Affiliate Links - What & Why?

Our website uses affiliate links to a handful of carefully curated affiliate partners which we have listed below.  This means that when you make purchases through links or search boxes to our partners on this site, we will receive a small commission from our partner.

As much as we love providing all the information and photos you see on Bumble Bee Mum, hosting a website like this doesn’t come cheap.  The commission from our affiliate partners help us to keep our site running.

It doesn’t cost you anything extra to make your purchases via the links on our site versus going direct to our affiliate partners’ site.  But if you do make your purchases through our links, it would make a huge difference to us here at Bumble Bee Mum.

Our Affiliate Partners

We have had dozens of requests by merchants to be their affiliate partners – which we have all rejected but only chosen to partner the few below.  For one simple reason:


These are services we use ourselves.


Klook is our favourite travel platform for booking attraction tickets within Asia.  (They do have partners outside of Asia too, such as the Sydney Aquarium, London Eye and Empire State Building, but their focus is in Asia.)

Many of the attraction tickets they sell are significantly discounted.  Even for those that aren’t, their booking platform and mobile app are so easy to use that we purchase our tickets from them anyway to save us the time of having to queue for tickets at the door.

On top of that, they give users credits for bookings and leaving reviews, and we can use these credits to get discounts on our future purchases from them.

Read More: Klook Travel – Our Favourite Booking Platform

Visit Kook Travel!

Admittedly, we have used A LOT of hotel booking platforms other than Booking.Com before.  And Booking.Com may not always be the cheapest.  But they are still our favourite hotel booking platform because they offer a HUGE range of accommodation – from luxury resorts to budget-friendly B&Bs.  It’s just so convenient to be able to search from such a wide range of accommodation in one single platform.  And we often find accommodation on Booking.Com that we don’t see listed on other hotel booking sites.

Visit Booking.Com

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