I remember when I was a kid, whenever we went out for meals, my siblings and I could never sit still for the entire meal.  “Why were the adults taking so long to eat???” I couldn’t understand.  So together with my siblings, we would get off our seats once we were done eating and start running around, checking out fishes in tanks or whatever we could find.

Now that I’m a parent, I can finally understand why adults need to take so long to eat.  It’s not that we take a long time to eat.  Most of the time, we eat WAY faster than our kids.  It’s more like we can only start eating after the kids are done eating!

But these days, diners have little tolerance for bored kids running around a restaurant.  We don’t live in a kampong anymore.  So bored kids are either stuck to their little screens at the tables so that they don’t disturb other diners while their parents try to finish up their meals.  Or we visit restaurants that actually have play areas to keep kids occupied.

You can see how much I love such restaurants from the number that I have visited.  That I set up this entire page just to talk about them.  Because I think such establishments deserve a pat on their back.  They could be earning some extra dollars by putting more tables for diners in their shop space.  But they chose to set up a play area for kids.  Or at least provide some toys to keep kids occupied.

So the next time you’re dining out with kids who absolutely cannot sit still throughout a meal, and you don’t wish to resort to stuffing them an iPad, check out some of these eateries!


The eateries below have a permanent play area for kids that can be accessed any day, any time during their opening hours.

Bangkok Jam (United Square)

Bangkok Jam United Square 6

Bangkok Jam is a popular Thai food restaurant chain.  The outlet at United Square has a play area for kids.

Sample food pricing:

  • Phad Thai $11.90++
  • Tom Yum Kung $10.50++
  • Weekday Lunch Set $10.90++

Fee for play area: FREE

Buffet Town (Raffles City)

Buffet Town is a popular international buffet restaurant that allows parents to enjoy the all-you-can-eat spread while the kids are entertained at the playground.


Lunch Buffet (11.30am – 3pm)
Monday-Friday: $26.80++ (adult)  $18.80++ (child)
Saturday, Sunday, Eve PH and PH: $31.80++ (adult)  $18.80++ (child)

Dinner Buffet (6pm – 10pm)
Monday-Thursday: $36.80++ (adult)  $21.80++ (child)
Friday – Sunday, Eve PH and PH: $41.80++ (adult)  $21.80++ (child)

Fee for play area: FREE

Chilli Padi Nonya Cafe (Heng Mui Keng Terrace)

Chili Padi Nonya Cafe is a Peranakan buffet restaurant serving an all-you-can-eat nyonya spread.  You can enjoy a sumptuous lunch, high tea and dinner while your children play at the Kids’ Corner.


Lunch Buffet (11.15am – 3pm)
Monday-Thursday: $16.80++ (adult)  $9.90++ (child)
Friday-Sunday and PH: $19.80++ (adult)  $10.80++ (child)

Hi-Tea Buffet (3pm – 5.15pm)
Friday-Sunday and PH:$10.80++ (adult)  $7.80++ (child)

Dinner Buffet (6pm – 9.30pm)
Friday – Sunday and PH: $19.80++ (adult)  $10.80++ (child)

Fee for play area: FREE

D’Good Cafe (Holland Village)

D'Good Cafe - Holland Village - Blog Review 17

While the play area at D’Good Cafe was not much, the cafe is so beautifully decorate that it is hard not to fall in love with D’Good Cafe at first sight!

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Bacon Cabonara Pasta $15+
  • Cappucino $5.50+

Fee for play area: FREE

Eat Play Love Cafe (Aliwal Arts Centre)

Eat Play Love Cafe serves Thai-Western fusion food.  They offer a wide range of craft activities for kids to engage in at the dedicated craft corners within the cafe.

Sample food pricing:

  • Mac and Cheese Bake $9.50
  • Plain Waffle $5
  • Latte $4.50

Fee for play area:

  • $5 for first 2 hours on weekdays
  • $5 for first hour on weekends, public holidays and school holidays
  • Subsequent 30 minutes $2.50

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine (The Grandstand)

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine is a casual Thai restaurant at The Grandstand serving popular Thai dishes with kids-friendly options.

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Pineapple Rice ($9.50)
  • Tom Yum Soup ($9.50)
  • Thai Iced Tea ($5)

Fee for play area: FREE

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro (One KM)

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro Singapore One KM 03

A cozy cafe with the garden feel, Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro offers authentic Swedish food with a small play area for young children.

Sample food pricing:

  • Weekday Set Lunch $19.90++
  • Kids Meal $15.90++
  • Swedish Pasta Bake $17.50++
  • Latte $6.90++

Fee for play area: FREE

Food Courts

We have also found play areas in some food courts in Singapore! Find out where they are.

Ju Shin Jung (West Coast Highway)

Kids and Korean BBQ generally do not gel.  Unless Ju Shin Jung is involved.  With a large play area that comprises of two ball pits, kids can entertain themselves while parents grill away at this Ju Shin Jung outlet.

Sample food pricing:

  • Korean BBQ Buffet $29 – $35++
  • Lunch Special $9.90 – $12.90++
  • Ala Carte Bibimbab $13++

Fee for play area: FREE

Ju Shin Jung (Guillemard Road)

ju shin jung guillemard 3

Very similar the Ju Shin Jung West Coast, this branch is newer and offers the same wonderful ball pits, all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ buffet and value-for-money weekday lunch sets!

Sample food pricing:

  • Korean BBQ Buffet $29 – $38 ++
  • Lunch Special $9.90 – $12.90++
  • Ala Carte Bibimbab $13++

Fee for play area: FREE

Just Acia (Downtown East)

Just Acia Downtown East Play Area

Just Acia offers diners access to free-flow drinks and ice-cream with each main course purchased.  On top of free-flow milo for kids (which kid doesn’t love that?), there is a small table with some toys at the Downtown East branch.

Sample food pricing:

  • Steamed Dumpling Set ($6.90)
  • Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Teriyaki Chicken ($10.30)
  • Bulgogi Beef Ramen Set ($14.80)

Fee for play area: FREE

La Pastificio (Sembawang Shopping Centre)

La Pastificio Sembawang Shopping Centre Italian Restaurant Cafe 02

La Pastificio is a casual Italian dining cafe at Sembawang Shopping Centre, one of the few in this list located in the North of Singapore.  The small play area there packs in trains + tracks, a bead chaser and cooking set.

Sample food pricing:

  • Beef Bolognese Pasta $8.90+
  • Kids Meal $8.90+
  • Iced Latte $3.90+

Fee for play area: FREE

Latte e Miele (The Grandstand)

Latte E Miele is a Gelato cafe serving delicious artisan gelato.  They have a playground within the cafe for the kids who are on sugar rush to go wild!

Sample food pricing:

  • Grande Cup of Gelato (3 flavours) $8.80
  • Waffle with gelato + hot drink combo $11.90

Fee for play area: FREE

Marche Singapore

Marche deserves an award for being the most family-friendly restaurant chain in Singapore.  They have playgrounds at their 313 @ Somerset, Vivocity AND Suntec City branches.  And we also love their picky kids meals!


McDonald’s with playgrounds used to be my favourite childhood hangouts.  But with increasing rental costs, McDonald’s around Singapore have been closing down their playgrounds in exchange for more dining areas (and hence more revenue).  However, some McDonald’s playgrounds have survived till today.

NOM Bistro & Bakery Cafe (MacPherson CC)

NOM Bistro & Bakery Cafe Review Macpherson CC Facebook Feature

NOM Bistro & Bakery Cafe is a chic cafe situated in the heartlands, serving great bruch and irresistible rainbow cakes!

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Carbonara $14.90
  • Latte $3.90
  • Rainbow Cake $8.90
  • Kids Meal $6.90

Fee for play area: FREE

Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community is a popular bistro + cafe at Dempsey that packs a crowd even on weekdays.  There are two sand playgrounds as well as lawn bowling and table tennis available on their premise.

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Pasta $25 – $29++
  • Kids Menu $16 – $23 ++
  • Latte $5.50++

Fee for play area:

  • Sand playground FREE
  • Lawn Bowling $10/hour
  • Table Tennis $5/hour

Prive Bakery Cafe (Keppel Bay Marina)

prive bakery cafe keppel bay marina

Prive Bakery Cafe serves wonderful food in a serene setting at Keppel Bay Marina.  There is a small play area suitable for young toddlers.  All-Day Breakfast and Kids Menu are available.

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Linguine Carbonara $18++
  • Kids Meal $12++
  • Latte $5.50++

Fee for play area: FREE

Quentin’s The Eurasian Restaurant

One of my favourite restaurants, Quentin’s serve excellent Eurasian (fusion of European and Asian) food at very reasonably prices.  The play room for kids is air-conditioned and packed with toys and books!

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Curry Moolie $16.80++
  • Sugee Cake $5++
  • Cappuccino $3.50++

Fee for play area: FREE

Royals Cafe (Upper East Coast Rd)

Royals Cafe is a very popular Halal cafe located in the East.  There is a narrow table with Lego and Duplo bricks and bead chaser, and a magazine rack with some children’s books. Kids Set Meals are available.

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Tea-Time special for two $16.80+
  • Kids Fish and Chips Meal $7.90+
  • Latte $3.90+

Fee for play area: FREE

Sakae Sushi (Tradehub 21)

Sakae Sushi needs little introduction.  The Sakae Sushi branch at Tradehub 21 in Jurong has a playground behind the restaurant.

Fee for play area: FREE

Sandbank (East Coast Park)

Separating itself apart from the rest of the restaurants in this page, Sandbank at East Coast Park doesn’t just have a run-of-the-mill play area.  It has a plunge pool for kids to swim and play in!

Sample food pricing:

  • Weekend breakfast buffet: $19 (adult) / $9.50 (child)
  • Funghi Pasta $16
  • Latte $6.50

Fee for play area: FREE

ToTT (Sime Darby Centre, Bukit Timah)

ToTT is a shop along Bukit Timah specializing in baking ware.  The bistro at ToTT has a playground for children.  They serve kids menu and free-flow soft drinks at reasonable prices.

Sample food pricing:

  • Fish and Chips $10.90
  • Kids Mac and Cheese $5.90
  • Free flow soft drinks $1.60

Fee for play area: FREE


The eateires below do not usually have a play area.  However on weekends and public holidays, they set up a temporary play area for the children.  Excellent venues for a get-together with your friends with kids!

District 10 (UE Square)

On weekends, kids can have a bouncy good time in the sheltered bouncy castle at District 10 while you catch up with your friends over a lovely brunch and coffee!

Sample food pricing:

  • District 10 Brunch Burger $22++
  • District 10 Eggs Benedict $18++
  • Latte $6++

Fee for play area: FREE

Five Square (Pickering Street)

Five Square is a gathering of 5 food chains sharing a food-court style seating area at Great Eastern Centre.  On Saturdays, you can find play areas for children and also a flea market.

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Kurobuta Pork Collar Noodles $12.90
  • Grilled Chicken $12.80
  • Coffee / Tea $2

Fee for play area: FREE

La Barca Ristorante & Wine Bar (Goodman Arts Centre)

La Barca Ristorante & Wine Bar is an Italian fine dining restaurant located at Goodman Arts Centre.  On weekends, the Kids Playroom will be opened from 10am to 3pm to let the kids enjoy themselves while parents treat themselves to a romantic meal outside.  Bouncy castles will also be set up!

Mitzo (Grand Park Orchard)

During their weekend brunch buffet, Mitzo sets up a play area for kids while the adults enjoy free flow of exquisite dim sum from 12noon to 2.30pm.

The Bank Bar + Bistro (Shenton Way)

The Bank Bar + Bistro transforms from a bar + bistro for the working class on weekdays to a family dining venue on weekend.  On Saturdays and Sundays, a section of the restaurant is converterd into a playroom for kids.  Coupled with kids dine free promotion, it’s no wonder this restaurant is packed with families with young children on weekends.

Sample Food Pricing:

  • Lamb Shank $33.50
  • Pan-seared Salmon $28
  • Kid’s Meal (Dory with spaghetti) $12

Fee for play area: FREE

Timbre @ Gillman

On Saturdays, Timbre @ Gillman holds their Social Saturday BBQs where kids will be entertained by a wide-range of indoor and outdoor activities!

Sample food pricing:

  • Spicy Garlic Soy Grilled Chicken $16++
  • Philly Cheese Steak thin crust pizza $20++
  • Kids Spaghetti Bolognaise $10++

Fee for play area: FREE


Below is a list of eateries that do not have play areas, but they are conveniently located next to the shopping centre’s play areas.

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room (Sembawang Shopping Centre)

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room is located right beside Sembawang Shopping Centre’s playground.   It is separated from the playground by glass panels, so you would be able to get a view of the playground while dining inside.

Sample food pricing:

  • Beef hor fun (about $9)
  • Dumpling noodles (about $6)

The eateries below do not have play areas, but they have a stash of toys which you can help yourself to.  Hopefully these can keep your kids occupied long enough while you have your meal.

Kith Cafe (Park Mall)

Kith Cafe is a popular cafe near Dhoby Ghaut MRT and one of the few in town that opens early enough for breakfast on weekdays.  When we were there for brunch one day, we were pleasantly surprised to find some wooden cars to keep MY occupied.

La Marelle Boutique Cafe (Baghdad Street)

La Marelle Boutique Cafe is a whimsical one-stop eat + shop + play boutique cafe.  While you enjoy delicious cake and coffee, kids can entertain themselves with some toys and books, teens can play some board games and mummies can shop at the boutique!


So sad to see these go.  Please support the eateries above to commend their effort in providing a conducive dining environment for families with children! And keep our fingers crossed that they don’t fall into this list. >_<

And the following eateries used to have play areas but they have removed it.  Oh well, they were good while they lasted.


Singapore Eateries with Play areas - Bumble Bee Mum


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