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Considering I stay in the North, I can’t believe it took me this long to FINALLY write a review of Bouncing Kids at Hougang!

Bouncing Kids has been around like, forever.  While newer, bigger and swankier indoor playgrounds have sprouted out all over Singapore, mostly in shopping centres, Bouncing Kids have managed to stay in business – just like how Mama stores have survived under HDB flats even as hypermarts become a grocery shopping norm.

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Bouncing Kids Active Play Area

Bouncing Kids’ play area was purely active play.  The play area was 3-storey high.

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The play rules, if you bother reading:

bouncing kids hougang 30

What I want to highlight about Bouncing Kids is, they DO NOT ALLOW ADULTS IN THE UPPER STOREYS OF THE ACTIVE PLAY AREA.

Adults were only allowed on the first level.  We couldn’t climb up with the kids.  Hence, you should only bring your kids to this playground if they are capable of climbing around active play areas on their own.

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The steps of the active play area should be easily managed, even by young children.  They were spaced closely together and would not require adults to give children a boost.

bouncing kids hougang 4

The active play area comprised of all the typical bridges, tunnels and obstacles.

bouncing kids hougang 6bouncing kids hougang 7bouncing kids hougang 8

There was a ball pit on the first level, so adults could go in and play.. if they wanted. :p

bouncing kids hougang 13

There were 3 slides in the play area.  The tallest one was a super curvy slide which 4 year old MF loved!

bouncing kids hougang 9

2 year old MY, however, couldn’t find his way up to the 3rd storey where the entrance of the slide was.  He made do with the smaller slide.

bouncing kids hougang 10bouncing kids hougang 11

The third slide led into the ball pit.

bouncing kids hougang 12

Kids always love slides that go into the ball pit! And frankly, I do too! But too bad adults aren’t allowed onto the slides at Bouncing Kids.

bouncing kids hougang 14bouncing kids hougang 15

There was also a flying fox equipment which my 4 year old enjoyed a lot.  The 2 year old was too young for it though.

bouncing kids hougang 16

Since I was confined to the first storey, I could only take photos my kids playing on the first storey.  There was ONE swing.  (And 1 swing + 2 boys = Fight.)

bouncing kids hougang 17

In spite of their habitual squabbles, both boys got their turns on the lone swing.

bouncing kids hougang 18

And my 4 year old found joy in almost anything.  He’s an indoor playground junkie alright.

bouncing kids hougang 19

Dat Little Cafe

The cafe of Bouncing Kids was called Dat Little Cafe.  It operated separately from Bouncing Kids, which meant that you could dine at Dat Little Cafe even if your kids were not going to Bouncing Kids.

Dat Little Cafe Hougang

Dat Litte Cafe’s Menu:

Dat Little Cafe Hougang MenuDat Little Cafe Hougang Menu

I ordered the kids Pizza Set.  It consisted of a 6″ Pizza and a packet Ribena or Milo for $7.90.

Dat Little Cafe Hougang

The kids seemed to enjoy the pizza!

Dat Little Cafe

There were some toys on the shelf at Dat Little Cafe, together with magazines and newspapers for the parents.

Dat Little Cafe

MF spent some time playing with one of the toys.  Which made me wonder, why did I pay for him to go Bouncing Kids when he could have just sat here and played with the toy?

Dat Little Cafe Hougang

He was super proud that he made a heart shape on his own!

Dat Little Cafe Hougang

He even made a pair of spectacles! I’m convinced he was way more creative than I was.

Dat Little Cafe Hougang

Amenities at Bouncing Kids

While there were no nursing rooms at Bouncing Kids, there were toilets which made it a breeze with toilet-trained kids.  There was a diaper-changing table inside the female toilet.

There was also a party room, but it was not open when I was there so I couldn’t take a photo.

Bouncing Kids Admission Fee / Play Rate

Bouncing Kids Admission Fee Play Rate

Their non-member rate of $15 for 2 hours of playtime on weekends was much cheaper than what most other indoor playgrounds were charging.  I found it very reasonable.

If you stay nearby, it may be worth picking up their membership which cost only $10 – no expiry! With the membership, admission was only $9 on non-school holidays Mondays to Thursdays and $12 otherwise.  That’s probably the cheapest rate for any indoor playground, except for eXplorer Kids‘ Members Day promotion.

This is a playground where, if I stayed nearby, I would sign up for the membership and pop in on rainy days.  However, if I stayed far away, I would not bother traveling all the way to Hougang to let my kids play here.

In Summary…

The Good:

  • Cheap admission
  • Compact play area can be easily managed by young children
  • Reasonably priced cafe with toys

The Bad:

  • Adults not allowed to follow children around play area
  • Purely active play, no pretend play.

Information on Bouncing Kids

Address: BLK 206 HOUGANG ST 21 #01-K2 KOVAN HUB , 530206

Tel: +65 62853595

Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page

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