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  • Matt says:

    Hi there!

    Nice to meet you. I’m Matt. I came across your website, as it was also featured on the JapaneseUp blog list. My blog, Super Cheap Japan, was also on the list. I will soon be releasing a book for the site.

    I have lived in Tokyo for many years, without much money, so I decided to create this awesome book to show others how to travel in Japan on a budget. Japan has extensive tax-free shopping, many useful train passes and an unbelievable exchange rate. Unlike other guides, this book shows you exactly how, where and when you can save money.

    ​Might I convince you to take a look at the book? I would be happy to send over a review copy, in the format most convenient for you.

    Many thanks,

    • Queen Bee says:

      Hi Matt,

      Congratulations on the release of your book! Is the book a hard copy book or an e-book? You can drop us an email on how to download the book if it is an e-book. If it’s hard copy, drop us an email as well and I’ll provide you with our mailing address.

  • Terry says:

    Hi there,

    Have been browsing your page and honestly wife and I are going to Hokkaido from 12th November till 21 november 2017. We have not started to book anything yet. we are looking at very free and easy trip there basically looking for good food would be our ultimate. Wonder would give you give us some insight what to during the 10 days. Thanks


  • Gary says:

    I am planning a Hokkaido Trip (1st time) for my family (including 2 seniors and a 4yrs old) on 24th Nov to 4th Dec.
    You are highly recommended by a friend, and I have been browsing your page, too many info and don’t even know how to start.
    Do you have any advise for me.

  • Subject: Super quick proposal for you

    Hi there,

    I’m Sabrina Wilson, the content and outreach director at the Organic Daily Post.

    Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that we posted a very comprehensive article on Essential Oils here:

    If you’re willing to link to that page from your site, I would be more than happy to share it to our 50,000+ social followers to help you gain some visibility in exchange.

    Let me know what you think and thank you!

    Sabrina Wilson

  • Shafifi says:

    HI there,
    Im Fifi from Spore came across your blog and it was awesome.
    Im travelling to Japan next yr ard Mar to witness the Cherry Blossom and also to drive up to the Famous Mt Fuji and then maybe any near city like Osaka or Okinawa or Hokkaido haha still not sure. Its our 1st time to Japan. Can give us some tips on what I should know.
    Thinking of self drive or take the train but still not sure. Any advise. Thanks!

  • Greetings Bumble Bee Mum,

    Do you accept guest posts on Is there a charge? would be interested in a post on your site.

    Claudia Perez

  • Mummy A says:

    Good day bumble bee mummy!

    I am a mother to a 3.5 years old girl. I came across your blog as I was scramble to look for birthday party venues and ideas for my daughter, I am sure you know the “pain” I am going through 🙂

    I saw and read some of the blogs you have given your reviews to some (actually there are many!) of the indoor playground in spore. As I am planning for my daughter 4 years old bday party next month, I am again desperately look for ideas where I should hold the party.

    I am therefore seeking your kind advise given your vast experience in this area, many thanks in advance for your input.


    Saya Nurul Nabilah Binti Pozi, pelajar dari Kolej Komuniti Tangga Batu, Melaka dari Sijil Pelancongan Dan Pengembaraan ingin bertanya sekiranya pihak syarikat mengambil pelajar untuk menjalankan latihan industri di syarikat tuan/puan dan sekiranya pihak syarikat ada mengambil pelajar praktikal, saya ingin memohon dari syarikat puan/tuan untuk menjalankan latihan industri saya disini. Saya mendapat maklumat ini dari hasil google. Untuk maklumat pihak tuan/puan, sesi latihan industri saya akan dijalankan pada bulan 7 sehingga bulan 11 sahaja. Selain itu juga, saya ingin bertanya kepada pihak tuan/puan sekiranya pihak tuan/puan ada menyediakan rumah sewa atau bilik sewa atau ada di kawasan yang berhampiran dengan syarikat puan/tuan. Oleh itu, saya harap pihak tuan/puan dapat memberikan jawapan kepada saya. Dengan ini, saya sertakan nombor telefon saya untuk kemudahan pihak tuan/puan iaitu 0174988200 dan pihak tuan/puan juga boleh memberi jawapan kepada saya melalui email saya di

  • Ally says:

    Hi, Thanks for detailed infor on ECDA subsidies. Like to update that commission of oaths do not have this service anymore, as of 1/2/18 🙁 We have to DIY at law firm


  • Maurice says:


    At Yogile we have developed an iOS and Android App for unlimited cloud based photo storage. From what I can tell, I think readers of Bumblebeemum would be interested in what it can do.

    We all love to take pictures with our phones or cameras on many different occasions. However, many times we have to put up with limited storage space or messy albums on our devices. With Yogile you can free up space on your phone and other devices.

    In addition to secure individual use, friends and family can collaborate and publish photos of special events within a group, without them needing an account or having to install an App, by using our website.

    Yogile also offers features like touch-up tools and photo filters. I’d be really happy if you decide to share Yogile with your readers.


    Maurice –

  • PH says:


    I would like to talk to you about one of your articles.
    Is there any way I can personally e-mail you?
    Please let me know how.

    Thank you.

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