Dye-nosaur Gardens (Children’s Festival 2017 @ Gardens by the Bay)

The annual Children’s Festival at Gardens by the Bay is back again! And this year, the theme is: The Dye-nosaur Gardens!

The Dye-nousaur Gardens was one of our top priorities for this March holidays.  We have always loved visiting Gardens by the Bay.  And about a week before the festival began, we started seeing huge dinosaurs being set up around the gardens and the kids couldn’t wait to visit!

So on the first day The Dye-nosaur Gardens opened,  I brought the kids down to check it out immediately once school was dismissed and the holidays began. And we spent 6 HOURS at the gardens – because there was just SO MUCH to do!! And the best part – we didn’t spend a single cent.  (Except on food.)

Free Activities

Unlike some of the past events at Gardens by the Bay such as Singapore Garden Festival and Christmas Wonderland, The Dye-nosaur Gardens had NO admission fee.  Yup.  It was FREE to visit!  Some of the activities required a fee, but many were absolutely FREE.  So let’s start with the free activities.

Admire the Dinosaurs

Once we arrived at Supertree Grove, where the largest dinosaurs were displayed, we all couldn’t help exclaiming, “The dinosaurs can move!!”  Not only could they move, there could roar too!

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

This was the HIGHLIGHT of The Dye-nosaur Gardens for our boys.  To participate in the hunt, you first need to collect a booklet from the Prize Collection Booth at the fringe of Supertree Grove.  The counter was together with all the activitiy stations along the sheltered corridor.

After you get the booklet, there is a map inside indicating the location of the 7 dinosaur eggs that the kids need to find.

At each station, you will find a chop with a letter and you will need to chop it into the space on the page corresponding to the station.

On top of collecting the chop, there was also an activity for kids to complete at each station.  Kids need to use the information on the board at each station to help them complete the activity.  Through this, they would pick up some fun facts about dinosaurs.

After you have completed collecting all 7 chops, copy the 7 letters from the chops onto the last page to form the ‘magic word’.  Once you have completed this, head back to the Prize Collection counter and show the staff the completed booklet.

For each completed booklet, the kid would get a lucky dip where they can win stickers or a special egg! Both MF and MY were super lucky and got the special eggs – which each contained a dinosaur figurine!

Tips for the dinosaur egg hunt:

1) To qualify for the lucky dip, you only need to collect the 7 chops.  There is no need to complete the activities on all the pages, so technically you can skip the activities if you are rushing for time or your kids are too young to understand the activities.  But I recommend you give yourself more time to allow your older kids (primary school age and above) to complete the activities as they are pretty fun and educational.

2)  The eggs are spread out over a pretty large area stretching from the Supertree Grove to the Children’s Garden.  Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

3) Bring pencil and eraser along for your kids to complete the activities.  Pencils were not provided.  (Thank goodness we came from school and MF had his pencil box with him… Haha!)

4)  It is easier to do the hunt in the evening.  Firstly, the weather is cooler.  Secondly, the eggs will be illuminated – making them much easier to spot! Plus I thought the silhouettes of the dinosaurs inside the eggs were pretty cool – you can’t see them in the daytime.

Sand Art Bookmark

Kids can make a sand art bookmark for free at the sand art booth.  I thought the design of the bookmarks were pretty awesome – with dinosaurs and Gardens by the Bay’s Supertrees and domes in the background.

When you’re done with the sand art, bring the bookmark back to the staff who would put it into a plastic bag and tie a ribbon to the end to complete the bookmark.

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

At this station, staff would teach kids how to make a small dinosaur using pipe cleaners.  Kids could choose the colour of the pipe cleaners for their dinosaurs.

After they have finished the sculpture, they would have to bring the dinosaur to the staff at the booth who would stick on the eyes for them.


Shrink Art Keychain

Kids could also make a shrink art keychain for free.  At the shrink art station, kids could choose from a range of dinosaur designs.  After which they would have to colour them before bringing them back to the staff who would put the keychain into the oven to shrink it.

Face Painting

There was also a free face painting station.  When we were there, the lone face painter was pretty overwhelmed and waiting time was very long.  You (or rather your kids) would need to be pretty patient to queue for this.

Meet and Greet

The mascots Brachy and Tricey came by the activity booths occasionally to take photos with the kids.  Keep a look out for them!

“A World of Wonder” Garden Rhapsody

The ever popular garden rhapsody show was made even more exciting with the addition of illuminated dinosaurs! Don’t miss the flashing LED show at Supertree Grove at 7.45pm and 8.45pm each night, as the Supertrees come to live to the tunes of movie themes from Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, The Little Mermaid and many more!

More performances

There are many more performances scheduled throughout the festival that we did not manage to catch, such as:

> Interactive Story-telling
> SSO @ Gardens by the Bay
> The Lost Colours of the World
> Dinocolours Water Performance

Visit Gardens by the Bay website for more information on the above performances.

Activities with Fee

Carnival by J’ Kids Amusement

There was a carnival by J’ Kids Amusement where kids can go on rides and play carnival games for a fee.  Tickets to the carnival cost $2.50 for 1 ticket, or $25 for 11 tickets.

Below was the price list for rides and games:

Operating hours for the carnival was:

Weekdays 10am to 10pm
Weekends 10am to 10.30pm

Dinosaur Sculpture painting

You can purchase a dinosaur sculpture for your kids to paint at $10 each.

Dinosaur Themed Terrarium & Excavation Workshop

You can create and bring home your very own dinosaur-themed terrarium for $20 per pax.

> Click here for more information

Fossil & Excavation Workshop

Learn how to make fossils and dig them up for $20 per pax.

> Click here for more information

General Tips for Visiting:

1)  The activity stations were not very big, so I’m guessing it would get very crowded on weekends.  Tables and chairs were pretty limited.  Please be patient while waiting, or try to visit on weekdays if you can.

2)  By right each child can only participate in the free crafting stations once.  But I’m not sure how they are going to enforce it when it’s crowded.  So please be considerate and take only one sand art bookmark / shrink art keychain etc. for your kids so that everyone else has a chance to participate okay?

3)  Don’t hog the tables and chairs at the activity stations!  If you notice people are waiting, quickly finish up and go.

4) Be prepared for sun and rain – you never know what the weather’s going to be like.  Bring your sunhats, your umbrellas and rain coats, plenty of drinking water and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Information on Dye-nosaur Gardens:

Date: 10 March – 2 April 2017

Time: 10am – 9pm daily

Admission: FREE

Venue: Gardens by the Bay (Activity stations and carnival are located at Supertree Grove)

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Getting There: Bayfront MRT (CE1 / DT16)

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram

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Event Information

Starts at:

10 Mar 2017

Ends at:

02 Apr 2017


Gardens by the Bay

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