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19 Sep 2017 ~ 04 Oct 2017
In Chinese Opera, colours play a huge part in portraying a character’s mood and traits. If you were to perform on stage, what would your colours be? Create your own Chinese Opera character mask! Find out more »
30 Sep 2017 ~ 01 Oct 2017
Esplanade Concourse
In the cold Moon Palace where Chang E resides, there is a little Jade Rabbit that accompanies her. Using yarn and simple materials, make your own little pompom Jade Rabbit to keep you company this Mid-Autumn! Find out more »
30 Sep 2017 ~ 30 Sep 2017
Esplanade Waterfront
Enjoy a lovely stroll along the Esplanade Waterfront with your family and friends, joined by sprightly LED phoenixes and a dragon! Bring your favourite lantern or grab a free lantern sponsored by Moonfest Arts Partner Gold Roast Instant Beverages! Find out more »