to write in simple (though not always accurate) English as much as we know about Japan travel to help readers who are planning a trip to this amazing country!

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For reason I never understood, after a few years of blogging, Bumble Bee Mum became a buzzing blog (pun intended) where readers would come and chat with me about travel via the blog comments.  They have even come up to me in person when they saw me to say hi.  When I last visited Hokkaido, I felt like a mini celebrity where I kept running into people who asked me, “Are you Bumble Bee Mum?”

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Over the years, through chatting with our readers, a lot of information has been shared, not just by us but by our readers too!  But all these precious information has been lost in the sea of comments all over the blog (or sea of ‘Dear Media Friends’ emails in my inbox :p – which is why we always tell our readers to leave comments rather than emailing us).

How to contact us?

So in 2017, we introduced Travel Buzz, which we have set up to better organise all the chats we have had with our readers.  So that other readers can benefit from the discussions and sharing without reading 1000 comments to see what’s relevant.

Hop on over to Travel Buzz if you have a travel question to ask, or have a travel story to share.  That’s the best place to find us.  We look forward to chatting with you there!

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As much as we love to travel, we are no nomads.  We spend most of our time in Singapore where our home is.  Back home, we spend a lot of time exploring our little country and playing local tourist.

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I always tell people that I’m a stay-home mom who absolutely CANNOT stay at home.  Since MF was 1 month old, I started bringing him out all over Singapore.

Being a nursing mom then, I spent half the time when I’m out in nursing rooms.  My friends got wind of this and kept asking me, “Is there a nursing room at XXX?” “Is it clean?” “Got lock or not?” So I decided to start taking photos and putting them up on a blog to share with them.  That’s actually how this blog really started.

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Then when MF grew older, I started bringing him to playgrounds.  From indoor playgrounds, to shopping centre playgrounds, to eateries with playgrounds.  As you can guess, I became my friends’ Singapore playgrounds information counter.   After being asked, “How was the playground you visited yesterday? Fun or not? Worth to go or not?” ten times, I started blogging about playgrounds.

What's fun in Singapore?

So on this blog, you will find as much information about having fun with kids in Singapore, as having fun with kids outside Singapore.

We hope you will enjoy reading Bumble Bee Mum and this will not be your last time here.  Thank you for reading to the end of this lengthy introduction.  You’ll get used to it if you hang around long enough, because the Queen Bee is extremely long-winded.  I can’t help it, I’m a mum.

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  • Nicola says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mum, Thanks so much for this info about nursing rooms in Singapore. My daughter is 2 months old and I’m doing exclusive breastfeeding – she wants to feed around every 2 hours at the moment, but like you I absolutely can’t stay at home all day every day! I’ve been so pleased at the availability of nursing rooms in Singapore. I’m a PR here – in my country public breastfeeding is very accepted but we don’t have many private nursing rooms for those who would rather not nurse in public. I find Singapore very child-friendly. Your list will be very useful to me! Thank you!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Thank you for your comment.. I’m glad to know someone actually reads my blog! 🙂

      Singaporeans are still a little conservative and we’ll use a nursing shawl when we nurse in public, but most of us still prefer private nursing rooms, which is why the malls have, in recent years, been revamping their nursing facilities to attract families to their malls.. But I actually see a number of expat mums breastfeeding publicly and nobody batted an eyelid.. I’ve seen mums nursing her baby openly at Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park.. And places where there is a high concentration of expat mums like Turf City, Liang Court and Tanglin Mall.

      If you would like to meet other breastfeeding mums, you can visit the ‘Baby Cafe’ at Tanglin Mall.
      I’ve never been there, but it sounds like a pretty cool place, especially for new mums! 🙂

  • Nicola says:

    Hi, thanks for your reply~ personally I prefer to use a private room but I’m comfortable to use a shawl/cover as well. Actually I’m married to a Singaporean and I’m not really part of the ‘expat community’ so I haven’t had chance to meet many new mums, especially breastfeeding mums. Thanks for the link to the Baby Cafe! It looks great but quite far for me to travel into town. I might make a visit though as it would be nice to meet others…

    If you ever need an ‘extra researcher’ I can send you updates/pics of nursing rooms I encounter. I’m living in north Singapore. I read your entry for Bishan Junction 8 yesterday before visiting it…. thanks, it prepared me for the tiny, very old cupboard-type nursing rooms!! Still, I’m not complaining since it is still good to have a private place to go 🙂

    Thanks again

    • bumblebeemum says:

      It’s great to meet new mums, especially other breastfeeding mums.. I wouldn’t have successfully been able to exclusively breastfeed my boy if not for the fact that I have a sister and many friends who gave birth at around the same time as me and we all encouraged each other. 🙂

      I would love to receive updates from other mummies regarding nursing rooms in Singapore that I have yet to visit, or if there are details I may have left out. (Sometimes I only visit one of the nursing rooms in a shopping centre, but there may be other rooms in the same mall that have better facilities, which I fail to highlight in my blog.) If you have anything to share, just drop me a comment, I would be happy to include it.

      I’m also not too fussy about the size or design of nursing rooms in general.. As long as there is a nursing room with doesn’t stink or have cockroaches running around, I am eternally grateful! But I highlight the availability of power point, for mummies who need to express milk, and water dispenser, for mummies who need to prepare formula milk / cereal, as I deem them as important amenities which do affect my decision whether or not to visit a mall. 🙂

  • Hello! Thanks for your informative site! Totally love the clear pics and honest reviews~ I’m gonna link your website in my blog, is that ok? It’s over here: http://mommysboymusings.wordpress.com

  • Faith Yee says:

    Hi bumble bee I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you sooo much for the info you have provided . I have only recently stopped bf ing and did not get a chance to enjoy the valuable information you have given about nursing rooms etc
    I can across your blog only after my visit to fidgets and was looking for a review on bambini. I posted in mummysg forum on looking for mummy get together for sahm mums and a group of us have responded and we do share info and meet up too. Where we also share info on gyms and classes out kids hVe been too. I m soo glad that there are other mummies out there who share similar concerns too. Like you, I take j out almost everyday too as his curious inquisitive mind needs constant guidance and stimulation. I just want to thank you for your time and patience in maintaining this blog. You have done us Singaporean mummies proud 😉 j is the youngest in our mummy group and he is 4 months younger than mf 😉 I do hope j can be friends with mf too as one reason for taking j out is cos I feel socialization is an impt skill 😉 I do hope you can drop me an email and perhaps we can see what happens from there 😉 thumbs up on your blog! Sorry for the long post !

  • Carla Henry says:

    Hi there, I’ve just come across your amazing blog! 🙂 Love it thanks so much for all your sharing, wish I’d found this 6 months ago – I’m going to share with everyone x

  • kareenlai says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mama, that’s some great sharing here!! It certainly takes a lot of effort to take pictures and journal your experiences with the nursing rooms, strollers etc… Kudos to you for moving around everyday with your boy!! Wish I can be as mobile but I still have not figured out how to bring both twins out on my own … always dependent on another pair of hands! haha
    But knowing where the good changing rooms are … is equally important and useful!! thanks!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hey Kareen, thanks for visiting my blog! Actually I think I know you! But don’t think you know me. I left AJ shortly after you joined, and PE office so far away, don’t think I ever talked to you in person.. Anyway I think mummies of twins are amazing! I can barely handle one.. Cannot imagine two!

      • kareenlai says:

        Oh haha, Li May recognises your baby! and your blog! Did you leave after I joined or just before?
        Are you planning to come back to service after bb is a little bigger? And you said yours can’t stand staying at home … hahah how do you manage such a little energy ball by yourself?

  • Geraldine Raj says:

    Hi bumblebee mum..
    Just wanted to let you know I found your review on indoor playgrounds very useful and informative. Will b bringing my twin girls to kiddy fun
    for their bday celebration. I also found the stroller service info of great help coz I restrict my going out wif the gals only after their nap so dat no need to carry them around….now I can b more confident going out knowing that such service exists…..I am oso a sahm but my gals r oredi two n going to playgrp…
    Looking forward to more insightful info in future…

  • Janice says:

    Hi bumble bee mum, thank you for your website. I googled about playgrounds in Singapore n urs came out in the result. It seem easy to find your website. I started reading ur post about 3months ago and now My child is 13months already. It is really informative and I have also bookmarked ur website! I think many people have read ur website, although they don’t necessary leave a reply. Thanks a lot!

  • Sharon Ong says:

    Great blog! I stumbled onto it when searching on information about indoor playgrounds. Your reviews are very detailed and informative and really useful. Thanks for taking the trouble to put up the reviews. 🙂

  • Serene says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum!

    Please let me thank you for the cOmpiled list of indoor playgrounds and the very useful photos you have taken of the interiors. I am so so happy to have found your blog and read your reviews of these playgrounds.

    I’m currently on NPL to look after my 6 month old baby and yeah, staying home to play the same old toys everyday can really drive anyone absolutely nuts!!

    I admire and respect mothers who atelier mobile and independent !! Kudos to all of us who bring babies out on daily / weekly adventures ;D

  • Lynn says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mum,
    I just found your blog and particularly like your posts on travelling to Korea with 11 month old baby. Your blog will be very useful for families planning for a Korea trip with kids. : ) Are you okay if I link your blog to my website at http://www.mylittletraveller.com? 🙂

  • Starie says:

    Hi, I chanced upon ths wonderful blog. I am going to create a blog and will link you up! 🙂
    Can? Drop me a mail!

  • Hi Bumblebeemum, chanced upon your blog while I was researching on some playgrounds and your blog is very up to date with clear pictures and helpful information. If there are some playgrounds that you have not reviewed (not sure if you have not posted), would you like me to drop a note so that you can go check it out? How should I do it? Thanks!

  • Paulyn says:

    I noticed that you have visited quite a no. of indoor playgrounds and would like to ask which one you would recommend for me to bring my 9mths old gal.
    As this is going to be the very first time I’m thinking of exposing her to these playgrounds, I need to know which one would be the most ideal for her at this stage.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Priscilla says:

    Congrats on the arrival of your baby boy! My little prince was born in Dec 2012. Your helpful blog has enabled me to bring baby out to nurse with confidence! Thanks for sharing!

  • Stella says:

    can i check, among all the indoor playgrounds, which one is worth going? my ger is 2 years old this month. tried singkids and kinda bored with the stuff. i

    • Stella says:

      its ok.. i saw your previous blog about the various indoor playground. between Amazonia and Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk, which will you recommend ?

      • bumblebeemum says:

        I prefer Polliwogs @ Robertson.. Their play areas are very similar, but Polliwogs is cheaper than Amazonia and if you are there on weekday, you get unlimited playtime (Amazonia playtime is 2 hours even on weekdays).

  • piglet says:

    Hi bumblebee mum,

    Thank you very much for your blog. It has been a wonderful guide for me to travel around Singapore especially the shopping malls as I am a breastfeeding mum too. The only difference is that I bottle feed my baby. Every time before I proceed to a mall, I will check your blog to ensure that there is powerpoint in the nursing rooms. Your blog has made my shopping experience even better. Thanks again.

  • sohappyphoto says:

    Dear bumblebeemum
    I saw your interesting article about the play sites in Korea (Mother&Baby),
    your son is so cute & his Mom is pretty 🙂
    Congrats also for the arrival of your second son MY!
    He was born in the same month as my first son,
    perhaps they can play together in the future 🙂
    my parents-in-law live in Yishun.

  • shannen says:

    hi super mummy, i am a mother of a 17 mth old n im super lazy n afraid to bring my son out to far away plCs n only wait till wkends for my hubby to fetch us around. u inspire me n maybe we can hang out together sometime with our kiddos??? pls reply to my personal email when u r free.

  • Marene says:

    Hello, I chanced upon your blog while looking for places to bring my 1+year old bb girl around SG as I don’t really like to stay at home all the time (am a SAHM too),
    Thanks for putting up so many useful info here and it’s like a guidebook to me whenever I wanna look for new places to visit!
    I’d definitely say HI to you should I see you in public!
    It be great to be able to ve a play date together!

  • Jane says:

    Hi! I just chanced upon ur blog today n am totally inspired. My 2nd son is now almost 1mth old, elder son just turned 2 in early Apr. elder son is very sticky to me. So having a lot of difficulty currently. He refused to let me nurse nor carry the baby, especially during the elder boy’s bed time. Hence I’m so amazed u can bring both to the zoo on ur own! Every nite is a struggle for hubby n me. Did u hv such problems? Mind sharing how u cope with 2 especially as a total bf mom? Do email me! Tks!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      For me, my elder boy (MF) doesn’t really stick to me so much. At night, my husband will play with him while I nurse baby to sleep. After baby sleeps then I will put MF to sleep. I think I’m lucky that MF likes the baby a lot and doesn’t really get jealous when I’m nursing or carrying baby. Sometimes when I am carrying baby and MF wants to be carried also, I will put baby down and carry him to show that I am not totally neglecting him. Sometimes even when baby is crying and MF wants my attention for something, I will tell baby to wait while I attend to MF, then once I am done, I will tell MF it is his turn to wait while I attend to baby. When I need to nurse baby, MF will usually hang around us but he doesn’t stop me from nursing. If he gets really bored and cranky and attempt to pull baby away from me, I will just switch on the TV (if at home) or pass him the iPhone to play (if I’m outside).. Not the most encourageable thing to do, but oh well.. It works.

      • Tks for ur reply! I dunno y he’s do sticky to me. Morning he’ll let me nurse baby but bed time is absolutely no-no. He gets into crying n screaming tantrums n yanks baby away from me.

        Btw since u have to bring MF out daily, how do u factor in his nap time? Being mommy of 2, r u still able to cook meals for MF? I’m trying to be able to bring both out. But not sure what to do abt meal n nap times. He’s a fussy eater unless junk food. Naps from around 130-2pm for 2 hr.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          Umm.. MF has no problem falling asleep and taking his naps in a stroller. I sometimes cook porridge for MF.. Just throw everything into the mini slow cooker and by the time I want to go out, it’s ready, just transfer to the food jar and bring out.

  • Tks for ur reply! I dunno y he’s do sticky to me. Morning he’ll let me nurse baby but bed time is absolutely no-no. He gets into crying n screaming tantrums n yanks baby away from me.

    Btw since u have to bring MF out daily, how do u factor in his nap time? Being mommy of 2, r u still able to cook meals for MF? I’m trying to be able to bring both out. But not sure what to do abt meal n nap times. He’s a fussy eater unless junk food. Naps from around 130-2pm for 2 hr.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      MF is able to nap in his stroller. When his naptime is up, I just put him in the stroller and push him around, he will fall asleep in it. I sometimes still cook porridge for MF. I guess it’s convenient that he still eats porridge. ^^

  • Joyce Soh says:

    Dear bumblebee mum, you are truly an amazing super mum. I am a mother of two, my elder being a girl (born 29-9-10) and my second a boy (born 7-11-12). I have tried very hard to bf but it doesn’t work for me and my babies. Hence, I have become an exclusive pumper. Found your blog after trying to find the malls that have nursing rooms with power points. I find it so kind of you to bother to include this detail, even though you don’t need it yourself, since you can latch on.
    I also like to bring my girl to indoor playgrounds and the zoo,etc, but the difference is, I just can’t manage without a helper or hubby. For example, what do u do if u need to visit the toilet with a baby in a carrier and a toddler in stroller?
    I have like a million questions to ask super mums like you. For me, I have only just turned sahm after the birth of my second kid and still not getting the hang of it. (Was even in somewhat of depression after i failed latching!) I also find staying in woodlands hard to get around, but i see that u stay in yishun and have no problem going places.
    Like MF, my toddler doesnt go to N1, only because i was too late in registering her, plus i thought I would have a lot of time to “teach” her since i am a sahm now. I’m just starting to find ways to entertain her at home. It’s proving harder than I thought! From your blog, I gather that her motor skills are not that great (seeing how MF can zip through the playgrounds with ease and does his own drawings and sticker-pasting). She talks an awful lot though, which suggests to me the general differences between boys and girls holds true. I guess everyone’s motherhood journeys are different, but I just want to thank you in advance for your candid sharing in this blog, and if u don’t mind, provide me with a few survival tips on how to be sahm via email. Cheers!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Firstly, I have utmost respect for mums who do exclusive pumping. I don’t think I can ever do that.. It’s so much work! And the logistics when going out.. Oh my. As hardworking as I am, I’m not sure if I can ever handle eping. You should give yourself a pat on the back for persevering in pumping instead of feeling depressed over not being able to latch.

      When I need to use the toilet, I would put MY (the baby) on the stroller and MF (the 2yo) will stand at the side and wait for me. I usually use the handicap toilet which is big enough for the stroller.

      I have no problem getting around because I stay within walking distance to the MRT station. If I need to take a feeder bus, I don’t think I would go out that much. :p

      I am not a very good ‘teacher’ to MF because I don’t have the patience to teach little kids, so to me, bringing the kids out is the easy way out. They get to do experiential learning.. Lol! I think regardless of gender, it does seem that kids who are good with verbal skills are slower in motor skills and vice versa. MF is good with motor skills, but slow when it comes to talking. My philosophy is to find out what kids are good at and groom them in that area, rather than push them in areas that they are not interested in. For example, when MF wasn’t talking at 2yo, I didn’t bother getting stressed out even when his peers were able to count to 20 and sing A to Z and start sending him for enrichment lessons. I just let him do what he enjoyed most – running around parks and playgrounds. After visiting the zoo like 10 times, he now can say the names of almost all the animals in the zoo. I guess my take on being a SAHM is to chill, let the kids enjoy their childhood as much as possible and not set too high standards for ourselves and the kids. Okay, I may regret saying this when my kids fail their Primary School examinations.. But at least for now, I enjoy every moment spent with my kids and I love seeing MF happy on our outings.

  • yun says:

    Hi Bumblebee mum,

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for an indoor playground which opens the early enough for the my early-riser 2yr-going to 3yr-old girl. Just brought her to Fidgets yesterday.

    Thanks to the detailed reviews, and nice pictures. It was great help!

    Personally, really must commend your effort in bringing your 2 boys out. Personally, I also have a 2 months old new born and 3 yr old girl but I do not dare take care of the 2 alone for long stretches of time, let alone to bring the 2 girls out. My elder girl goes to a childcare and the younger one stays at home with me most of the time. I don’t know when I will have to courage to bring the two out. 🙂

  • vivian says:

    Saw ur blog while searching for indoor play ground too. Our kids gap about the same. Mine born in Sept.2010 and july 2012.

    I still bfing my second kids.

    Great job on.the.reviews.n thanks.

  • marisa says:


    I am a student from SMU planning a trip for kids (K1 & K2) to changi airport.
    I wanted to bring them to the canopy but I was told you have to pay to get in.
    However, I stumbled upon your blog and you mentioned that it is free. (15 April)
    May I know around what time you were there?
    Thank you very much and I look forward to your kind reply!


    • bumblebeemum says:

      I was there on 15 April after dinner and they had removed the check-in counter. Maybe too many people using it and they decided to start charging again? I shall check it out the next time I’m there.. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  • jerica says:

    Hi bumblebee mummy, juz to share i brought my #1 n baby to hort park yday n walked 2.5km to harbourfront food court for lunch. The scenery n garden is very pretty but strollers not suitable for the nature walk. U might like to bring MF n MY there if u all yet to try.
    Once again thank u for your blog!

  • Vivien says:

    Thanks Bumblebeemum for your great blog, especially on nursing rooms!!! I’m also a sahm, new mom, to a wonderful boy born march 2013. 🙂 I am breastfeeding my boy exclusively, and trust me, it has not been an easy journey as I am not as fortunate as u are to have experienced bf-ing moms around u to give advice. Please keep up the good work on your blog, hope to see more pics & info on other nursing rooms in sg.

  • Wati says:

    Hello BumbleBeee Mama!

    You are doing an amazing job with this blog!
    I wish I found it earlier.. My boy is 2yr old now and I feel like there is still loads to learn, unravel and stumble upon.
    Keep up the brilliant work, you are so appreciated!


  • Amelia says:

    Hi, I bumped into your blog coz searching for places for my child .. Then I found out is you and MF. You have a very informative blog of all parents. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Ger says:

    Hello! Chanced upon ur blog when I was searching for playgyms. Nice and informative blog u have here! I seldom bring my baby (9 mths old now) out especially when I’m alone. Ur blog inspires me a lot! I didn’t even know malls provide stroller rental services! So thanks for sharing with all mummies out there! Congrats on ur 2nd kid! U r a really brave mummy bringing 2 kids out alone! Do keep up the gd wrk! Thanks!

  • Bryan says:

    Hello 🙂

    There is a new playground at Marine Parade! Do check if out if you are free 🙂


  • Sharlene's Mum says:

    Hi Bumblebee Mum! I really love your blog & it really helps me a lot when I bring my 1 yr old daughter out. I would like to know if you had patronize any Kids/ Babies salon? I’m looking for a good one, but also not so expensive. Cheers!

    P.S – I can’t wait for your review on the playground at WestGate ^^ .

  • arch says:

    Hi! I’ve just become a SAHM and enjoying it! Love your very informative blog! Will go through all your posts soon for ideas! My son’s only 3mths old at this point but can’t wait to take him to the playgrounds when he’s a little older! Thanks for collating all this info

  • irene says:


    I love your post about indoor playgrounds with all those pictures.
    It is really nice and informative.
    By the way, would you happen to know why Space Zone Close and how to contact them?
    We have purchased package from them about 1 to 2 months back and they have never mentioned about it. And we have yet to finished using the package.

    If you happen to have the answer, please let me know.
    If not, it is still fine.


  • Finn says:

    Just to share with you Marina Bay Sands now have Fidgets instead of Jumperzilla

  • aheu says:

    Just wanna say thank you for this blog, it’s my ‘bible’ for bringing my 2 girls (Dec 2010 & Mar 2013) out. You did a great job!!!

  • Buh-chama says:

    Hi, thank you for your great blog!
    I’m Japanese have 2 year-son and 4 month-daughter, have stayed in S’pore for one year and will bring my family to Novena next week.
    Actually, my boy will be naughty soon and worry about… You can imagine easily…
    Your info is very helpful for us not familiar with S’pore. Unfortunately my wife can’t read English so I’ll try translating for her and enjoy S’pore life with my family!
    And I have a experience to live in many area of Japan, if want info about Japan, feel free to ask me!

  • Nat says:

    Hi, just want to say Hello! and thanks for this useful blog. I’ll be bookmarking it for future reference. I’m also a mum of 2 boys, 2yo and 4mo. Like you, I’m always on the look out for child-friendly places to go, but am too lazy to blog about them.. hahaha! So it’s great that someone else is doing this 😛 😀

  • NANA says:

    Hi, I’m also a mom of 2 boys. After breast feed my NB, I can’t fall asleep again, so just doing some research on playing place for my oldest son (2 yo) and it’s so great to found your blog, really useful! Thank you! I’m a working mom but I’m having maternity leave now, so I’m also a SAHM for another 3 month! My 2 yo son is super active as well so I’m trying to bring him out as much as possible. He just finish one year lesson at Gymboree, I’m going to let him try some more places before decide whether to continue at Gymboree. Next week want to try out the cool de sac before he start his childcare life. Anyway thanks for all the information! Really appreciated! (^ ^)

  • khim says:

    Hi Bumble bee mummy,

    I hve been following ur blog for some time on indoor playground n nursing. My boy is the same age as ur #2. Thinkin to start a blog or dayre, to record n show to my boy wen he grow older. Wat blog or app u would recommend, best if can br done thru mobile phone.

    meow mummy

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hi, I haven’t tried dayre but it seems to be pretty trendy now… I’m using wordpress, the mobile version works fine.. I can just snap pictures with my phone camera and upload a post with those pictures using the wordpress mobile app. No html coding knowledge is required, it’s pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface.

  • Grace Tan says:

    LOL. I like that blog disclaimer. A free lollipop swaying your judgement? 🙂 I don’t know about that. But I like what I have read here so far. 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haha.. Oh well, life is too short to be taken too seriously, I tend to joke around a bit.. So no, the lollipop doesn’t really sway my judgement in reality. I’m more swayed by the comments of how cute my kids are that came along with the lollipop.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a regular Japan traveler too. However, this will be my first visit to Tomamu Resorts. Will the ice village, tubing and snowmobile be available around 14 Dec? We intended to stay at Tomamu Risonare but found out that it will only be opened around 18Dec. Need more info as we are also planning a trip to Tokachi for dog sledding.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      The ice village will be partially ready around 14 Dec. There will be the ice slide, snow tubing and Santa’s House. But I don’t think snow mobile is ready at that time. You can stay at the Towers of Tomamu Resort instead.

      Is there dog sledding at Tokachi? That’s new to me, do share more info about it! The only place I have came across with dog sledding was Rusutsu resort.

  • Pow Ling says:

    Hi Bumble bee mum, Thanks for sharing your travel experience, especially with kids.
    I am going to travel to Taipei on this coming 20 November with my 2 kids & husband too. As this is our first time to overseas with F&E style, I am worry if my preparation of itinerary will not make them enjoy the whole trip.(& too bad we have tight budget).
    I need a person who really can share & give comment on my itinerary, can i send it to you?
    I did it in Chinese, can you read & give me some comment?


  • Tommy says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mum,

    Just dropping by to let you know that we have added your blog to our list of Singapore Best Travel Blogs! 🙂


  • wayne says:

    awesome blog

  • Koz says:


    We enjoyed your blogs very much, thank you for sharing with us all the experience.

    We will be travelling to Tokyo, Hakone and Fuji Q this coming Thursday for a 10 days trip and we have based our itinerary a lot on your experience.

    A question to ask you, we have two children aged 5 travelling with us and from our past trips (without children), we have had difficulty to find places to eat breakfast in Tokyo. But since only two of us, we are very simple with it.

    Now with children, this become a concern to us. Where do you go for breakfast in Tokyo?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I’m SO sorry I just saw your comment as we’ve been terribly busy lately. Hope you are having a great time in Japan! Usually when our family is in Japan, we eat breakfast at places like Yoshinoya / Matsuya. Or if we are in the rural areas and breakfast is not included at our hotel, we would just buy bread from convenience stores.

  • Cindy says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mum, thank you for sharing your interest blog.

    My name is Cindy from Malaysia but now living in Auckland, New Zealand. We plan to have our first trip to Japan during January 2018, we would love to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka also The Disneyland! There will be 4 people in the trip ie myself, my husband and our two boys aged 14 and 12.

    I read your blog about your trip to Tokyo, it seems you just took the Japan Rail Pass for the whole 7 days journey. Could we conveniently visit all the hot spots in Japan by just taking the shinkansen? We also plan to rent bicycles to bike around while in Kyoto, do you think this is a good idea to bike during winter?

    You also mentioned about the beautiful illumination in Japan, do you think we could get the chance to view these in the month of January?

    May I know are all your visits in Tokyo and the surrounding are free admission? We are trying to have the trip within our budget. Accommodation is quite expensive for 4 of us. What type of accommodation will you recommend for us?

    Your advice is highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    • bumblebeemum says:

      The shinkansen is a very convenient way to visit the major cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. It is more limited if you want to visit scenic areas like the Mount Fuji area.

      Cycling sounds like a good way to get around Kyoto actually. Although I’m not sure if you would encounter snow (coz when it comes to weather, nothing can be for sure.) Maybe if it isn’t snowing, you can cycle. But if it snows and you’re not confident of cycling in the snow, then just take the bus.

      Yes, some of the larger illumination stretch all the way till as late as early May (for Golden Week). You got to check the individual events for their dates, but as an example, Nabana No Sato illumination will still be on in Jan.

      Admission to attractions are usually not free. For accommodation within the cities, maybe you can try vacation rentals like AirBnb or HomeAway? Usually I find apartments are cheaper than booking 2 hotel rooms.

  • kala says:

    hi I am kala mother of three year old girl …..i want to bring my kid to india…is it necessary to put flu vacinations for her

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