Cookie & Monkey Kids Lounge (Drop-off service) @ Vivocity

Few days back when I was at Vivocity, I was on my way to the nursing room to take photos to update my outdated blog post when I came across a shop called ‘Cookie & Monkey Kids Lounge’.

Cookie & Monkey Kids Lounge - Entrance of Kids Lounge

Entrance of Kids Lounge

If I’m not mistaken, this Kids Lounge has been around for ages, like since MF was a baby and I first brought him to Vivocity.  Since MF was too young to be dropped off then, I didn’t pay any attention to this place and forgot its existence over time.   But now that MF is older, the idea of dropping him off sounded pretty enticing, so I popped in to find out more.

Cookie & Monkey Kids Lounge - Drop-off service price list

Drop-off service price list

I was told that kids from age 2 onwards and toilet-trained could be dropped off.  The unspoken rule, I believe, is that your kids need to be willing to be dropped off (and not crying their heads off the moment you leave).  The lady in the shop said that sometimes they needed to call parents back when the kids needed to poo but could not do it on their own.  Of course, if your kid is able to go to the toilet and settle his/her business independently, the staff would bring him / her to the toilet when needed without bothering the parents.

Cookie & Monkey Kids Lounge - kids lounge vivocity rules

Kid’s Lounge Rules

The concept was very simple.  Just a room full of toys and a TV to keep the kids entertained with a staff to keep an eye of them and to bring them to the toilet when necessary while the parents did their shopping .

Cookie & Monkey Kids Lounge - Play area at Kids' Lounge.

Play area at Kids’ Lounge.

Hubby commented that $15 an hour is a bit expensive.  But if you ask me, a SAHM who is perpetually stuck to my kids, $15 is a steal to have someone look after my kids for a while!

So next time you need a breather, KIV this drop-off service at Vivocity!


Address: Vivocity #02-105/106, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585.

Tel: Tel: 6222 2868

Official Website:  Vivocity Homepage

[Disclaimer: I have never used the service of Kids Lounge before.  I merely popped in to take photos and chat with the staff to find out more about their facility.  This blog entry just serves to let readers know of the existence of this service and I cannot comment on how good or reliable this service is.]

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