J Kids Amusement Funland @ Jurong East
September 6, 2017

If you follow our blog, you would know that our family has an annual ritual of visiting River Hongbao.   And every year at River Hongbao, there will be the carnival that the kids would look forward to.  For the past two years, this carnival has been ran by J’ Kids Amusement.

However, did you know that J’ Kids’ carnivals don’t just happen during Chinese New Year at River Hongbao?  They actually happen throughout the year at various locations around Singapore!  And to start off our September school holidays, we popped by their carnival at the open field beside Jurong East MRT which was running from 18 August – 18 September 2017.

At the carnival, there were rides.

There were game booths.

And there were bouncy castles!

Once the boys got their cards, they ran off to choose their own activities.  They played some pretty old-school carnival rides, which I thought my kids who have been to countless theme parks big and small would not find so interesting, but they totally enjoyed them still.   Guess kids will be kids.

Chasing Car

$5 per pax ($2 for accompanying adult)

The first ride that MY picked was the ‘train’.  He was like, “I want to take the train!” The train was made up of little car carriages so he took the car in front and MF took the car behind him.  Along the way, he kept laughing over how MF was chasing after him.   I guess that’s why the ride was called ‘Chasing Car’?

Pirate Ship

$5 per pax ($2 for accompanying adult)

This is an old-school pirate ship ride that looked innocently small but it was actually pretty scary.  The first time the boys went up and MY super loved it while MF was absolutely terrified.  It only cost $2 for an accompanying adult, so when MY said he wanted to ride again, I decided to go with him to see if it was really that scary.  Okay, I found it quite scary.  Lol…

Ferris Wheel

$5 per pax ($2 for accompanying adult)

No tricks here, a pretty old-school Ferris wheel ride that the boys could ride on their own.  I just chilled at the bottom while the boys did their usual “HI MA MA!!” waves from the top.

Bumper Car

$9 per car
(Can take up to 2 pax per car.  Kids aged below 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult.)

Here’s a great parent-child bonding ride – since each car could take two pax, so whether your child rides alone or with a parent, it cost the same.   However MF insisted on riding on his own, because he was oh so garang.  Took him a while to get the hang of driving the bumper car, but once he got it, he was going around bumping into others and getting a real kick out of it!

Drum Walker

$8 for 1 pax, $10 for 2 pax.

MF wanted to try the Drum Walker but MY, for some reason, didn’t.  So MF went in on his own.  If you have more than one kid, I would actually recommend going in as 2 pax, because it was quite tiring for a kid to roll the drum around on his / her own!

Bumper Boat

$8 per pax.

This was like the boat version of Bumper Cars.  I felt it would be a bit boring if your child was the only one playing inside, so wait around for other kids to be inside so that they can have people to bump into.  MF and MY went in together and they had super a lot of fun bumping into each other and spinning their boats round and round

Bouncy Castles

$6 per pax for 10 minutes.

There were two bouncy castles at the carnival and you pay one price ($6 for 10 minutes) to access both bouncy castles.  The bigger bouncy castle had a slide which the boys loved!


The boys also tried out some new stuff that we haven’t seen before.  For example the Robotic Ride which MF said was MAD FUN!! He was super happy controlling the robot around on his own! For younger children age below 6 years old, an adult needs to accompany.  So parents, you can play it too with your child below 6 years old sitting on your lap.  Super cool.

Robotic Ride

$8 per ride.

And there was this arcade-like shooting game called Hunting Hero.  I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned by how well my boys could hold a gun and shoot.


As I mentioned earlier, J Kids’ Amusement Funlands are happening across the island at different times.  If Jurong East is too far for you, you can also check out their other carnivals:

  • United Square (25/8 – 10/9)
  • Hillion Mall (1/9 – 1/10)
  • Katong Square (2/6 – 31/12)

We are giving away 5 x $50 Fun Cards for J Kids Amusement Funland!  These Fun Cards are stored value cards used to pay for rides at J Kids Amusement Funland.

To stand a chance to win, simply lock in your entry and complete the steps using the app below:

J Kids

Terms & Conditions:

  • Winners will be contacted via email on 11 Sept 2017.  Failure to respond to the email by 17 Sept 2017 will result in the prize being forfeited.
  • Winners will have to collect their prize from the ticketing counter at J Kids Amusement Funland at the open field beside Jurong East MRT by 18 Sept 2017.

Event Information

Starts at:

18 Aug 2017

Ends at:

18 Sep 2017


Open Field beside Jurong East MRT


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