Admiralty Park New Playgrounds to open 2016 – Fun is finally coming to the North!
May 5, 2015

Have I been complaining too much about the lack of fun in the North that someone actually heard? In the news yesterday, it was announced that there would be new play areas at Admiralty Park! It is expected to be ready end of next year.

admiralty park new playgrounds 1

(Image Source: The Straits Times)


Are those giant slides I spot??? According to the news, there are going to be slides to cater to children of all ages! I’m sure my kids, or MF at least, will head to the giant ones! As long as he doesn’t make me climb  up with him… hoho…

admiralty park new playgrounds 2

Looks like there will be mini slides for younger children too! (Image Source: The Straits Times)


Upgrading works will only commence in 3rd quarter of this year (BUMMER), so it’s going to be a long wait to enjoy this facility.

admiralty park new playgrounds 3

(Image Source: The Straits Times)


I hope whoever is doing the upgrading works would work faster.  Because WE ARE DYING OF BOREDOM IN THE NORTH!

But end 2016 is such a long wait…

So what’s there to do at Admiralty Park in the meantime?

Admiralty Park today. (Image Source: NParks)

Admiralty Park today. (Image Source: NParks)


Ermmm… Not sure. Feed mosquitoes? What did I say about dying of boredom in the North.

Okay, kidding.  For now, head to Woodlands Waterfront Park nearby.  At Woodlands Waterfront Park, there is a pretty cool playground with a giant rope-climbing structure (suitable for older kids).

woodlands waterfront park 2

Toddler and younger children can… bring their bicycles and ride around, enjoy the sea breeze and view of Malaysia.  Just make sure you check that your phone is not on Malaysia network before you start uploading those photos to your Facebook or Instagram.

woodlands waterfront park

News Articles on Admiralty Park New Playgrounds

> The Straits Times
> Asia One

Information on Admiralty Park

Getting There: 15 mins’ walk from Woodlands MRT Station

Official Website: NParks

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