Art Garden 2013

Last year I missed the annual Art Garden because I procrastinated and procrastinated and by the time I finally decided to go, it was over.  So this year, I decided not to procrastinate.  Art Garden 2013 began yesterday and today, the kids and their cousins headed to Singapore Art Museum (SAM) to check it out!

This year’s Art Garden is not held at the main SAM building, but at SAM at 8Q which is a separate building across a small street from the main building, beside Hotel Royal @ Queens.


The exhibits spread across all 4 storeys of the building.  There is no lift and you need to leave your strollers on the first storey.


You can check out the full list of exhibits on the SAM website.  Let me just blog about the ones MF and his cousins enjoyed the most.  Bear in mind MF is 2.5 years old, my nephew is 3 years old and my niece is 4.5 years old.. And MY is 4 months, so we shall ignore his existence. Your experience with older kids is likely to be quite different (and even more fun!).

The first exhibit we checked out was The Enchanted Garden City on the first storey.  Since it was located right next to the ticket counter, the kids dashed in before we could even get our tickets.  They probably thought it was an indoor playground, because they had to take their shoes off and well, the exhibit did resemble an indoor playground.


There were tons of photo spots within the beautifully illustrated exhibit featuring fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.

IMG_5354 copy

The kids loved the rainbow bridge and kept running up and down and through the bottom – but I don’t think they were supposed to do that.  After all, we are at a museum, not a playground – though it really did seem otherwise with all the kids running wild.


From the other side, the bridge looks like a stone bridge with a river running through underneath.  MF and his cousin decided to ‘swim’ in the river – it must have looked really realistic to them.


After they had exhausted enough energy, it was finally time to settle down to do some art.  We are here for the ART Garden, in case you have forgotten. The staff handed out paper with a picture of a mirror on it, and the kids were supposed to draw inside the mirror.  After that, the staff would screen their picture on the big mirror inside the exhibit.


MF was a bit too young to do his own drawing, so hubby took over and drew his favourite Percy for him.


And the kids were thrilled to see their pictures being shown on the giant mirror! They would run in front of the mirror and pose to have their photo taken with the pictures.

Here is the doodling by my niece:


Elephant by my nephew (which I suspect he probably got help with):


And the Percy that hubby drew for MF:


If you want your kid’s name to appear, remember to get them to write their names INSIDE the mirror instead of the space provided on the paper.

Moving on.. We went up to the 2nd floor and checked out Around the Day in Eighty Worlds.


This place was filled with uber cool interactive art pieces.

In this art work, kids step on the pump and the ears of the exihibit will be inflated:


On this clock, there is a springy toy that the kids can play with:


Oops, MF broke the chair!


Game of throwing hoops:


Spin spin spin the wheel!


Pull the ropes to move the cats up and down:


Pull the rope to flap the bird’s wings:


Rearrange the string to change the faces’ shape:


Check out some kaleidoscope:


In the midst of all the excitement, we almost missed out one key feature of the exhibit.  You will find two sets of footprints at the ends of the room.  If you stand there and observe the cat-shaped doorway, you will notice that the black centrepiece is actually the cat’s nose and whiskers and the two lamps are its eyes!


After having fun with the interactive art pieces, it was time to settle down to do some real ART again.


You can either get a sheet of paper with a hot-air balloon from the staff, or trace out a cat with the wooden board.


After that, you can complete the picture with a mixture of colouring or pasting coloured paper to make a collage.


Here’s MF and his cousins taking their art work very seriously:


After they got bored of pasting and playing with glue, we moved on to the third floor.  First, we checked out Les rêves engloutis – Glossy Dreams in Depths.  There were some 3D stuff and holograms to see, but the kids weren’t interested.  They went straight to the craft section to make masks.


On top of colouring, there were chops provided for the kids to decorate their masks.  MF and his cousins LOVED chopping and chopping.


The cutting out of the masks was too difficult for them, so the adults took over.


And here’s my nephew, totally please with his elephant mask:


MF wasn’t too interested in donning a mask and went to play on the rocking horse instead:


Next, we went on Stellar Cave II which was totally AWESOME! The kids went oooo and ahhhh at the animals strung out with threads.


In the next room, there are mini board with nails and thread for kids to have a go in creating their own masterpieces.  This activity was a tad too challenging, only my niece tried.


Ah.. Too difficult.

The rest of the exhibits weren’t too interesting for the kids, so that ended our visit to Art Garden 2013 and the kids had a blast!

If you are here with a baby, there is a make-shift baby changing area and family resting corner, but if you intend to nurse, do bring your nursing shawl because there is no private nursing area although there are sofas / chairs for you to sit comfortably to nurse.

IMG_5429 copy


Art Garden 2013 at Singapore Art Museum

Dates: 17 May – 1 Sept 2013

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am to 7pm (last admission is at 6:15pm)
Till 9pm on Fridays.

Venue: Singapore Art Museum at 8Q (8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535)

Tel: +65 6332 3222

Singapore Citizens and PRs – Free
Adults – $10
Children below 6 – Free
Foreign Students and senior citizens aged 60 and above – $5
All visitors can also enjoy free entry to SAM every Friday from 6pm – 9pm

Website: Homepage

Event Information

Starts at:

17 May 2013

Ends at:

01 Sep 2013


SAM @ 8Q

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