BYKidO – The MUST-HAVE membership for indoor playground lovers
November 30, 2016

I remembered when MF was still a toddler, we used to hang out at indoor playgrounds all the time.  At that time, I was holding on to a membership card to almost every indoor playground there was.  No kidding, ask my friends.  They used to call me an indoor playground membership card collector.


You see,  I often found it hard to justify paying for single entry to indoor playgrounds.  Usually, their membership pricing is much cheaper.  And I reckoned since I went to playgrounds so often, I might as well just get their memberships.

I wish BYKidO was around at that time.

What is BYKidO?

BYKidO stands for ‘Bring Your Kid Out’.  It is a platform which aims to consolidate promotions, ideas and activities to Bring Your Kid Out in Singapore.

Ideas and activities, I know plenty.  It’s the promotions that I was most interested in.  Clicking through BYKidO website, I found a wide range of promotions that were right along my alley.


The promotions on BYKidO were split into two tiers: Promotions for all and promotions for BYKidO Pass holders.

Promotions for All

These promotions are available for EVERYONE.  All you have to do is to sign up for a FREE account and you can redeem these promotions!

For example, right now there is a promotion for My Little Giant playground.

My Little Giant Indoor Playground (Big Box, Jurong East) Blog Review 02

You can Bring Your Kids on 19 December 2016 at a discounted admission of $11 (instead of usual $18) for 1 adult + 1 child with unlimited carousel and train rides from 11am to 1 pm!  I repeat: UNLIMITED carousel and train rides (which usually cost $4 per ride) from 11am to 1 pm!

> Click here for terms & conditions for this promotion

My Little Giant Indoor Playground (Big Box, Jurong East) Blog Review 28

My Little Giant Indoor Playground (Big Box, Jurong East) Blog Review 30

Some of their past promotions include similar play dates at Giggles Playground and Busy Tables.

If you don’t wish to miss any of such promotions, sign up for a FREE BYKidO account and start redeeming these promotions!

Promotions for BYKidO Pass holders

To gain access to MORE promotions, you can opt to sign up for a BYKidO Pass. The BYKidO pass is valid for 6 months, but be careful – it’s not 6 months from the date you sign up.  The passes are valid for either January – June OR July – December.   If you have used the Entertainer App before, you would know how this works.  Basically, I see this as like an Entertainer App for parents.

My Little Giant Indoor Playground (Big Box, Jurong East) Blog Review 19

The price for each BYKidO Pass is $30.   So just like when you were trying to decide whether to get the Entertainer App or not, you need to look through their promotions to determine if this is going to be worth your investment.

If you are someone like me who goes to indoor playgrounds a lot, you will find that you can get your $30 back in savings pretty easily.

Promotions with July-Dec 2016 BYKidO Pass

Busy Tables

Busy Tables is a unique activity-based playground which I have raved about.

Read more: Our review of Busy Tables

If your kids love their concept as much as my boys did and you plan to frequent this playground, BYKidO Pass allows you to purchase 12 passes (instead of 10) at $120. That brings the price down to just $10 per visit – which I think is super value-for-money considering the range of activities Busy Tables offer!

Essentially, this also means the BYKidO Pass is getting you 2 free passes – which would normally cost $30 for children age 1 & above. That is what you paid for the BYKidO Pass! So everything else you redeem after this would be savings!

> Click here for terms and conditions of this promotion

eXplorer Kid

Ah.. I’ve got plenty of good memories, this one. My boys spent a lot of time at eXplorer Kid at AMK Hub, because it was (and still is) the nearest indoor playground to my home.  (Is anyone EVER going to open another indoor playground in the North???)  MF even celebrated his second birthday here. *emo.. sniff sniff*

As for those who live in the East (lucky chaps), eXplorer Kid recently revamped their Downtown East outlet.

Read more: Our review of eXplorer Kid at AMK Hub & Downtown East

Guess what? With your BYKidO Pass, you can redeem 1 hour of FREE playtime at eXplorer Kid AMK Hub! That’s $15 in savings already!  But of course, each BYKidO Pass can only redeem this once.  (Where got so good let you keep redeeming?)

On top of that, when you sign up for eXplorer Kid membership during the day of redemption of your free visit, you enjoy a discounted membership fee of $12 (instead of $18)!

> Click here for terms and conditions of this promotion


Giggles playground is a rather unique playground – as it offers a wooden play area rather than the conventional foam padded play area.  On top of that, they even have a water play area!

Read more: Our review of Giggles Indoor Playground

With the BYKidO Pass, you can redeem 3 x 50% admission to Giggles indoor playground! Let’s say you usually bring your kids to playgrounds on weekends.  The normal admission for 3-12 year olds is $25.  BYKidO Pass will save you $12.50.  And you can redeem this 3 times, so that’s a total savings of $37.50. (Oh yeah, my Mathematician brain is at work again.)  You’ve already earned back the $30 you paid for the BYKidO Pass and more! Woohoo!

> Click here for terms and conditions of this promotion

Kaboodle Kids

I would never forget that awesome car we built at Kaboodle Kids.  Or how we worked up a sweat (yes, I worked up a sweat in an INDOOR playground) trying to get our ball track to work.

Read more: Our Review of Kaboodle Kids

If you would like to visit Kaboodle Kids, BYKidO Pass gives you 20% off admission! The good thing about this promotion is that you can redeem it for multiple visits.  So the more you visit, the more you save! But note that for each visit, you can only use 1 voucher to gain 20% off admission for up to 2 kids.

> Click here for terms and conditions of this promotion

And if you are planning to hold a birthday party for your kid on a weekday, you can get 2 hours free use of the party room with a membership purchase!

> Click here for terms and conditions of this promotion

Kidz Amaze

Kidz Amaze is the name behind two indoor playgrounds located at SAFRA Toa Payoh and SAFRA Jurong, and Singapore first indoor WATER playground!

Read more: Our reviews of Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh, Jurong and Splash @ Kidz Amaze.

BYKidO Pass gives you 2 Free Family Packages with Kidz Amaze (worth up to $80) when you sign up for a Kidz Amaze Membership!

Kidz Amaze membership cost $25 if you’re a SAFRA member or $65 for non-SAFRA members.  I personally have the Kidz Amaze membership and I LOVE it.  There’s no expiry.  You only need to sign up for one of your kids, and all your other kids can also enjoy member rates. You don’t even need to bring your card with you! (When we visited Splash @ Kidz Amaze, I forgot to bring my membership card.  I just told them MF’s name and NRIC number and we got in with member rates.)

Promotions with Jan – June 2017 BYKidO Pass

BYKidO renews their partners every half-yearly.  The above promotions are valid with the current BYKidO pass that ends on 31 December 2016.  However if you are thinking of purchasing the Jan – June 2017 BYKidO Pass, you would probably want to know what promotions will be available next year right?

Detailed information for each promotion will only be up on BYKidO’s website from Jan 2017 onwards, but here’s a quick summary of some of BYKidO’s Jan-June 2017 partners that we love and what they would be offering to BYKidO Pass holders:

Busy Tables

Busy Tables would continue to be BYKidO’s partner, but the promotion will be changed to ‘Buy 2 Passes and Get 1 Free’.

Read more: Our review of Busy Tables

Kidz Amaze

Kidz Amaze would continue to be BYKidO’s partner, offering the same promotion of 2 x Free Family Package with Kidz Amaze membership signup.

Read more: Our reviews of Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh, Jurong and Splash @ Kidz Amaze.

My Little Giant

My Little Giant Indoor Playground (Big Box, Jurong East) Blog Review 29

My Little Giant, an integrated play centre at Big Box which includes an indoor playground among other stuff like carousel, train rides, mini excavators and sand play, would be offering 2 Free Train or Carousel Rides with every entry ticket purchased.

Read More: Our review of My Little Giant


T-Play is an airport-themed indoor playground at HometeamNS Bukit Batok, and they would be coming on board, offering 2 free entry with membership signup.

Read more: Our Review of T-Play

Doughworkz by Pastamania

Doughworkz is a pizza & pasta making academy by Pastamania.  They have classes for children, as well as parent-child pairs.  BYKidO Pass holders would be able to sign up for a family bonding class at $45 per pair (UP $55) or individual Class at $20 (UP $28) for subsequent signup after the first.

Read more: Our Review of pizza-making class at Doughworkz

In Conclusion…

BYKidO Pass is a great membership for indoor playground lovers.  Look through their promotions – do you think you will use them?  It’s just like the Entertainer App.  If you buy it and don’t use it, you’re wasting money.  But if you use it a lot, the more you use, the more you save.

And their promotions are not limited to indoor playgrounds.  They also have partners like Pastamania’s Doughworkz (where my boys had a lot of fun making pizza at – you can read about it HERE) and other attractionseducational, food,  health, life skills, music & art, play and sports partners.

If the promotions for BYKidO Pass are not what you need, don’t forget there are still the promotions for all.  Sign up for a free account on BYKidO website today and start joining in the fun at discounted rates!  Starting with the super value-for-money play date at My Little Giant on 19 Dec 2016.

My Little Giant Indoor Playground (Big Box, Jurong East) Blog Review 08

Early Bird Discount!

If you are still not sold, I have a deal breaker right here for you.  From now till 31 December 2016, BYKidO is having an amazing early bird discount for their Jan-June 2017 BYKidO Pass.

The pass is going at 50% discount if you purchase it by 31 December 2016.  That’s just $15 instead of $30! And that’s not all. If you purchase now, they are throwing in the BYKidO pass for the rest of December 2016 for FREE!

So get this: You only pay $15, you gain access to the whole range of December 2016 promotions, AND you will get the Jan-June 2017 BYKido Pass.  Imo, this is a mad awesome deal for me because just the December 2016 promotions alone will save me more than $15.  For example if I bring my kids to Kidzania Singapore, that would already be more than $15 in savings!

Read More: Our guide and reviews of Kidzania Singapore

This promotion is seriously too good to be missed.  To enjoy this promotion, visit BYKidO Pass’s website now to sign up with the discount code: JAN2017EARLYBIRD at checkout!

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