SpongeBob Underwater Adventures at Causeway Point
March 14, 2018

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Dive in to the underwater adventures at Causeway Point Level 1 Main Atrium this school holiday with SpongeBob and his Bikini Bottom friends. Exciting mini-games and activities awaits you! In addition, be rewarded with exclusive SpongeBob premiums when you spend at Causeway Point.

Activity 1: Non-stop SpongeBob screening
Activity 2: SpongeBob Underwater Adventures
Activity 3: Photo booth with SpongeBob and Friends

Date: 12 to 18 March
Time: 12pm – 9pm
Venue: Level 1 Main Atrium

Event Information

Starts at:

09 Mar 2018

Ends at:

31 Mar 2018


Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099

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